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Any Muse fans?

Any Muse fans?

Hands down, after Genesis my favorite band is Muse. I just saw them live a week ago, and I was completely blown away! I'm still reeling from the concert, hands down one of the best live concerts I've ever been to (and that includes Christina.)

Matt Bellamy is insane on guitar, at times he reminds me of Jimi Hendrix. And the drummer is brilliant as well, he reminds me of a young Phil Collins or Bill Bruford. The bass player (forget his name) is also really good as well, although he tends to get overshone by the other two.

I have all of their studio and live albums, and have just started collecting their DVDs, posters, and other stuff. My favorite studio album is probably Black Holes and Revelations or The Resistance, and my favorite live album is HAARP or The Absolution Tour DVD rip.

They remind me a bit of Radiohead at times, but I like them better than Radiohead now. They're a bit more prog rock, which is always good. Wink I also hear Genesis and Yes in there as well.

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