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Christina Aguilera Perfoms "You Lost Me" On American Idol

Watch Christina Aguilera's show-stopping performance of "You Lost Me" on last night's American Idol season finale!!!

Then check out the girls from AI perform a medley of Christina's hits!

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  • Dragonspy 07.11.2010

    No words can express the feel...

  • farnerma 06.09.2010

    You Lost Me was amazing. Simply Amazing. Listening to her sing this song reminded me of the old Whitney Houston and Barbra Streisand days when they had such control over their voices. If this shows what Christina has in store for us this new decade, we're going to be amazed.

  • X-tina rox 06.04.2010

    absolutly amazing!!!

  • Gs 06.03.2010

    God, it's beautiful!!!

  • Markoo87 05.31.2010

    8th june BIONIC is my!!!!

  • Maeebabii 05.30.2010

    just amazing, love ya girl keep rockin it out <3 you help millions everyday with your music and unditionally sweet personality. never stop xox

  • leitogal 05.30.2010

    PLEASE support Xtina... the bad comments can't hold us down Laughing out loud. BUY the CD!!!
    BI ON IC JUNE 8 Let's make this album NUMBER 1

  • Darwindevron 05.30.2010

    Xtina Is amazing f**k the Hater!!!!!

  • Blu 05.30.2010

    She was amazing! Brought me to tears :')

  • katharina 05.30.2010

    An excellent performance by one of the great vocalists in the business

  • waytakun 05.30.2010

    awesome performance!!!! clap1 clap! clap! the filipino people loves u christina...

  • romyromanza 05.30.2010

    She's amazing/
    Great album.
    Let's support her.

  • john1112 05.30.2010

    All of us Christina Aguilera Fans. Let's support her music by calling to the local radio stations and buying the album jun 8th, lets bring "Not Myself Tonight" and "Woohoo" back up to the first positions on the charts, They are not playing Christinas new music, so us fans need to step up for her, she delivers to us good music and great performances lets do this for her. Call or Text to request for her new hit singles on your local radio stations (pass this message on to all the fans)

  • Shandy211 05.29.2010

    This performance is HOT; electrifying and absolutely brilliant. You Lost Me is such a beautiful song and Christina Aguilera sings it from the very depth of her soul.

  • Mariahma 05.29.2010

    PERFECT !!! <3

  • christioni 05.29.2010

    I had the pleasure of finding "You Lost Me" on the internet and have heard it at least 50 times. I get goosebumps every time I hear it!!

  • JoeMusic1 05.29.2010

    Great song from Bionic.. Needs to be a single in my eyes. I can relate to it as I am sure many other can as well. I love you Christina. Smile

    A fan from DE, USA!

  • trinity08 05.29.2010

    xtina u r my favorite singer of all time im proud 2 b a fan of yours.

  • trinity08 05.29.2010

    chrissy you killed that song 4rm beginning 2 end go gurl you the bomb

  • latindude29 05.28.2010

    i cant get over "you lost me" performances.... your are truly a legend!

  • latindude29 05.28.2010

    woman your are amazing! thank you christina for making us know what a true voice is... i love ya boo!

  • fahmi 05.28.2010

    fuh!!! what a show stopping performance!!!
    just check the billboard chart....
    woo hoo is debut at no. 79...
    and to my surprised....
    Keeps Gettin’ Better album....
    re-entry the chart to no. 157...
    that’s the proof that she still have a strong fan base!!!
    let us support our Legendtina!!!

  • Nicohan 05.28.2010

    AMAZING !!!

  • 3milixtina 05.28.2010

    simply the best

  • MaryTale 05.28.2010

    WHAT A SPECTACULAR PERFORMANCE!!!! Just gorgeous!!! And this song is already one of my favorites from Bionic!! Wonderful!!

  • antulyron 05.28.2010

    eres la mejor de las mejores .... eres una ispiracion ..... verte ... escucharte ... hasta dar una simple entrevista .... me da un orgullo seguir tu carrera during this 10 years Gold ----------------- antulyron

  • antulyron 05.28.2010

    Hi .... Im a Colombian Guy ----- Excelent my XDIVA... Aguilera ...... you are a inspiration for guys like me .... Im ur Fan number One in Latin America .... ... you are not the princces ... not the queen .... you are much more than that you are simply ....The Goddes UNiversal Music .... For me and i can say that all urs fan ... i love xoxo aguilera

  • Ecstaticrop 05.28.2010

    This was Truely heart felt I teared up :*0)
    amazing Performance XTina

  • christophe 05.28.2010

    Une vraie Artiste, une grande Dame !
    A true Artist, a great Lady !!

  • dfgarcia73 05.28.2010

    I can't help watching the video, when she got on the stage in the end of fighter. She was AMAZING!!!! I think she should've kept that clothes on, it was so great!

  • Fabricio 05.28.2010

    costa rica!!!!

  • Alerich23 05.28.2010

    PLEASE COME TO PERU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alerich23 05.28.2010


  • meldellbain 05.28.2010

    One of her best performances!!! Love her!

  • helurd 05.28.2010

    it is really a great song. i love it.

  • BionicHoney 05.28.2010

    hew else? omg

  • edin69 05.28.2010

    i love xtina this is my idolo is beautiful thanks xtina

  • emory 05.28.2010

    Love you!godtina~ you're legendary!

  • lourdes 05.28.2010

    Go Girl. . . You are a beautiful fighter. . .
    Simply Xtina. .

  • lourdes 05.28.2010

    Go Girl. . . You are a beautiful fighter. . .
    Simply Xtina. .

  • Jules 05.28.2010

    Girl i love u, nice performance...

  • SxxN 05.28.2010


    I've watched around 5 times! Love it more and more!

  • filipposmak 05.28.2010

    if there is the best performer then is christina aguilera the BEST PERFORMER AND VOCALIST EVER EVER...................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yuzuhime 05.28.2010

    This is so amazing!!
    Love you Christina <333

  • parcos80 05.28.2010

    I think this is one of the best Christina Aguilera Performances I've seen. It was so beautiful it made me cry. That voice just gets to your heart.

  • mabl8 05.28.2010

    i love this song

  • edithh 05.28.2010

    a nice song i wish i could watch it also here on tv but in belgium i can't watch the american idol

  • Lucero 05.28.2010

    Como ella ninguna... I love Christina!!!

  • leodevitto 05.28.2010

    Amo muito!

  • Xtina.A.STYLE 05.28.2010

    -->>> Somebody know if the performace will be available on itunes???? <<<--

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