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Free Burlesque Tickets

That's right! You already had one chance to win tickets to see Christina Aguilera's new movie Burlesque through the World Food Programe and now we are offering fans here at Christina's official site the chance to score tickets to the highly anticipated movie! If you didn't win the first time, you've got a second chance to see the movie for FREE...

Here's how it works. All you have to do is reply to this news post and tell us why you think you deserve to win tickets to an advance screening of Burlesque. Pretty easy right? The only catch is that you have to tell us in 140 words or less.

So hurry and start replying to this post cause this won't be up for very long! And remember, pre-order the soundtrack for Burlesque at Christina's official store to get all the amazing music from the motion picture.

Click here for official rules.

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  • paulinele9 11.24.2010

    I can't wait to watch this movie because this is the reason why I love Christina Aguilera! It relates to how I want to become a burlesque dancer as well. This movie is just an inspirational one of a kind movie, that gives me that boost to follow something I enjoy doing. I've been a fan since the genie in a bottle and loved her ever since!

  • Angelofmusic 11.21.2010

    I have listen to Christina since when i was very little, with my big sis it brought us close, win these ticket might bring that close again. her songs are amazing , her acting might as well be brilliant.

  • LEFOU IBIZA 11.20.2010


  • k9paco172 11.20.2010

    I should win those tickets because i am a true fan. I have traveled to london, scotland, and australia to see her. Its not the amount of times u c her its how dedicated and supportive u r of her. I have experienced similar events in my life as she has of hers. She has inspired me to move forward in my life, as I was abused in so many ways. I now speak to other abused people and have helped so many, thanks to Christina. If I dont win, its ok, im still going to b her number one fan.....oh by the way, i onced paid a big chunk to spend an hour with her alone...she is awesome, and I love her....i consider her a friend

  • I should win because I have been a fan since her first CD, I saw her twice that year in concert. Saw her again 4 times when she was “Stripped”, including flying from my base in Belgium back to see her 2 Chicago dates. I also lost a bid to have a meet and greet with her during that tour. I entered her contest to be on the Back to Basics “thank you” track but lost. However I did see her for that tour, 7 times total. I should have won in the audience for her VH1 Storytellers show too. Last but not least I have a tattoo that pays homage to her and my parents that resembles hers on her left arm, in Spanish and Hebrew. I can’t really put how great she is in 140 words.

  • AllaneZ 11.19.2010

    who is the winner ?

  • misspkm 11.18.2010

    I love You, Christina & Xtina. I become inspired, emotional & full of life by everything U do - so please give these free tickets to someone that do not have the luxury to watch a movie in the theater whenever they feel like it. Let them experience how fabulous you are!

  • Liam 11.17.2010

    I should win tix to BURLESQUE because I have anticipated the premier of this movie for ove a year. Christina is, in my opinion, the complete package. She sings (AMAZING voice!), dances, and from the previews the girl can act! In 5 years we're all gonna think of Lady Gaga and wonder what all that was about. CHRISTINA will STILL be kickin' ass & takin' names. She is one classy lady!

  • brittany7190 11.16.2010

    I have been so excited for this movie since I heard the announcement months ago. Been a Xtina fan from the start (yes, I like her better than Britney) and went to her stripped concert. LOVE Cam Gigandet! I've also seen Cher's concert in Vegas! I've been dancing for 6 years and cannot wait to see the dancing in this movie... I'm sure it will inspire me! It would be a dream come true to win these tickets! Smile

  • notfau22 11.16.2010

    Every since "Genie In a Bottle" I have been a huge fan of Christina. I think you are one of the best singers/entertainers out there right now. I am looking forward to seeing you in this film because I feel for sure that you will be an amazing actress as well. I have had a pretty good life I can not complain but we all have down times and when I fell you were there to pick me up. I have been waiting for the day when you would come back on the scene and brighten my world again and you did not disappoint. You have come back better than ever and brought a movie along with you. I am so proud of you and I hope that am able to see Burlesque and share in the joy of your first film.

  • blittle313 11.16.2010

    I have seen Christina only once in concert. The first time the frist and this last time they were cancled. Also I volunteer with an animal rescue by going to events and fostering dogs. Also I'd love to see this movie as Christina's music has helped me get through many hard times in the last few years.

  • marauderguy 11.16.2010

    Huge Cher fan, saw 3 times in Vegas already, which is what got me to be a new Christina Fan, because I had NO IDEA she could sing like that. Now Im also a new Christina fan!

  • KIKI1987 11.16.2010

    I am a huge huge christina aguilera fan have been counting the day for the movie and would love to go see the movie so bad

  • sfacci1 11.16.2010

    I am a huge fan of christina aguilera and really feel that she has made such a difference in my life with her music and as such a powerful women. My dream is to meet her and tel her all she has done for me. I really been in every drawing possible to get as close as i can to meet her. I hope you will choose me.

  • rburkert 11.16.2010

    me and my girlfriend are huge Christina fans and would love for a chance to see this movie thanks

  • rockissochic 11.16.2010

    I am a huge fan and have been since the '90s! I grew up on your music, you have influenced me to be a strong woman! I really want to see Burlesque when it comes out and take my mom and sister to see it as well!! I'm super excited for this!

  • jucystar25 11.16.2010

    im a huge fan. im 25 and i wana take my lil sister shes 12, to watch tje movie! and i didnt get to see you at the shriners chairity cus i was broke Sad pick me please! Smile xtina your the greatest!

  • amormiranda 11.16.2010


  • tracy75 11.15.2010

    I deserve to win these tickets because I am a HUGE HUGE fan. I have been following her since she burst on the scene...I saw her in concert in 2003 and was going to travel to another state to see her on the B2B tour but couldnt d/t my mom passing....I would love to win these tickets so i can do something fun for myself!!!!

  • jgeiger 11.15.2010

    Three reasons:
    1. Huge fan!
    3. Aguilera is sooo beautiful
    2. I get goosebumps every time i hear her voice (LOVE IT)

  • jhoodsd 11.15.2010

    I am a huge Christina Aguilera fan since 1999. She is the most inspirational and amazing artist ever. I really want tickets to see Burlesque.

  • dannyakalucky 11.15.2010

    Christina Aguilera you are a angle from the havens above with a great voice and talent!!! I been a fan since i first herd genie in a bottle!! i was like wow see is supper good! Every morning i go on your page and see whats new with you!! so i think i should get the tickets because i am a BIG FAN of yours!!! i love you Christina!! i am even saving my money so one day! i could meet you in real life just to shake your hand and say hi to you! i am so happy that you got your star!!! congrats on your star!!! i cant wait to see burlesque i am just counting the days to get up and go see it!!! and if i got the tickets i would die of happiness!! your number 1 true fan that sticks with you throw think and thin!! love you Daniel

  • Deejay 11.15.2010

    I can say I've been a fan for a billion years, but as far as Burlesque is involved, I've been following this movie since 2009. I deserve tickets because to say I grew up on Christina is an understatement. I have my whole family listening and snapping and hand waving to the bombness of her voice and style, it's ridonkulous! Listening to the tracks from the movie right now...I just have butterflies...there are very few singers who can actually make me smile and laugh just by the purity and amazingness of their voice. Yes, I deserve those free tickets because Christina is like a part of my family and it would only seem natural. Smile But please believe, I got an entire paycheck devoted to this movie! Free tickets would be the ultimate souvenirs!

  • kirstina 11.15.2010

    I've been a true fan of Christina since the Genie In A Bottle Days. Everything from her voice to her attitude inspired me and she was someone whom I've looked up too since I was a little girl. The fact that she came from nothing and has risen to who she is now all on her own shows true strength and courage one little person like herself can do and sure inspires everyone else they can do it to! I absolutely love everything Christina does, whatever she touches turns to gold in my eyes. So being able to watch an advanced screening of Burlesque would truly be such an amazing oppurtunity and an experience in my life that I would never forget! Love you Christina, thank you for instilling hope and power in all of us women.

  • Bo-On-J 11.15.2010

    Ive been a fan since Genie and have been a true fan, not only for her music but for who she is. She has been a very strong person in my life, with her music she has pushed me to become stronger and a fighter in life. i wish she would see all the people she has touched in many ways. The true fans stand together. We are here to stay.

  • ndelarosa 11.15.2010

    I've been a fan of Christina since before Genie in a bottle, way back during her single for the Mulan soundtrack. As a supporter of Xtina, I believe I should win tickets to see Burlesque because as a fan I've never had the opportunity to see her perform live at any of her shows and when I had the chance her tour got canceled or postponed. I would like to have an opportunity to at least enjoy the movie with this amazing giveaway!

  • CrazZzy1_Michele 11.15.2010

    I think I should get the tickets, not for myself, but for my younger sister. I would give them to her, because she's been a huge Christina supporter since the very beginning. She's never had the chance to meet her, or even see her in concert, and I know it doesnt compare, but for her to see Christina on the big screen would mean so much to her. She's loved Christina for so many years, buys her cd's, watches everything she appears in, and supports her in whatever she does. If anyone deserves these tickets, I say my sister does. I hope she wins these tickets, because it would mean sooo much to her. To see her have a big smile on her face, and her eyes light up when she finds out she won.. no words can describe how amazing that would be. Laughing out loud

  • horrorfan85 11.15.2010

    Christina has been a positive inspirational artist that i have followed since her early days of genie in a bottle. From album to album, trend to trend, i have followed miss Xtina, the risk taker, and have never lost faith in her work. As an artist, she keeps proving the critiques wrong and holding strong to her fans such as myself. Now has come the time for Christina to shine on the big screen with her film debut, and with anticipation, i will be there. I love christina and look forward to 'Burlesque,' hopefully with free tickets in hand. Keep on shining christina!!

  • jmtgriffin 11.14.2010

    I've always enjoyed Christina Aguilera's music and I was really excited to hear she'd be doing this film. The ads remind me of her music video for 'Ain't No Other Man' which I loved. I thought the kickback to the 20s was fantastic. I think she'll be amazing in Burlesque and I look forward to seeing it when it comes out on the 24th whether I get the free tickets or not. As it is I love going to the movies and seeing good, entertaining films and I truly believe Burlesque will be just that.

  • Christina Aguilera is an angel sent from heaven she inspires me to become someone greater, without her music is like me without a soul. I can say i'm her number one fan but thats to cheesy,i have all her CD"s and when i can buy something from her i do, i even have her doll from genie in a bottle. I've never once seen a concert but i plan on doing it asap no matter where she is. I love Christina Aguilera and im willing to do anything to have tickets! I've been waiting for this movie since i found out she was having one,and i have it on my calender im counting down the days! Point is this girl has me hooked on her music and by having this chance it would be very amazing! I LOVE YOU CHRISTINA!

  • Michelina 11.14.2010

    I'm gonna make this short and sweet-
    I've been a supporter of Christina's since day one, did i mention DAY oNE? I have ALLLLL of her cd's. I've never seen her in concert, because of the fact that i don't have the money. But, if you could give me these tickets to see the movie it would truly mean a lot, even though it's not her live in front of me doing her thang! I deserve to get these tickets, because i've been down w/ her since dAY ONE, and most ppl do say that, but when i speak, it's the truth. I LOVED/LOVE that girl, since the VERY BEGINNING and i'm STILL NOT going ANYWHERE! YOu ROCK Christina!!! I hope my short story doesn't get disregarded, because of the fact that it's short and not as meaningful as the others on here. I think EVERYONE who wrote on here deserves a ticket, because we ALL took our time to write here,and if we all took our time out to write on here, that obviously means SOMETHING, don't u think? i believe so!!! I hope to hear back from you, that would mean alot.

  • BabieBoo2 11.14.2010

    I'm a fan of Christina since '99. And even though she inspires me with her lyrics to just be me & to let go off my fears and just simply Soar whenever I doubt myself & knowing she sang a man Can't hold Us Down & just to Keep Singing On My Song it would be amazing to see a screening of Burlesque. She changed my life, Make me feel like a complete woman makes me feel Stronger Then Ever and just to accept who I am and that I Will Be what I want to be!

  • ISABELLE 11.14.2010

    I could say what everyone else says, “I’m her biggest fan and I deserve the tickets.” But that’s not why I should get the tickets. Honestly there is no reason why I deserve them. The only thing I can say is that I am a big fan indeed and I have liked Christina ever since she first came out when I was a freshman in high school. Christina has an awesome voice and women like her are very inspirational to me.

  • ohlala 11.14.2010

    I really admire Christina Aguilera because she is an inspirational person whose voice can move you. I have been through difficult times in the past, and when I begin to fall, I listen to her music and it lightens me up. It keeps me on my feet. Through her music I can relate to it because I have dealt with struggles within myself and being hopeless, but with her by my side, I am a strong girl. I am a 20 year old girl who is enjoying life as it goes by because of you Christina, you have helped me overcome my fears, my insecurities, and my faith. I have so much respect towards you, you are such a strong and powerful woman whom I would like to be one day. You have taught me to believe in myself and have more faith to pursue my dreams, my goals, to stand my ground as a female in this society of ours.

  • DayDreamer5118 11.14.2010

    I say all this in true honesty and love. Christina has gotten me through so many hard times. I am 23, mother of 3 and have gone through an abusive relationship with the father of my two oldest children. I am losing my eye sight and have lost my mother. And through it all Christina has helped me fly. I can smile and be a strong mother and woman because of the message she brings through her lyrics. Love you Christina and thank you

  • lvnthecrzylfe 11.14.2010

    Christina is a role model for many, including myself. She has shown us that women can take chances and still be respected. Strange as it may be, we share the same birthday, me in 1969 and her in 1980. Regardless if I win the tickets I still plan on seeing Burlesque and purchasing the cd. If it's not too resque I do plan on taking my nieces with me. Thank you for your time and good luck finding your winner.

  • only1kene 11.14.2010

    I have been with Christina ever since Reflection! It wasn't until she released Stripped that I realized I'm gay and if it hadn't been for her music on Stripped I wouldn't had made it through coming out alive!

    We're both Saggitarius' so I know what it's like to be criticized and put down for anything and everything in general. We both do not care what people think or say about us!

    When she started making Bionic I was on the edge of my seat every day waiting for updates about the album and when it came out I was blown away! Not only is Christina versatile music wise but she can do just about anything and everything she sets her mind to, just like me!

    I feel that emotionally and mentally, Christina and I are connected...

    With Burlesque, I am ready to see what she has to offer and I'm also ready to see her slap all her haters in their face!

  • star12 11.14.2010

    I love Christina Aguilera so much, Ever since the moment i heard hear voice. Her music is so beautiful, it inspires to fulfill your dreams, and to never give up. I love her voice, so amazing and passionate. She can beat out Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey any day.
    The reason why i should win,I'm a new single mother, it's hard for me to find time for myself. I would love to win tickets these tickets to,seeing christina aguilera in this make me so happy.

  • joantye 11.14.2010

    I have to win the ticket! I need to watch Xtina!

    I've been her fan since i was a lil girl. I was only 11-12 then. It's funny how i was always going gaga over her and ever since then, i loved her till today, and supported every album she produced. I even attended her concert when she came to Singapore! I mean, how can i not?!

    I connected with all her songs. I even sang "Fighter" over and over again when i was going thru a tough break up. Her songs are all so beautiful, so meaningful...

    She's my one and only favourite singer, and definitely the best out there! She's a really important female figure to me, so this means a lot to me if i win the ticket to watch her. Hope i win this!

    Xtina, many love and support from your biggest fan in Sg.

    Lotsa love,
    Joan Wink

  • prettyinmink 11.13.2010

    I can't wait to see Burlesque! I think I should win tickets to see a pre-screening of Christina's new movie. I have all of Christina's albums from her first to her last to her spanish and Christmas albums. She is a visionary artist and has proven herself time and time again. She has reached me personally with her musical lyrics and iconic style. I have also been to many a concert and have witness her in all her glory. She is just not a singer but a true artist to the core. Once again I would love to see the pre-screening of Burlesque but it not I will be going anyways on opening night to see it. I am a true fan and wouldn't miss it for the world. Christina salute to you and all of your accomplishment in the past, present, and future.

    Forever your true fan,
    Angelica Gutierrez

  • k81958 11.13.2010

    i think chrintine is the most amazing women and for her to pair herself with cher in this movie is beyond belief and for a very long time have not anticipated the opening of a movie so much as this one.

  • jcxer2 11.13.2010

    I should win, being Christina’s #1 fan – because she is: Amazing, Bionic, Charismatic, Dirrty, Elegant, Fun, Gracious, Hot, Impressive, Jovial, Kind, Loving, Magical, Novel, Open, Playful, Quaint, Resilient, Sexy, Tenacious, Unequaled, Valiant, Whole, X-Tina, Yearning, and Zalamero!

  • brooke 11.13.2010

    Christina is the most amazing artist. I have been singing since I was a little girl and I love to sing to her music the most. Each of her songs tell a story and share an experience with all of her fans. I always know that when she comes out with a new album. it's real and true. She is amazing and I can't wait to see her new movie!

  • shundawg 11.13.2010

    I think I should get the tickets because she is an amazing mom and she inspires me to be a great mom (I am five months pregnant). The baby loves hearing her songs in the womb, and the baby will sing her songs out of the womb! Christina is such a positive role model to people of every age,color, and race!

  • phxroyalty 11.13.2010

    I should win tickets because i have stood by xtina since she came into the spotlight and forever will i be by her side. she is what every1 looks in a icon! she is my icon! Powerful person! I even got her tattoo "Te Amo Siempre"

  • tuna711 11.13.2010

    Christina is someone i admired ever since i was little she is an amazing person who has and amazing voice and because of the subrstance my family was in i never got the opportunity to see her live. This would mean so much to me and my mom who is a big fan of cher i really hope i get picked! and this movie looks GREAT!!!!<3

  • Filmgoddess31 11.13.2010

    I am a freelance writer and I would give the movie and soundtrack an excellent review. I believe this why I should win tickets. xoxo

  • gaguilar1 11.13.2010

    This will be a smash hit!! i cannot wait to see it! xtina you rock!! Everything you do is heaven. I would love to get tickets so i can see it before my friends!!! yay!! - but if not - i will see it when it comes out at the show..... hey- i will go see it at the show again, even if i do win tickets!!!

  • KittyPayne 11.13.2010

    I'd love to go and see Burlesque as half of my world is around Burlesque, the other half is around Christina Smile

  • Vdrstar 11.13.2010

    I REALLY would LOVE to get these tickets to see BURLESQUE because I have been waiting to see this movie since I first heard about it over a year ago! Christina is my favorite. She inspires me in every way. And Cher was my first concert in fourth grade! I NEED to see this movie early! It is a must! MY 2 favorites in one!!! Thank YOU!

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