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The voice coaches talk future collaborations

The voice coaches talk future collaborations

NBC has posted an exciting video snipped on their website, showing our girl and the other coaches thoughts about the future. Christina said: " A possiblity of a collaboration is always in the works. I would love actually to work with Cee Lo on something" - ( For those of you who havent heard the track they already did together should check out "Nasty". It was supposed to be used on the Burlesque soundtrack, but didnt, and have now been leaked on the internet for awhile.)

Christina also said that Blake shelton's wife, Miranda Lambert and she have been talking about the possibility of a collaboration: "She is a fun time too".

Maybe there's even a possibility of a project between Christina and Blake! Christina stated: I dont interact soo much on a regular basis with country" But (about Shelton) "I think I've become kind of a fan (laughs) It's strange, but true"

How exciting! I'd love something more from Christina and Cee Lo , and a collabo with Miranda Lambert would certainly be something new fresh and exciting!

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  • Xtine 04.19.2012

    "Make the world move" - the songs title! christina herself has said (its true ive seen the vid!) she cannot wait to be on stage with cee lo coz they are both into productions and dancers, and that the song is "fun" and "full of life" - she was asked if she song was just gonna be a single or if its gonna be on her upcoming album.she said she didnt know for sure yet.

  • xtinarox1113 04.12.2012

    I'm soooo excited to hear their new song. I completely agree with you @Stripped713

  • Stripped713 04.12.2012

    yay! I am so excited. I loved "Nasty" so I can't wait to hear what they come up with next. I think cee lo and Christinas vocals are well suited together and they both love that old soul feel to music. this is gonna be an awesome collab, I can just feel it!

  • Xtine 04.12.2012

    Yay! It's been confirmed by christina herself and Cee lo that they are doing another song! They're not telling us what the title will be, as it may just be a working title. but according to Cee Lo, christinas part is finished, so it's just for him to show up in the studio and Boom new song ! It seems as this song is meant to be on christinas upcoming album ! Good official news peeps!

  • Xtine 03.25.2012

    im not a superfan of kelly either, but it might be good anyways. when i look back on artists she has worked with before, im not a fan of all of them - but still all her collabos have been good stuff anyway

  • lIG 03.17.2012

    NO KELLY is kind of boring to me, and her first song was some of X-Tina's work. It's funny how artists take her stuff and and try to act as if they were not influenced by her or used her stuff. Neyo and Christina would be awesome, or even with Blake....

  • Xtine 03.14.2012

    In think christina can do very well with soo many different artist coz she can handle so many different styles, as we've seen in the past. That's why its always exciting to see new collabos with her in it. And i think thats a part of why her fans are constantly dreaming or kindly suggests (haha sometimes almost kindly demands) different collabos. I like that about her, i think the diversity thing with her is a little unique and special

  • xtinarox1113 03.02.2012

    "kelly and xtina. ms.independent part 2?" I'd love that!!!

  • ijamseeds 03.01.2012

    jewel and xtina. genius!
    w/ miranda.reminds me of beautiful liar beyonce shakira. they look similar.
    alanis and xtina. i'd die
    ne-yo xtina. cool vibe.
    kelly and xtina. ms.independent part 2?

  • MarBarr 03.01.2012

    I liked the Cee Lo collaboration too. Another collaboration that is always stuck in my head is Castle Walls T.I. feat. Christina of course. I would love to hear Christina collaborate with Bruno Mars! It would be amazing!!!

  • candee2 01.31.2012

    Miranda is fiery, she and Christina are a lot alike, I think Miranda is a country Christina. lol I already had this dream a year ago. sigh I call them my blonde nymphets.

  • Epiclera 01.31.2012

    I like the idea of Christina Aguilera singing with a country singer!!!! Why not? Blake and Christina would sound cool. Miranda, also!

    (In my imagination, I can hear Christina collaborating with rapper DMX or vocalist Chris Cornell)

  • Xtine 01.26.2012

    and both a miranda collabo and a blake collabo would be seriously cool. it's a different sound, both a pop-country sound or a acoustic style would be nothing but pure quality

  • Xtine 01.26.2012

    I loved Nasty too, i agree with the decision of not having it in the actual film, but such a shame they didnt release it as a bonus track, or even better as a proper single, coz everyone i've shown it too (first of all have never heard of it before) REALLY loves it! A christina / cee lo green collabo would be a massive success i think

  • xtinarox1113 01.25.2012

    I hope Christina and Blake do something because Iknow they could pull off a collaboration butI'm intrested in how they would do it. Even Christina and Miranda would be intresting.

  • Stripped713 01.25.2012

    I think Christina could really rock a country pop song. And I loved Nasty so I would die for another collab with cee lo in the future.

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