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Christina To Perform at Grammy Awards

Just announced, Christina Aguilera will join Jennifer Hudson, Martina McBride, Yolanda Adams and Florence Welch in an all-star tribute to living legend Aretha Franklin during the Grammy Awards, airing this Sunday. Which Aretha classics do you hope they perform? Make sure to tune in to CBS @ 8 PM EST (or set your DVR) to catch it!

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  • Gibson Stacy 11.30.2012

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  • AllaneZ 03.21.2011

    Vote Christina on Fuse.TV
    <a href="http://fuse.tv/music/polls/battle-of-the-fans-pop-divas/poll-9.html" title="http://fuse.tv/music/polls/battle-of-the-fans-pop-divas/poll-9.html">http://fuse.tv/music/polls/battle-of-the-fans-pop-divas/poll-9.html</a>

  • Cockroach 03.19.2011

    Oh my God that's great!

  • The Voice Within 03.01.2011

    I'm 13 and i am inspired by Etta James and Aretha Franklin.I wanna be just like you when i'm older!
    Luv you with all my heart!

  • HotNicks 02.17.2011

    Christina blew the doors off that place with that performance!!! You shared the stage with some amazing talent, but I must say that I only had eyes for you! You didn't even need to redeem yourself, but to the haters that thought you did... they now have their lips sealed and jaws dropped. And if they feel they want to say anything else about Ms. Aguilera, if it isn't praise... its bullsh*t! And yes honey, I thought the ending of the performance was "sexy":)

  • X - jl 02.17.2011

    eres lo maximo X-tina
    todos lo saben..............

  • Irene K 02.17.2011

    thanks for sharing this

  • chpchipichp 02.16.2011

    the best artist of all time christina aguilera!!!!

  • mynix 02.15.2011

    It's great that they asked her to do it and will be the first, she deserve it.

  • Xavierbx17 02.15.2011

    She is so talented it'll be amazing

  • AllaneZ 02.15.2011

    Your voice is still GREAT through this years Shock

  • Jimmywebmaster 02.14.2011

    You did a excellent performance.

  • PQM 02.14.2011

    I LOVE IT.

  • christinafan10 02.14.2011


  • love4xtina 02.14.2011

    You did an amazing job my Queen.

  • omerr 02.14.2011

    Foreign Christina extraordinary performance showed once again you are amazing diva of recreational

  • Ithaca Belle 02.14.2011

    You are great performer- very talented and hopefully the press will leave you alone.

  • Zenstrings 02.14.2011

    Christina outdid every other singer onstage during the Aretha tribute- she's one of the all-time top vocalists in pop and yet all the headlines were screaming about her on-stage stumble. Honestly- the entertainment press are a bunch of carrion-eaters.

  • Claudus 02.14.2011

    Amazing performance !!! Awesome !! The best Christina. I love you !!!

  • GlamourMomma 02.14.2011

    ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! I was like a proud Momma watching Wink What a prefect beginning to a great show last night!!

  • palomino 02.14.2011

    IT WAS PHENOMENAL !! in the middle with the special mic, leading... was sooo amazing. Made us all go back and forth to the best vocal performances. It was such an outstanding performance... a little mess up at the end but it was perfect in every way.

  • jaybabe 02.14.2011

    along with Yolanda,jennifer,martina and florence ,you gave an amazing performance,the best of the night¡¡¡just amazing ¡¡

  • MartinaSVK 02.14.2011

    Christina with her appearance on the Grammy showed her strength and her beautiful voice ... again !!!

    We thank you , Christina !

  • Epiclera 02.14.2011

    I watched the performance again on Youtube... Christina possesses the most marvelous, powerful, amazing, beautiful sounding voice ever, worldwide!!!! I can't stop praising the vocals!!! I want to steal that voice!!! lol

    Flawless. And it was great to hear that high note! I had missed those Xtina high notes! Smile

    Epic performance. Plain and simple. Epic x 765767 trillion.

  • Zokarrc 02.14.2011

    Amazing performance, i lov u xtina.

  • ol1457 02.14.2011

    forgot to say You Were the Best , love you

  • ol1457 02.14.2011

    My lovely Christina you did it amazing like always , amazing voice wish you have a twitter ac to be in touch with you. wanna say many beautiful things to yo , I wish could see u in person one day . I wanna a new cd please .. love you love you love you ., you are amazing no one like you ....... xxx

  • patrick 02.13.2011

    Amazing Christina. You did a very beautiful job. Don't worry about almost falling. Who gives a damn about that. Aretha is proud of you and that is what counts the most.

  • cruzieboi 02.13.2011

    you go girl love you amazing like always Smile


  • mclauer 02.13.2011

    THE GRAMMY PERFORMANCE WAS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!!! Aretha would be proud Laughing out loud

  • varelacr 02.13.2011

    perfecta presentación. LA MEJOR

  • JrorJ 02.13.2011

    Christina You look amazing in black an silver gown tonight. You sound like an angel on the Aretha Franklin tribute... keep on being you. Much Love J.J.

  • phantom11 02.13.2011

    Good old fashioned television.

  • texas_xtina_fan 02.13.2011

    Christina did AMAZING! You NAILED it! And you were right it was a SEXY ending!

    All of them did AMAZING as well! LOVE Martina too!

  • xandirbionic 02.13.2011

    how ddid you guys watch it? im watching the grammy live link on youtube and theyre not showing anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sad

  • Epiclera 02.13.2011

    The performance was magical!!! I did not want it to end!!!! All 5 of them sounded fantastic!

    Christina Aguilera is truly the best!!!!! I will never ever get over it. Unbelievable! Outstanding! Beautiful! Amazing!! Such great sounds and vocals!!! Perfect!!!

  • IvorySOS 02.13.2011

    She was phenomenial as always! She almost had a little mishap at the end, but she pulled it off gracefully!

  • xandirbionic 02.13.2011

    omg have i missed it?

  • ricco 02.13.2011

    it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i knew christina would deliver. im not an emotional person but i literally was about to cry becuz i just was so happy that she shut some people up tonite. and not just her but all of the ladies were brilliant. it was just great! god bless u christina Smile

  • xandirbionic 02.13.2011

    anyone know what time she's on stage? Smile x

  • ricco 02.13.2011

    so i just heard the song christina is going to sing and its going o be amazing!!! im a fan of aretha and i had never heard this song before and its a great song. its called "aint no way" and it kind of reminds me of "impossible". i just know christina is going to do a great job tonight. im so excited and i cant wait. hopefully this performance will shut people up and get over this superbowl nonsense.

  • candee2 02.13.2011

    I deleted some posts because of the misuse of capital letters.

    But there was a post that was like a few other posts I've seen, caomparing what Xtina did to a doctor's mistake that caused death.

    First of all, doctor's mistakenly kill, maim, and injure people everyday, it's why they have such high insurance. They have even been sued for telling a a patient they were dying when they weren't

    Cops too have killed inncoent people. Soldiers have been killed mistakenly by their fellow soldiers, so much so it has a name, 'FREINDLY FIRE'.

    People, no matter the profeesion, make mistakes, that's why we get blooper's with our movies nowadays, even though they rehearse, there still are blooopers, why? because we all are human, not just a professional, human. Mistakes happen.

    But in no way in the world is it as grave as mistakes a doctor makes so it's a ridiculous comparison. If some of you have made mistakes at your work places, like dropped a boz of fries, I am sure you refused your paychecks at the end of the week?

  • poison8774 02.12.2011

    Her live performances are awesome. & remember all the haters makes her a "FIGHTER" so I will watch in support. Also supporting PINK!

  • AllaneZ 02.12.2011


    Good luck LEGENDTINA Shock

  • haroldo 02.12.2011

    I'm so anxious for tomorrow.
    Xtina o BRASIL te ama!

  • Manuel00 02.12.2011

    I am excited!

  • omg, cant wait to see your performance XD

  • 91029967 02.12.2011


  • Mathpl 02.12.2011

    Amei, estou super ansioso para ver a performace *u* Mais queria que ela cantasse alguma musica do Album dela Sad

  • Claudus 02.12.2011

    I can't wait Christina see you tomorrow !!!!

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