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Download Christina Aguilera's Bionic for $6.99

Christina Aguilera has been rocking it on The Voice this season and to help celebrate, iTunes is offering a sale on her most recent album, Bionic, for just $6.99.

Featuring 18 tracks of pure dance-pop goodness, Bionic also includes the chart topping "Not Myself Tonight" as well as "You Lost Me" and "Woohoo" (feat. NIcki Minaj). This sale will be available until April 28th.

Click here to download today.

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  • JeTGirL 05.03.2012

    This cd is awesome! Yeah Glam, Bionic, Prima Donna should have videos too! You lost me, not myself tonight killer videos! Hawt hawt hawt! I love this cd! Wish you would continue the Bionic tour. It deserves another run! & way more PR! I love almost every song on here! There's only one song I skip once in a while. This cd is so worth paying full price!

  • AllaneZ 04.26.2012

    Release Glam and Prima Donna!!
    Or maybe release Bionic: The Remix!!

    Can't wait for the new music!!
    LOVE Sexy

  • Chris_jc_xa 04.25.2012

    Now, if only Kimono Girl was tagged on that offer...
    AND let us not forget:
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • XtinaObsession 04.25.2012

    REMARKETING BIONIC, that's a start!!!!!! I can't wait to hear Christina back on the radio!

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