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Christina's American Spirit

Over the many years of her career, Christina Aguilera has had the opportunity to show her love and appreciation of the United States through song. Take a look at this amazing video of some of Christina's most heartfelt performances of the National Anthem. We can still remember these wonderful moments!

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  • AllaneZ 04.11.2011

    Vote : Pink vs Christina here :
    <a href="http://celebufight.com/2011/03/pnk-1-0-vs-christina-aguilera-1-1/" title="http://celebufight.com/2011/03/pnk-1-0-vs-christina-aguilera-1-1/">http://celebufight.com/2011/03/pnk-1-0-vs-christina-aguilera-1-1/</a>

  • RubyTeuzday 03.29.2011

    You have a spectacular voice and have shown your patriotism over and over again.

  • AllaneZ 03.16.2011

    Vote for Xtina on Fuse.TV
    <a href="http://fuse.tv/music/polls/battle-of-the-fans-pop-divas/poll-9.html" title="http://fuse.tv/music/polls/battle-of-the-fans-pop-divas/poll-9.html">http://fuse.tv/music/polls/battle-of-the-fans-pop-divas/poll-9.html</a>

  • heatherwind 03.15.2011


  • So amazing, my heartbeat goes turbo everytime I listen to it ♥

  • treble.tenor 02.24.2011

    I love you X-Tina! ! ! ! I want you at my birthday party! <a href="mailto:treble.tenor@yahoo.com">treble.tenor@yahoo.com</a>! ! ! !

  • AllaneZ 02.24.2011

    Love you all the way!!

  • JoeMusic1 02.17.2011

    Way to go, girl! Like I have said before we are only human. No one's perfect Christina. You have the real gift. You are one of best vocalist that ever lived. Enough said! <3

  • ol1457 02.17.2011

    Christina you are amazing , The voice of our generation , best singer in all times. we all love you .

  • XxtinaA 02.17.2011

    love u ! <3

  • X - jl 02.17.2011

    you are the best.....

  • X - jl 02.17.2011

    love you....

  • X - jl 02.17.2011

    wow Christina.....
    It´s amazing voice....
    like Fergie say.... "X-tina is one of the best singer in all times, nadie puede quitarle eso.....
    love you love you..........
    go x-tina go.....
    you are the one & only....

  • They're just mad b/c they can't sing like you or be you...So what if you screwed up! Life goes on! Meanwhile, the cynics are sitting at home on their couch watching YOU live out your dreams Smile

  • phantom11 02.16.2011

    Yes to hell with them. Really you fools, you make yourselves look even more foolish with these attacks.

    Love you always Christina, don't listen to the idiots.

  • AllaneZ 02.16.2011

    Hey, go away Haters, we don't need you here...
    This is Xtina Army site...
    Please begone!!!

    Xtina, no matter what they say, we always love and support you Sexy

  • xtinaluver1 02.15.2011

    theres even more places where she sang the national anthem. not just these. but ya shes amazing.

  • mynix 02.15.2011

    I'm not american I don't know the Anthem and therefore the lyrics, but she sounded great.

  • candee2 02.15.2011

    she didn't forget the lyrics. what is so hard about getting that understood? the girl obviously knows the song upside down standing on her head, but she had 1 human moment and made a mistake.

    maybe the fact that some of you being unable to retain that as information, should give you an idea of the human mind's potential to let us down every once in a blue moon.

  • karahershey 02.15.2011

    love it

  • karahershey 02.15.2011

    its ok i still love u no matter want and i loved seeing u on tv any way

  • TruthSeeker1982 02.15.2011

    On the bright side I’m sure she will never forget the lyrics to the national anthem again. To be honest, I had to look up the lyrics to the national anthem myself to figure out what her mistake was at the super bowel. Oh well – I guess even celebrities make mistakes sometimes. Besides, she is going through a divorce – give her a break. If I was going through a divorce myself I would probably make more mistakes at my job too because I would probably be very emotional. Fortunately, I think Christina is a “fighter” and I’m sure she can make it through this tough time in her life.

  • poison8774 02.14.2011

    \m/ SUPPORT XTINA \m/

  • GlamourMomma 02.14.2011

    beautifully done....

  • MartinaSVK 02.14.2011

    Christina! you performances are pretty, great...Nobody´s perfect..really...you are our Christina forever !

  • fahmi 02.14.2011

    nobody's perfect....but what you did was the beautiful mistakes cause you've shown the world it's ok to messed it up sometimes, just be brave and admit it...i love your courage!!!

  • Carlos 02.13.2011

    Pues claro que sí hombre. Si no hay que darle más importancia de la que tiene, lo que pasa es que a la prensa le gusta mucho la crítica.

    Impresionante el himno, desde tan pequeña y mira que vozarrón Wink

    Un máquina señores.

  • therealme 02.13.2011

    ricco I love your comment ,you're so right ...I'm with you " Viva Christina Aguilera"

  • iamtkder 02.13.2011

    Christina you are nothing but the best

  • candee2 02.13.2011

    I'm with Ricco

  • ricco 02.12.2011

    ever since the superbowl i have been like a mad man defending christina against these morons in the world and all of a sudden i realized that i didnt need to! christina aguilera is christina aguilera for a reason and thats becuz she is extremely talented and human! and being the person she is she admitted she messed up and apologized when she really didnt need to becuz she did nothing wrong. its not like she burned the flag or flew a plane into some buildings. now those are some unpatriotic acts. she meseed up a couple of words, big deal!! my love for this country does not come from a song, it comes from the freedom and opportunities it offers me. i know i may be too serious but its annoying becuz as a fan of somebody who has had a pretty rough year both personally and professionally the last thing i want to hear is that she hates her country! really?? c'mon man. all this is really annoying becuz pepople are just so heartless. like, man what happend to forgiveness?(even if its not needed becuz she did nothin wrong). i swear the way everybody is acting u couldnt tell me she didnt just kill some one in gov't...last time i checked christina wasn't the reason my brother was fighting in iraq so all that unpatriotic crap needs to stop! and to everybody who is upset or offended, here is a suggestion: you guys go out there on the field in front of millions of people and sing the anthem since you guys do everything so perfectly.

  • AllaneZ 02.12.2011


  • Manuel00 02.12.2011

    You fans love you no matter what! We are all human and do mistakes! And in your case it was still sounded beautiful!

  • eduTRonic 02.12.2011

    Hey Chris.... There are a lot of bad people out there who are waitin' for an opportunity like that to make a big storm... All we know how professional, talented, amazin' woman you are.. And in the middle of all this s*** we will stay with u, so don't feel bad about it, you are human, and I know that all these haters would like to be just a little bit of what you are. With love from Costa Rica. Eduardo Alfman. Sexy

  • 91029967 02.12.2011

    I'M gonna love Christina NO MATTER WHAT!!!

  • Claudus 02.12.2011

    Amazing, love it. I love you Christina !!!

  • xtinarox1113 02.12.2011

    you'll always be the best Xtina.
    no one will ever surpass your greatness!!!!!!!!!!

  • ol1457 02.12.2011

    Amazing Christina I always gonna love you no matter what

  • KenxAguilera 02.12.2011

    Xtina Will Be Always THE BEST!!

  • PatiiSofia 02.12.2011

    you're always great christina =) don't be sad for anything!

  • Quintoia 02.11.2011

    Always amazing no matter what!!

  • bionic_f 02.11.2011


  • Prima Donna 02.11.2011

    Christina can sing. Period, point blank. She always nails the anthem vocally. One honest mistake changes nothing about that fact.

  • texas_xtina_fan 02.11.2011

    Christina, there was no need for this video. I hope that this negative criticism is not getting to you because that is what this video is telling me.

    I am a hardcore fan but realizes that you are human and make mistakes. You are one of thr best singers and i LOVE your undeniable incredible voice and music!

  • yaakovha 02.11.2011

    Vamos Christina U R the best and you are human.The "haters" are not worthy of your attention !

  • sosofell 02.11.2011

    nothing can change my love for her

  • phantom11 02.11.2011

    I know why you did this, there's no need for it. Don't listen to these idiots. Not worth your time trying to appease the "wrap yourself in the flag" crowd. They're the ones who are an embarassment.

    Making a mistake while singing the national anthem doesn't mean you're less of an American or less patriotic. People are overeacting to the performance, and most of them are fools. Not worth your time.

    You made a mistake, that doesen't make you a bad person. But the response is disgusting, especially the whole "disgrace to America" you got nothing to prove to them.

  • shawnlocario 02.11.2011

    christina aguilera you are a true talent. Don't let anybody take that away from you.
    I am so sick and tired of people coming down on you. Yes you mess up on the lyrics but your
    only human. even the longest veteran in the game has a bad day an unfortunatly it does happen on a big
    stage but you are only human. If people are true americans like they say they are then true americans would not be so malicious towards you. The last time I check I thought the american anthem represented solidarity, a united front but at this point in time nobody is living up to this. I am so suprise( well maybe I shouldn't be)how some stars are kicking you when your down. People casting stones at you and they are not looking at there own glass houses. stand strong and don't let no one beat you. YOU ARE THE VOICE OF OUR GENERATION AND DON'T FOREGET THAT!

  • iambobblehead 02.11.2011

    honey......you dont have to show us you can we know YOU CAN SO F' THE HATERS loves ya!muah like ur song says tell em if they dont like it get in line and kiss your ass....B!

  • AllaneZ 02.11.2011

    She is the Best choice to Sing the Anthem..
    Rock you Christina!!!


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