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"Lift Me Up" should be promoted and released as a hit

"Lift Me Up" should be promoted and released as a hit

I have listened to music for over 40 years. In addition I was a DJ during the 1980's but have kept up with the best music. This song has one of the best lyrics and melodies that I have ever heard. I believe this song can be as big a hit as "Beautiful" was. Please promote and release this song. I know it will be a hit.

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  • Epiclera 12.21.2010

    I don't think more songs will get released from Bionic. or even Burlesque.

    There were rumors saying that "Woohoo" would become a single? Then even rumors about "The Beautiful People", I think? And "Castle Walls" and whatnot.. but nothing ever gets released lol.

    I don't mind the rumors and confusion though when it comes to this. I have my physical albums with me and that's all I need!!

    I've been playing Bionic in its entirety A LOT these days! "Not Myself Tonight" is still so bad@ss-sounding! Laughing out loud "Elastic Love" sounds very great to my ears, as well.. "Bobblehead", etc. The bass in those songs is so great!!! The beats are original, very nice..

    The "Lift Me Up" performance we got in the beginning of the year is perfect. I actually prefer that to the studio version! Laughing out loud
    It's really amazing when a singer manages to sing a song so very well that it ends up being better than a recorded studio song.

  • AllaneZ 12.11.2010

    It have been a single i think..
    Christina already performed the song for Haiti Charity..
    Grammy have to count it...

  • Mr. Titanic 12.11.2010

    Not only that, but it has the Futuristic sound! I adore it!

  • Natasha25 12.10.2010

    I have to agree. I really love this song. It's emotional, touching, and simple.

  • candee2 12.10.2010

    if wishes were pennies we would all be millionaires, especially when it comes to wishing for Christina. hahaha

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