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Where is Christina?

Where is Christina?

Anybody who knows where is Christina and what was she did there,
please share here if you know exactly...

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  • AllaneZ 01.30.2011

    Christina off to Brazil yesterday, and She will launch a clothe line for C&A

  • AllaneZ 12.20.2010

    Christina also did birthday party there..

  • mynix 12.19.2010

    I would love to be on that private show! Hopefully there will be videos.

  • AllaneZ 12.16.2010

    Christina headed to South of France for a Private Show..

  • AllaneZ 12.15.2010

    Christina in Paris now Smile

  • AllaneZ 12.14.2010

    Yeah... They go to Paris to continue them international press tour..

  • MrBubulino 12.14.2010

    I read next she'll be leaving for Paris.

  • AllaneZ 12.11.2010

    Christina currently on London, England. She will perform on X Factor and Burlesque Premiere there.

  • AllaneZ 12.10.2010

    Just additional info for the fans, her existence today. Maybe some fans want to know where Christina step her foot.

  • ijamseeds 12.10.2010

    shouldnt they (the powers that be) be posting it here?

  • AllaneZ 12.10.2010

    Christina already in Madrid, Spain for Burlesque premiere with the Burlesque casts.
    The next day, i don't know yet.

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