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the voice winner season 2

the voice winner season 2

As out standing as Chris Mann is... He's not the winner of the voice season 2. As ugly as you've acted with the ugly comments you've made about Tony Luca and to him made me decide not to vote for your team no matter what. Sorry Chris!

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  • MarBarr 05.09.2012

    I agree with all of you. the thread had me fuming. If haters really dislike Christina and could care less about her why would they "waste" their time on creating an account and post? I don't think i could ever understand such feeble minded behavior.

  • xtinarox1113 05.08.2012

    I'm with @phantom11

  • phantom11 05.08.2012

    I'm about ready to explode.

  • Ain'tNoOtherFan 05.08.2012

    Why do haters even go on this website. Its for FANS, not haters.

  • MarBarr 05.08.2012

    Accusing fans as a whole is simply disrespectful. We are individuals so our opinions and beliefs vary. Second it isnt our team it is Christina's team. I personally am rooting for Juliet Simms. Chris is backed by America so blame society if you feel the need to lash out.

  • candeetwo 05.08.2012
    Well it looks like you are a fan of Lucca's which means her team didn't have your vote in the first place, plus, Tony and Adam has thanked Christina for making him better and giving him an impetus to be a greater performer. Which leaves me thinking you only watch enough to find something to harp on. It's a competition, hard feelings are gonna be in competitions, be it basketball, football, dancing, and yes singing, if you can't handle her honesty maybe she ain't the one that's being ugly.

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