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"BURLESQUE" Movie - General Discussion Thread

"BURLESQUE" Movie - General Discussion Thread

I had the chance to see an early screening of "Burlesque" last night, all i can say is EPIC!! It was amazing, and Christina blew me away! There is no denying her talent and star power. I cant wait to see it again opening night.




If you haven't yet seen the movie, you may not want to read this thread due to possible spoilers.
You have been warned! Tongue

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  • phantom11 11.27.2010

    I don't know, maybe I'm reading into a little too far but the movie sometimes came off as a metaphore for the current state of music.

  • lIG 11.27.2010


  • phantom11 11.27.2010

    Great movie.

  • lIG 11.26.2010

    Just saw BURLESQUE, christina was too cute, it is a love story with great music. I enjoyed every moment and I think you all should see it too......

  • theVOICE84 11.26.2010

    Saw Burlesque again today and loved it even more!!! Christina is amazing in it!!! She really has a knack for cabaret and performing!!! AHHHH I just love it

  • lIG 11.25.2010

    hey.......I am so glad you loved it, i am waiting for friday............

  • EcuaChic 11.25.2010

    Christina Aguilera brought glamour back to Hollywood. Her versatility is amazing. Christina’s ability to channel her soul and heart towards her singing and acting is breath taking. Her performances are deserving of nonstop standing ovations. Christina Aguilera needs to take “Burlesque” on tour and start with Caesars Palace Vegas.

  • smartiz 11.25.2010

    I saw burlesque last night, and wow that was amazing!! I loved the movie!!!! Christina doesnt only sing like a diva but she's a really good actress Smile

  • theVOICE84 11.25.2010

    I saw Burlesque today and WOW!!! It was super super amazing!!!! The movie sucks you in!!! I like all the actors, costumes, makeup and Christina is really good at acting, I'm happy for her. Cher of course was great as always... It was just a very magical movie. A part in the movie where Christina sings Bound to You made me cry! I wish I could be a part of a Burlesque club now...HAHA

  • BlueRoseT2 11.25.2010

    I also wish a lot of the other songs were on the soundtrack, like Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend.

  • AllaneZ 11.24.2010

    In Indonesia on January 26th 2011 Sad

  • eff02 11.24.2010

    I had to wait til january to see it.

  • iambobblehead 11.24.2010

    man i could have seen it at midnight but htey told me it wasnt showing til tonight midnight turns out htey were wrong and it was already showing a go after work aroudn 7;30 man....that sucks least ill see it what i dont get why did it keep saying THANKSGIVING DAY and it came out 2 days before thanksgiving thought special screening meant the 24 at midnight hmm anywho im a go support it LOVE BUT IM A GOOD GIRL KEEP PLAYING IT OVER AND OVER AND I DANCE AND SHAKE MY A$# A BIT WHILE RIDING MY SCOOTER LOL

  • BlueRoseT2 11.24.2010

    I loved it! I just saw it today and it was soooo good. I was actually shocked by Christina's acting. She really stepped it up. Cher and Stanley Tucci have great chemistry together.

    The part where Christina starts singing Tough Lover, people in the movie theater clapped as loud as they could after her opening notes.

  • PugsGirl 11.24.2010

    I'm jealous too, but in the nicest possible way! Tongue
    Hopefully I'll get to watch it soon. x

  • Jeva 11.23.2010

    aaaah i'm so jealous haha
    i live in germany and i have to wait til january to see it :'(
    the trailer has already been so amazing, cant wait see the movie!!!

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