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Woohoo download on iTunes? how does it work?

Woohoo download on iTunes? how does it work?

Hey fans:)
I just preordered the deluxe version of the album on iTunes, and on this website, it said that woohoo would start downloading immediately.. But it did'nt?
Have anyone tried it, and what am I doing wrong?
Can't wait to hear the new album in full length:D

- Julie from Denmark

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  • FierceDiva 05.27.2010

    On itunes I have no clue, but I would check your library and also, if it is waiting for the purchase to go through that may be the problem, because itunes validates your card for days. I bought the single woo hoo and it took like a week before it went through.. insane for a 1.36

  • Duliii 05.27.2010

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