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Things Are Heating Up on The Voice!

This week marked the final week of the infamous battle rounds on The Voice. Find out who is heading into the next stages of the competition from Team Xtina by catching the full episode on!

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  • madison 04.03.2012

    KEEP SARAH SHES AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 16strakonice1962 04.02.2012

    christina -

    You looked FAB tonight - soooooooo beautiful - it showed that not only are you a fab singer _ but a beautiful person - your dress-code tonight on the show was amazing - it showed that YOU are beautiful !!!!!! U do not need any attraction to your body as YOU are soooooo beautiful -person, mother and entertainer!!!!!!!!!! Love You !!!!! It showed YOU - You alone !!!!!! tons of hugs and fan kisses to YOU


  • madison 03.29.2012

    Tough choose that night Christina, but I agree Moses made a stronger performance.

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