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Celine Dion

Celine Dion

Celine is one of my favorite singer.. Beside Xtina..
She will release new album later this year!!
So excited!!

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  • Istanwithlotus 04.04.2013

    I love her music of her old albums Smile

  • Erin Hinkler 02.28.2013

    Celine Dion is also my Favorite singer,and i love her songs Many times i want to get ticket for his concert but i cant get. but at the internet i visit this site here <a href="" title=""></a> i can find the cheap tickets.

  • NastyNaughtyBoy 11.19.2012

    I also really like her songs. My favorite album is Unison.

  • mlvcrlive 11.17.2012

    Celine was my first concert when I was 11. she was my birthday present!!

  • writer_4_life 09.12.2012

    I love Celine Dion as well. Can't wait to hear her new songs!

  • MarBarr 05.31.2012

    Cant wait!!!

  • AllaneZ 05.24.2012

    The French album coming on October, and The English will follow on November this year!! This is official from Renne!! Smile

  • MarBarr 05.15.2012

    What?! No way! ooh im going to buy that one too. hah i love Celine i was singing "Prayer" and I Surrender last night hahaha

  • Chris_jc_xa 05.13.2012

    That's great! Wink

  • AllaneZ 05.13.2012

    Yes, I know.. Kind recycle old song. But, sources said that the new album full of new track Smile
    She will start the tour in 2013

  • Chris_jc_xa 05.12.2012

    I can't wait. I do expect from Celine to do things differently now, she had a lot of change in her life in the first place.
    I honestly love her, but her albums feel more like compilations, compared to other artists'. I generally don't enjoy her albums as whole bodies of work. That's what I hope changes, because otherwise she's truly amazing.

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