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Watch Full Episodes from The Voice!

On another smash episode of The Voice, Christina was on hand to help out Team Adam and Team Cee Lo judge their contestant’s performances this week. In case you missed it, catch the full episode from Monday and Tuesday night below.

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  • Xtinaloversonly 04.27.2012

    BEST JUDGE and that's final! Also: best singer and best looking! And I'm a girl! Love you till the end xtina!!!!! <3

  • JotieS 04.18.2012

    You do an amazing job on the voice.
    I believe in you and i can imagine how difficult the decisions are and you make them and you know why and you go an idea in your mind so you do an amazing job every time again

    and i'm really excited for your next album

  • linla 04.18.2012

    Can't wait!!!

  • debster47 04.16.2012

    My husband and I couln't believe you sent Jesse packing. What is wrong with you? We are both musicians, and couldn't believe you kept Lynsey. She can't sing in tune and is really horrible. Sorry, but we've lost all respect for your judgement. I don't think you should be on this show.

  • tdivia1960 04.16.2012

    Chritina I really do not have any respect for you anymore. I do not know what your problem is with Jesse Campbell but you and everybody who watch the Voice know you made a terrible desicion getting rid of Jesse. You need to be eliminated as a judge you have no idea what it takes to make a star. Girl keep singing stop judging you have gotten rid of the best singer on the show. You suck as a judge.

  • AllaneZ 04.13.2012

    Next episode will be a performance from Xtina and her team!!!
    Can't wait!!! Laughing out loud

    Oh, and Justin Bieber too Sexy

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