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When caught in black morosity
your need some luminosity
to lighten up your daily maze
and coax a smile back on your face...

One wouldn't think or dare believe
just how much sorrow, pain and grief
a single life may have and hold,
spanning 'birth' en route to 'old'...

Yet, cheer up, if music 's right,
this line will guide you through all night
till the troubles on your way
lie behind -- and bright your day...

I'm prejudiced, I do admit,
just like before I freely did
that Xtina - song and sound -
are the 'gold' in life I've found...

"Beautiful" and "Soar" be said
from her album "Stripped" she made,
as important -- and iconic
like 'Lift me up!' is -- from "Bionic"...

At times in life you may strike wonder,
hold your horses, don't step yonder,
for 'gold' requires special care
- not found often, for it's rare - ... !! Smile

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  • Ghislaine 05.17.2012

    Thank you, dear, I do feel glad
    that some read and fun have had!
    Tears do sink, but lift does 'smile',
    carries onward mile for mile... Wink

  • xtinarox1113 05.17.2012

    This is my personal favorite from you, I love it!

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