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I feel like Kicking my bike

I feel like Kicking my bike

So I am going to write it a letter.

Look, bike.

Apparently we need to come to a reasonable understanding here.

I want to kick you, but I'm not.

Because I love you.

your so lucky I take care of you.

so BE NICE.......or I'll ghost ride you into a bus.

Only fair right.... you already tried to kill me twice, it's only fair. Right?

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  • johnpeezy 04.24.2012

    wow, really...
    I just let you get a little deflated and that happens. Well on a good note, I just got you all pumped up. I just didn't do all that much...fresh tatoo on my back and all. I can't screw that up, it's like permanant and stuff.

  • johnpeezy 04.13.2012

    That was my personal blog.

    anyways, talkin to myself is no way to crash a party!!

    My station is live now..

    C ya around

  • candeetwo 04.12.2012
    You are having a conversation with yourself which is considered a form of spamming. What you may want to look into for this style of commenting is your very own personal blog.
  • johnpeezy 04.12.2012

    What lesson did WE LEARN here.

    You can do anything you want if you find that one thing you love.

    like become a nationally broadcasted DJ overnight for example....

    and what I wanna do right now is GET MOTIVATED to get into shape.

    If you wanna have fun.

    theres one step and only one step...


    its a verb and a noun

    I'm 32

    your parents can go with you.

    she just happens to be everything to me

  • johnpeezy 04.12.2012

    <a href=";current=c10041b0.mp4" title=";current=c10041b0.mp4">;current=c1...</a>

    check out how smooth she is now!!

    one huge push and she can go forever

  • johnpeezy 04.12.2012

    that was loud.
    fun place, my brain.
    I know you love it here..

  • johnpeezy 04.11.2012

    so your complete again bike.

    everyone up to speed now?

    See what having no money, television, cable, and only one bike can do???


    Give em hell baby!!

  • johnpeezy 04.11.2012

    So.... bike we've been back together for what like a week or two now?

    Things are totally goin great for you, your the famous one not me.

    just remember one thing. While your over there lookin good in your own skin. I'm the dude doin all the work. And what do I get for it, A whole bunch of clothes that don't fit anymore. So while your busy lookin great. I'm just trying to keep my pants on, and not having any wardrobe malfunctions.

    ...we're sexy and we know it

  • johnpeezy 04.11.2012

    so i bring herb over and now he won't leave.
    what did i get myself into this time.
    I thought you wanted a normal life bike.

    normal lives just kinda got boring again huh?
    yeah, well time to fix that.

  • johnpeezy 04.09.2012

    So herbs out tonight,

    but your good as new.

    back to "reality"

  • johnpeezy 04.09.2012

    HEY, check out my wife now!!!
    <a href="" title=""></a>

    All she needed was this zero right here for a total facelift.

    <a href="" title=""></a>

    Lookin better then ever now.

    Need to tighten up a nut that almost backed out on me. Other then that your good to go.

    it was a quick fix huh?

    Dosn't my wife look so much better now!!!

  • johnpeezy 04.07.2012

    Bike your, tuned for turbo mode now. Got you all hooked up last night. Total natural beauty style too. Just had to restore you to your natural state, hillbilly style. You already got me bike, so let not get lazy now. No stopping us, don't let me fall....

  • johnpeezy 04.06.2012

    <a href="" title=""></a>

    you ten years ago, You look about the same now. Just with a little more class (because of the age difference).

    Hands down the sexiest thing I have ever laid my eyes on.

  • johnpeezy 04.06.2012


    Were still not in complete super sexy mode yet.... But my dumb A forgot to get you totally inflated to the correct tire pressure.... I have only been sporting at 60 PSI,kick that noise up a notch, to 80 PSI. After I get my wind back we'll show them turbo mode....

    again, love you. Bike....

  • johnpeezy 04.05.2012

    So my bike seems to be coming along nicely. Almost perfect.....again. It's been a long time since I have had the urge to spend a few hour of quality time with myself.

    This is the SECOND TIME, i have had to pull you out of a rut. Remember, I'm driving......look what happened when I wasn't.

    like I said before.

    respect and forgiven.

    Sorry for not straighting you up sooner. I fogive you for not helping me out too. but its not like YOU CAN TALK to me, dummy.

    I love you bike, you happy yet?

  • johnpeezy 04.04.2012

    I need to officaly retract my previous letter to my bike.

    and issue a public(remotley public) apology to my new bike.

    It was the previous bike that tried to kill me..... twice.

    Sorry bike, I have had you for ten years, and hardly ever take you out at all, now your all I have left, and were going out, every day(unless it rains).

    Yeah totally kissin this bike butt. The other bike just hurt me, alot. You will just outright kill me.

    Respect. and forgiven.

  • johnpeezy 04.03.2012

    Couldn't break it if I tried....

  • ijamseeds 04.03.2012

    does your bike have insurance?

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