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New album ?? 2011 or 2012

New album ?? 2011 or 2012

Well see i been a Christina fan since the beginning and i think that she is just gonna surprise us with the new album...Shes gonna come back with a new hair color and everything. Seeing The Voice really made me realize that Xtina is back. So maybe on her new album she would bring her back, I juss want her to display at least 3 octaves in this album and some good soul,,,We all know she can do it. This album i wanna here some whistles, i wanna here some good F's lol. Shes gonna surprise us all and i cant wait !!!!

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  • RecordofHeart 02.16.2012

    I honestly just think she is going to go somewhere familiar but different. No idea what her singing style is going to be- old school, new school etc.- but frankly what matters most to me is that issues she brings up in her lyrics, not what vocals she does or doesn't do. Her images are what im looking forward to and the style she presents herself.

  • Lei23 01.26.2012
  • dragon queen 01.23.2012

    Can't wait I will buy her single or album for sure. I love Xtina.

  • McGoldrick 01.06.2012

    Angellanne please get off the prudish broken record. It takes a high degree of maturity to be an Xtina fan. You cant compare her to Madonna either, that's just plain wrong. If you truely knew Xtina she about issue that matter and about destroying the double standard, a double standard that your perpetuating by dissing her sexually based songs. song that by the way my other half and I use quite extensivly to spice things up. Wink

  • nAuGhTy bOy 01.05.2012

    I want her in the top charts again!

  • cathyga 01.02.2012

    There is a rumor about a song called "love your body" as a new single coming out next month. awww!!!

  • AllaneZ 08.14.2011

    Christina said that the new album will released on 2012 summer Smile

  • AngelIanne 08.06.2011

    I think Christina needs to go foward something else that's not just sex or love. I think she needs to show her deep person and let us to see it. Christina is not any longer a starter, but she's a diva and smart woman, and I'd love if she'd go as Madonna did. Smile

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