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"Stronger Than Ever" is it about Jordan

"Stronger Than Ever" is it about Jordan

The more i listen to this song the more i feel like its about Jordan. What do you guys think?

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  • phantom11 10.30.2010

    It's uncanny. Almost surreal.

  • candee2 10.30.2010

    Yes, it really does, when I listen to it, Fighter always comes to mind.

  • candee2 10.30.2010

    Yes, it really does, when I listen to it, Fighter always comes to mind.

  • phantom11 10.29.2010

    He was a great singer(I hear there's a movie in the works about Queen) so yeah Adz if you can sing like him then your pretty damn good.

    I can hear so much of my own trials with this one person in Stronger Than Ever and Fighter it's uncanny. The transformation in the Fighter video also parralleled that experience. Going form admittedly something of a doormat to being a stronger individual after nearly losing everything for someone who turned out to be a total nut(no hyperbole or exageration) and coming out of it scarred but better it deffinately helped alot getting over it.

    Stronger than ever, you made me this way reminds me of that. In fact the whole song does.

  • candee2 10.29.2010

    you can mimic Freddie Mercury?! That was my baby! I still find myself singing his songs, just out of the blue. If you can sound like him, then you sound good.

  • NastyNaughtyBoy 10.29.2010

    No, I don't think it is.

  • Adz 10.28.2010

    Yep phantom11 I'm definitely hearing what your saying and directly relate to it, in the sense of the so called friends, talk about hit the nail on the head on that one...

    Your end quote is one that is use often... Oh and speaking of gruff i did actually compose a song about the Judas that betrayed me and do find it hard at times when attending mass, as her name is all through the prayers, which makes things interesting when that attachment is very deep. But sometimes you cannot help but feel that, it takes two to tango but it remains to be seen where the true issue lyes, as obviously there are underlying issues unspoken.

    And as I am writing this, it has already given me ideas on a new composition, unfortunately I wish I had the vocal range of Christina to go high and low, I am okay but nowhere even close to her in terms of vocality, but then again I am a male so unless I can mimic Freddy Mercury I will never be totally satisfied with the vocal tracks. Hence my admiration for Christina, she just blows me away with her incredible vocals, it's just a pity i never got to see her in concert in my homeland as Christina was not far from due on pregnancy.

    I may actually sit down tonight and analyze all the songs that have connotations towards songs in question, and see what my verdict is... looks like another 4am session coming in, keyboard and pen out...

  • phantom11 10.28.2010

    I know what you mean Adz, I sometimes can be gruff but am the same way underneath and yeah no good deed unpunished.

    I thought the same thing too about Stronger Than Ever and Fighter, they do seem to handle the same themes and while they may not be linked you could say it's a spiritual follow up.

    It'll come to you dee, late at night when you're thinking about something else.

    Songs like this and Fighter speak alot to me because having gone through alot of b.s with so-called friends and one incident in particular about 11yrs ago that's left me scarred(still am in some ways) but you come out of stronger. Whatever doesen't kill you makes you stronger and I feel that listening to songs like those 2.

  • Adz 10.28.2010

    Thanks phantom11, I would like to say I would take each matter in it's own stride otherwise, as I see it. Probably my biggest down fall, hardened exterior but underneath it all that word "NICE" Nice guys never get the rewards much like true real heroes go unrewarded? from my experience.

    You will possibly find in may have been excerpt material from Christina's Stripped Album and song entitled "Fighter" transformed into "Stronger than Ever" but that is purely a hypothesis on my behalf, and only Christina is going to know the real answer behind the song.

    Like for myself I have material from years ago that have been written but have not found a need for it as of yet. Some of the best songs you will find were written many years ago ... but this is purely my view and speculation...

  • candee2 10.28.2010

    the writers of that song is both Sia and Christina, and as I said, most of it was written already by Sia, so no Christina isn't the only one to know.

    And I'm not guessing, I know for a fact it's not about Jordan. I just can't remember exactly how this song was explained, it's been so long since it was said and I hate searching for stuff. But this was part of the info that was coming out as we waited for the album, that news is about 3 years old now.

  • phantom11 10.28.2010

    Unfortunately the saying "once a cheater always a cheater" is true. Sorry to hear that Adz, live and learn though. Love does strange things to us.

    I don't think the song is about anyone in particular, she might be just talking generally rather than about one person or persons.

  • Adz 10.28.2010

    Man oh mighty, I love this song hard out... Ironically I became converted catholic to marry my fiancee of the time and period, only to find her cheating on me! Then being a dumb ass I forgave her and what would you know whooo hello again... not one but five different guys... try that one on, but i will admit it gave me driving inspiration to create and become stronger...

    Wether or not the song is about "Jordan" who knows except for Christina. It can be hard to de-cypher lyrics as being an artist also I don't point the finger, as that would seem inappropriate i believe, but rather generalize my lyrics at my target audience, so people can relate in many different ways to the situation...

  • phantom11 10.27.2010

    Suddenly people are seeing trees where there is no forest.

  • I-V 10.24.2010

    "Stronger Than Ever" & the rest of Bionic was both written & recorded wayyy before their seperation, Bionic was also finished long before it's release to us. It takes time to put together an album as a whole & even when all the lyrics are written & sung, production & mixing etc must happen. Some cd's take months, some have taken years, while it's possible Xtina could have been having marriage problems that far back, I don't think this is about Jordan, from how she spoke about him still at that time along with her thank you to him in the Bionic CD booklet, I would not get the impression she was feeling anything like the song Stronger Than Ever towards Jordan.

  • ijamseeds 10.22.2010


    it's like fighter. just a reinterpretation. obviously its about a relationship... just don't know who... and what kind... platonic? romantic? not sure

    she said max inspired her on bionic... b2b is for her man jordan...

  • candee2 10.22.2010

    I wouldn't call it negative or empowering, from how I read it. At the end when she asks, 'what more can I do', that is someone still looking for love and recognition, even while they are saying I'm stronger than ever.

    It's like saying, yes, I'm strong, BUT, I still need that love and recognition that you are refusing me. It even says, that she's back to being that child, which is saying she is at her weakest when she looks to this person begging for that connection.

    It's a very sad song, because I know a lot of people who succeed because of harsh words and yet they still cry at night because of that inner need for love from that person who mistreated them the worse.

    I know for some it would remind them of Christina's dad, but she would never use those words that's in the song, in regards to her dad. She looked for escape from her dad, not love.

    I think I have heard Sia say that this song was kinda written already and Christina just helped her finish it I am sure in some ways it is like Fighter, only more vunerable.

  • Dayy 10.22.2010

    This song can be interpreted in many ways. I do not see this song, as a negative song. I think in life we have people in our life's that have their own issues, these issues affect us, some of us crumble, others become stronger. So the overall message is about self empowerment.

  • mlvcrlive 10.22.2010

    I have to agree definitly eerie

  • candee2 10.22.2010

    it's not about her mom, cause the song is about the person or people, NOT supporting her, that has never ever been Shelly.

    She would not make that kind of song about her dad, cause her dad has never had anything to do with her in a positive way, the song basically says, you made me strong but then when she was stronger the person or people didn't like what they 'created'. That is not her dad, it's not even her stepdad.

    I think that song is more about something that happened in Sia's life, in a relationship from her past that almost devestated her.

    I just think that the songs she chooses to sing is so real and down to earth and it deals with real life situations, situations that happens in everybody's lives, not just celebrities. We know Christina has been thru as much as some of us, I think that's why so many of her fans identify so much with her.

    These songs, accindentally, may apply now. It's eerie is what it is.

  • Dayy 10.22.2010

    I think it is about her mom

  • Beautiful93 10.22.2010

    It's defenitely not about Jordan! I think it's about her father.

  • candee2 10.22.2010

    I couldn't put it better myself. I mean for God's sake, she has him and her baby recorded on what she called, 'the heart of the album'. Think about it, when that song was written, she was a happy woman, we saw that when she burst onto the scene with Bionic. Waaay after that album was done is when things change, we, her fans can stamp him with a dozen songs, old and new, but still, no, that song is not about him.

    When I hear it, it reminds me of us, her fans, the ones who ask her to be diff then the rest, but then when she is we cut her up for it. Or, it's a song based on the same credence as Fighter.

  • MrBubulino 10.21.2010

    "El Beso del Final" was about Jordan too... LOL

    I don't think stronger than ever is about Jordan. And I don't like anybody telling that the sad songs of Bionic are about her husband. Christina doesn't seem the kind of person who would just stick to a man that makes her feel bad and write songs about it instead of trying to solve things out. Don't you think it would be insensitive (and quite b****y) to write songs about Jordan while she was STILL married to him???

  • candee2 10.21.2010


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