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Youre Amazing

Youre Amazing

@TheRealXtina ,You have been an INSPIRATION to me, and the reason i started singing. PLEASE do more songs like you did on your stripped album, it was your best work! I just hate to see such an amazing thing go to waste.The world would be in awe. ILOVEYOU

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  • ellie.christina 06.02.2011

    Yeah, Christina made me to see my life more clear and be fighter.
    Her voice is from heaven..
    No one can sing like her.. She is an archive of best voices in her throat.
    I love your voice, your poems, your face....

  • caseyremy 06.02.2011

    strange fan...55 year old lesbian....really never paid much attention to christina...perhaps an age thing...but i saw her bound to you video in burlesque and was completely blown way. Perhaps the most beautiful rendition of a "love song" i have ever seen. just amazing

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