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Australia Confirmed !!!!

Australia Confirmed !!!!

We all know she came to Australia with her previous two tours...
She even filmed B2B here.. (OMG)

Christina IS coming back..
where are all the Aussie Fans!!!


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  • CAStripped2002 01.06.2011

    Does anyone know if she will tour Australia in 2011 for her album Bionic???? If so plz reply to me!!

  • jem0988 12.13.2010

    YES! OHHHmmmmyyygggg!! Can't wait!! I saw the Stripped tour when I was 15 but I missed out on her last one! WOOHOO!

  • bunnysparkle 11.03.2010

    Yes please return! I only saw the Stripped concert because I couldn't go to the last one.

  • McGoldrick 09.15.2010

    I hope she makes it, I did'nt get to go last time due to work commitments and a fear that my friends would have found out through the hospitality grapevine. Now that I've learnt that peoples opinions mean nothing to me, I don't care about what they think. Wink

    If her Stripped DVD is anything to go by, its gonna be one hell of concert and I'm gonna feel euphoric after that.


  • frankyd 07.01.2010

    rebecca its nice to see you have migrated over to the new boards too Smile i remember when we all voted for you to help you win the meet and greet back in 2007.

    i am hanging out for tour dates to be announced looks like we are gonna be waiting a while but hopefully not too long

  • Rebecca Venditti 06.21.2010

    Hey CHOPPA we are so following her around the country and dressing up as e discussed, i dont care if i am 9months pregnat i WILL be going

  • Tiddals 06.21.2010

    OMG!! So excited about a bionic tour!!

  • thetuxeffect 06.15.2010

    I've been to both her concerts in Adelaide and they just get better. Just like her songs! Hope she comes soon!

  • peetwence 06.09.2010

    Saw her at the Perth concert, she was AMAZING. can't wait for her return to Aust.

  • seraph74 05.27.2010


    She soooo has to come to Oz.. unfortunately I couldn't make her previous tours, so I'm reeeeeealy hoping I can make it when she comes 'round this time.

    C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon XTina.. you just GOTTA come to Oz again!!!

  • frankyd 05.27.2010

    angelica i am right here

    and choppa its nice to see you back again i hadn't seen spoken to you on the old boards in ages

    next year she will def be back down under yay. i had tickets to the tour that just got cancelled though with a meet and greet do devo Sad oh well i guess it wasn't meant to be just yet

  • BrisbaneGirl 05.24.2010

    Yes we all want her back down under.. Franky where are you Smile ?

  • littledreamer♥ 05.24.2010

    WAAAAAAAAAAT. confirmed?
    because if she goes to australia she will probably come to NZ.
    who else was going to see her live when she cancelled?

  • Samantha 05.23.2010

    I'm shouting out loud Smile I really hope I get to go, I've really started to regret not seeing her in concert - I'm sure she's an amazing performer, I wonder if those 'VIP' tickets will be on sale for all of her other tours? Fingers crossed!

  • J-me 05.23.2010

    I Love Xtina so much!! When is she comming back Down Under????? When is she comming to Oz and when can we get tickets. My heart is pounding a million miles an hour just thinking about it!!!!!!

  • Sam 05.22.2010


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