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The Voice – Blind Auditions Round 2

The Voice is proving to be a massive hit among fans and critics alike as it garnered huge ratings in its second week. It's no surprise to us of course! Check out Christina as she takes on a new round of singers with her fellow judges in episode 2 of The Voice. Did you guys watch last night?

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  • silenthand2 05.31.2011

    Does that mean there will be a chance to audition?

  • George61 05.11.2011

    Hi CHRISTINA.Finaly found the way to see the show "becauce i am from Greece",and see the 3parts at once.I think is something diferetn from other talent shows.I wonder how tough and dificult is for you to choice 'one' on the battle round.I believe the Julia Eason have good voice,but you're the expert not me.I wish to you,and on our team do it the best on show and on final to we're the Winners. Kisses CHRISTINA.Bye

  • xtinarox1113 05.07.2011

    This is my absolute favorite TV show in a long time. I love the concept, the rules and everything; escpecially that Christina is a part of it. You've got a great team Christina and you will definetly win. My only complaint is that it is at 10 on Tuesday and I can't stay up that late during the school week. Other than that I LOVE the show.
    Can't wait to see the battle rounds!!!!

  • TIN 05.07.2011

    Yesss, and it was awesome!!!
    Let´s support TEAMXTINA!



  • AllaneZ 05.06.2011

    TeamXtina is the best!!!
    Can't wait for battle round!!

    Love you Xtina!!

  • cow 05.06.2011

    i love it !!!

  • texas_xtina_fan 05.05.2011

    I LOVE the episode!! I love the show in general! I LOVE the concept, the rules, her team, and, of course, Christina!

    Congrats on the show's success!

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