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Christina Aguilera Performing At Justin Timberlake & Friends Concert

On October 23rd, Christina Aguilera will perform at the annual "Justin Timberlake and Friends Concert" benefiting Shriners Hospitals for Children. The concert will take place in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino's Theatre for the Performing Arts.

Tickets Go On Sale: August 21st at 1pm EST
For more info:

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  • Melissa J. Hatch 08.15.2013

    Timberlake's next studio album the 20/20 Practical knowledge: 2 of 2 will probably be released on September 35, 2013. Its lead single "Take Back the Night" was published on July 12, 2013. However upcoming concert of justin timberlake at pepsi center

  • AllaneZ 09.19.2010

    whether this event in the aired live ??

  • patrickloja 09.15.2010

    Xtina I miss you I miss your performances please promote yor album....

  • Maydc15 09.12.2010

    you are the best, We love you Christina
    from Caracas Venezuela
    God Bless you TE AMAMAOS!!!

  • locoporti 09.10.2010

    Christina I love your good heart! God bless you always

  • alfie 09.06.2010

    VOTE FOR CHRISTINA YOU LOST ME HERE - <a href="" title=""></a>

  • xtinaboi83 09.04.2010

    i'm going to see her can't wait. Wink

    Paris Lo

  • isaelicious02 09.03.2010

    i wanna to go there!! it's wonderful!

  • ryelgalera 09.01.2010

    hey! its a wonderful collaboration! i hope i could see that!!!!!!

  • jucystar25 09.01.2010

    ...i WANNA GOOOOOOOOOOOO...hopefully i buy my ticket on time!!

  • Stripped-tease 09.01.2010

    Man, I wich I can go!!!! I would love to see you and Justin!!! It's amazing that you take time to give back... Love you Xtina!

  • JorgeArocha 08.31.2010

    Fantastic.. Chirsitna and Justin make a great duet.. I love Christina!! VENEZUELA

  • Breanna 08.31.2010

    OMG i would love to see this concert! It would be a dream come true! You are an amazing woman, I love all the charity work you do! XoXo

  • yaj_33 08.31.2010

    i hope that u and justin will have a collaboration soon. i'm sure that it's gonna be big. i love seeing u doing charity work for those who are in need. that's great christina. that makes u more beautiful... hope u can visit the philippines again. wasn't able to see ur concert here Sad

  • lita 08.31.2010

    i love you justin and christina i miss you to want you where in chicago at the u.c

  • sofixtina 08.31.2010

    What a shame I would love to go, but I'm from Argentina and would be a lot of money Sad.. I love you christina

  • Juan1186 08.30.2010

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  • Juan1186 08.30.2010

    Add a comment!!!!! Please performiing WooHoo Live feat. Nicki Minanj!!!!

  • BiOO__1995 08.30.2010

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    vote for burlesque

  • BionicHoney 08.30.2010


  • reyhaneh 08.30.2010

    iam reyhane 10 y.o and iam from iran
    i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • kcired13 08.29.2010

    Please don't forget your latinamerican fans we love you and wait 4 you since mi reflejo tour

  • alfie 08.29.2010

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  • MancyA 08.29.2010

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    voted for christina!!!!!!
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  • sebas_woohoo 08.29.2010

    I will love to see a duet of you and Justin Christina!! Can't wait to see that Smile

  • Oxcarlima 08.29.2010

    Vanity, WooHoo, My Girls, MondayMonring, I hate boys.. come on!. . there is enough material!!!!!

  • madopeas 08.29.2010

    vote for xtina

  • ol1457 08.29.2010

    wkd Xtinaaaaaaa

  • hatzalaja 08.29.2010

    ya no puedo esperar

  • XtinaAddict 08.29.2010

    OMG so excited! I hope we can see a youtube video of your performance. I love your new single You Lost Me, and your new album. Amazing! Love you loads Christina! Smile <3

  • lickylickyyumyum 08.29.2010

    How about performing somewhere as well that will actually help promote your album. Something that will be televised nationally might help.

  • manakel karla 08.29.2010

    Miss Aguilera: Big Voice Big Heart!!!!

  • Gustavo 08.28.2010

    facebook group... Justin Timberlake & Christina Aguilera... a duet =) <a href="" title=""></a>

  • RajibDavid 08.28.2010


  • DimrymaN 08.28.2010

    Laughing out loud

  • DimrymaN 08.28.2010

    Great!! I can't wait!!!

  • ory 08.28.2010

    justin and christina ........would love to see this

  • AndreZole 08.28.2010

    Voten por CHRISTINA
    Vote for CHRISTINA
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  • Xverso 08.28.2010

    Mis dos amores mas grande Chritina y Justin..........

  • omerr 08.28.2010

    Christina t miss seeing we were on the scene got more out of

  • skandygirl 08.28.2010

    yes i hope to wacth the concert too..good luck xtina!!

  • edgedgar 08.28.2010

    I hope I'll wattch the concert.Love you XTINA

  • candee2 08.28.2010

    There are acceptable ways to use capital letters here, but if your comment does not meet the criteria, your post will be deleted if posted entirely in capital letters.

  • AllaneZ 08.28.2010

    Christina and Justin, they supposed to be release a single together.. It will be #1...
    But, Las Vegas... Sad
    I hope there will be a video of Christina's performances...
    Love You XTINA Wink

  • patrick 08.28.2010

    Can't wait to her your amazing voice come alive. You need to promote "You Lost Me" more. The song is beautiful and is rising on the Adult Contemporary and Hot Dance Club charts. The album "Bionic" is a great album although it is not as daring or as bold as Back to Basics and Stripped. I think when you make you own music with not so popular porducers, that is where your greatest success lies. Everyone knows Christina as being someone who is not normal and doesn't follow a trend. That is what has set you apart from the rest of the music world. You are a amazing talent and everyone knows that and is probably why the response to the album has been underwelhming because of it trendiness with rest of the music scene. You are greatness. It is okay to be sexual as it comes across very clear in your music.

  • bjsliff 08.27.2010

    very proud of you and justin for always giving back to communities, esp. kids =) <3 you bunches for that on top of your superhuman talent ;D

  • 91029967 08.27.2010

    I LOVE CHRISTINA!!!!!Smile

  • elias23 08.27.2010

    buenisimoo! i love you Christina! ♥

  • love4xtina 08.27.2010

    I love you soooooo much Christina!!!!

  • chpchipichp 08.27.2010

    AND----BEST BALAD 2010----

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