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Christina Aguilera Performs On ‘Regis & Kelly’

Check out Christina's energetic performance of "Not Myself Tonight" on Live! With Regis And Kelly below!

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  • Imraith Nimphais 06.15.2010

    What an amazing performance. I love you Christina! You have my utmost respect.

  • Gift_zaa 06.14.2010

    Wowww!!!! you great.

  • santy 06.12.2010

    love it

  • omosexy 06.12.2010


  • jjony mube 06.12.2010

    a wonderful performance, i just loved it ... Laughing out loud and if you dind't liked Oups f*** YOU Oups ... Laughing out loud

  • ruststain 06.12.2010

    fantastic!! i love it.

  • ruststain 06.12.2010

    fantastic!! i love it.

  • JP 06.12.2010

    Amazing!! so hot!!! love her!!!

  • le.inad 06.11.2010

    shee ist beautiful, la amooooooo es una genia, esmi reinaaa la amooooo

  • mick1130 06.11.2010

    she looks amazing

  • REC 06.11.2010

    she looks HOT on those short-shorts,sexy xtina...

  • bionicxtinafan 06.11.2010

    Love the adlibs she makes to this song every time she performs it.

  • LaMusiQue 06.11.2010

    awesome.... that voice - just amazing Smile

  • DaguskaXxXtina 06.11.2010

    so cute:) love ya forever Xtinaaa

  • romyromanza 06.11.2010

    Amazing performance.

  • lydia505 06.11.2010

    Bought the cd-bionic on Tuesday and I love it. It very creative. She is awesome.

  • xtina1512 06.11.2010

    seems like her voice is back again since the letterman show! love the performance!

  • BionicWoman 06.11.2010

    I love her outfit!

  • vinella 06.11.2010

    omg that was amazing Smile))))))))))*

  • lopakada 06.11.2010

    hey just wanted to say that i love your new record. i've been playing it over and over since i bought it on tuesday. they're all so great i don't know which is my favcrite one yet although i can't stop repeating I AM. YOU ROCK!!!

  • Christina is absolutely magnificent every single time! She hits all the notes, spitfire delivery and she looks HAWT!!!!!!!! I hope she performs on Ellen soon!!!!!!!

  • kaye134 06.11.2010

    gorgeous!!! love lots...

  • filipposmak 06.11.2010

    amazing performance......1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!in greece not myself tonight is one of the bigger hits of the year....!!!!!!!!!!!your voice is absuloutely amazing and powerfull Smile)))))welcome back christina i love.....christina aguilera=queen of music of all time

  • JJC 06.11.2010

    Christina aguilera still christina aguilera...
    a girl who know how to be versatile when it comes to performance
    a real artist, with a blood of an artist...
    keep it up girl

  • xtnafnatic 06.11.2010


  • Paul Abreu 06.11.2010

    Next life I wanna be just like xtina 0/

  • bioniclex 06.11.2010

    also, birds of prey and you lost me

  • bioniclex 06.11.2010

    MOnday Morning needs to be the next single!!

  • TIN 06.11.2010


    I LOVE U!



  • katharinelvr54 06.11.2010

    amazing!!! ur so amazing!!! i cant wait till u go on tour so i can finally see u!

  • daavid 06.11.2010

    i loved this performance. she's great!

  • anete 06.10.2010

    I LOVE her singing live!!!

  • jd27_9 06.10.2010


  • parisahami 06.10.2010

    uhh definately no room for her to dance. so why not let her focus on vocals and let the dancers scoot around in what little room they have? duh.

  • jamross2109 06.10.2010

    She looks and sounds great. She is in full form, can't wait to see her touring!

  • mlvcrlive 06.10.2010

    She nailed it

  • ol1456 06.10.2010

    she is the best, xxx

  • normy88 06.10.2010

    aww she has a tiara on her head.... CA ROCKS

  • sooha810 06.10.2010

    Amazing CA!!perfect!!

  • Gerald L B Jr. 06.10.2010

    love this performance, I understand that since she's on Regis and Kelly, it's more of a family show so she couldnt be as out with cursing as she wanted to be. I just hope she steps out with some more choreography next time around, but I know how hard it is to dance, sing and keep a performance tight like that, you go girl..

  • crabcake 06.10.2010

    Amazing performance Smile)))

  • Korean is bitch 06.10.2010

    yes!!she is Christina!!!!

  • Xtina4eva 06.10.2010

    i totally agree okramsinger!!! but then again....she needs to protect her "chops" as best she can for her back to back to back live gigs.

  • DOP 06.10.2010


  • Alezxz 06.10.2010

    I love her voice

  • okramsinger 06.10.2010

    Why the long note on the bridge is pre-recorded? I know her voice too much to know that she can do that note and I know when she sing pre-recorded. I'm a lil bit sad for this. Tongue Even in "Hurt" on B2B tour and "Slow down baby" and "Welcome" and "Ain't no other man"... I think that she should use a more natural sound on her high notes, so she can be free to go high how much she wants! Wink

  • royamaya 06.10.2010

    couldn't get any better than this, Christina Aguilera is the s*** now and always will be...'nuff said Wink

  • Korean is bitch 06.10.2010

    beautyfull girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Korean is bitch 06.10.2010

    omg ! my love !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AndreZole 06.10.2010

    I love!!!!! PERFECT =) TE AMO CHRIS

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