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Secret Potion Holiday Message

Happy Holidays to all my fans! I love the holiday season. It is such a wonderful time to get together with friends and family. Here’s a little message to you all.

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  • Arshia 12.28.2011

    Happy christmas, christina. I love you my queen.

  • Arshia 12.25.2011

    Hi chris. I love you. If can you, send comment to my email. Thank's. "arshiafarahmand@yahoo.com"

  • Aritina 12.24.2011

    You've the most beaufiful voice in the universe. You're glamourous everytime and sexy too. I love you and me and all your other fans gonna support you every moments of your life. Merry christmas Christina!!! Ari x-x-x

  • Alex illuminati 12.20.2011

    You are gorgeous as ussual . and feel free to give me a shout when in Montreal , Canada . I really can not understand why there are so many haters out there. You are the ultimate voice in the industry and the sexiest too . Ciao Baby xoxoxoxox

  • Aritina 12.19.2011

    If I can, I gonna try your secret potion this holidays. Merry Christmas Christina.
    Love you x-x-x

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