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Introducing The Burlesque Store featuring "Ultimate Burlesque"!

Introducing the brand new Burlesque Store featuring exclusive Burlesque Soundtrack Pre-Sale Bundles including Ultimate Burlesque!

Ultimate Burlesque features everything the Burlesque fan could ask for, including:
+ The Burlesque Soundtrack
+ 2 Tickets To See Burlesque In Theaters (US Only. Fulfilled by
+ The Official 24"x32" Burlesque Movie Poster
+ Burlesque: The Movie - A 172-page, hardcover book filled with scenes from the film, exclusive behind-the-scenes photos, costume sketches, set designs, screenplay excerpts, and contributions from the cast and crew, this is a gorgeous, fascinating, and up-close celebration of the over-the-top glamour and gritty struggles found in Burlesque.

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  • mynix 11.11.2010

    In my country it didn't include the tickets.
    Will there be other package with more stuffs in the future? Like when the dvd coming out or something? Or am I asking too much? - Need to focus on the now.

  • xdrigo 11.10.2010

    i really want it, i have the bionic set, i need burlesque set. love christina

  • locoporti 11.10.2010

    Christina Te Amo! I am waiting for your movie is going to be fantastic!

  • BionicHoney 11.07.2010

    i already got the book, have ordered the cd, will buy my own tickets and can steal a poster from the theater. thx though.

  • aJade 11.07.2010

    oh my gosh! 3 more weeks til arrival!!!!!! ty xtina!

  • AllaneZ 11.07.2010

    I wanna get my own Smile

  • jesus1974 11.06.2010

    i can not wait for the movie to come out for the first time i not cooking thanksgiving dinner for 12 years i have to get ready for the movie..........

  • omerr 11.06.2010

    should immediately

  • Marie Lisa 11.06.2010

    Absolutely great! Looking forward to reserve my own copy! Smile

  • FernandoOsuna 11.06.2010

    I can't wait for November 22, I ordered 'Ultimate Burlesque' I want to hear the Soundtrack and see the Book, Order Yours Now!

  • P.A.M.E 11.05.2010


    *stop posting in all capital letter's, comments will start to be deleted.*

  • texas_xtina_fan 11.05.2010

    Ooooo...interesting! DAMN soundtrack, movie poster, and movie tix $59.99! but i might get the $29.99 one!!!!

  • 91029967 11.05.2010

    Man i want that so bad! Love u CHRISTINA!Smile

  • AllaneZ 11.05.2010

    Love you Smile

  • haroldo 11.05.2010


  • love4xtina 11.05.2010

    Just got it!

  • RajibDavid 11.05.2010


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