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You Lost Me Video Sneak Peek

Christina Aguilera has finished filming the video for her next single "You Lost Me" and Popeater has just featured exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from the amazing new video.

Anthony Mandler, who wrote the treatment for the 'You Lost Me' video, explains, "From the first keys of the opening of the track, we know that we are about to watch something that is going to move and transform us." Check out more photos from the video here. Are you guys getting excited for the new video?!

And if that's not enough, check out these additional images from the "You Lost Me" video shoot.


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  • lislecarnot 09.16.2010

    Yesss, you are amazing and great, and beautiful, you are UNIQUE Christina, don't ever stop doing what you do and let the others to copy from you...

  • beng694 08.02.2010

    you are amazing don't ever stop doing what you do no matter what. its your life don't let anyone control you your sales may not be as high as they have been in the past but if you think about this happens to all great artists sooner or later but you are amazing so it won't last long and you have all your loving loyal fans who would do anything for you because you are the most incredible singer of all time. i know you probably won't read this but i thought i'd say it anyway just to show my support.

  • pamelaserrano 07.22.2010

    el video de cristina aguilera puedes verlo aquí <a href="http://bit.ly/9NDp7t" title="http://bit.ly/9NDp7t">http://bit.ly/9NDp7t</a> checa la info <a href="http://bit.ly/b50Xvj" title="http://bit.ly/b50Xvj">http://bit.ly/b50Xvj</a>

  • lowry 07.21.2010

    yeahhhh. supporting bionic...... make it diamond certificate....
    love you XTINA Laughing out loud

  • MrWolfgang3333 07.21.2010

    ♥ You Lost Me ♥ ♥ This song goes deep into my heart and I feel what you mean Christina ♥♥ I'm Love It ♥♥

  • lourdes 07.21.2010

    i want to every one listen to bionic. it is an amazing art thing...
    it is a masterpiece.....

    Truly Fan is always support his/her idol, no matter the other say....

  • love4xtina 07.20.2010

    Everyone who didn't buy Bionic, GET IT! And those who already have it, buy it again! She already sold over 200,000 copies. If we all buy like four extras... BAMMM! Platinum record! Do it for your queen!

  • sebast 07.20.2010

    i m waiting...............vevo has blocked to latinoamerica......it s bad°°°°:(

  • alexandrosredle 07.20.2010

    I dont get how is it going to help selling the album when vevo has blocked christina's channel for latinoamerica Sad we're all want to watch her videos but we just cant...

  • lourdes 07.20.2010

    really guys... i hope this song will help the album selling...
    that's must be something wrong... B2B sold 1 million copies in US, and Bionic sold (to date) 200.000 copies... it is just absurd.....

  • omar82689 07.19.2010

    i love christina

  • ricco 07.19.2010

    cristine87 u r my homey lol finally somebody understands where im comin from. i dont get why people dont understand that christina does not want to just sing ballads all damn day. thats boring! everybody wants the "old christina". what ever the hell that means. she cant be the old xtina becuz she is in another place in her life. and i dont blame gaga becuz she just tryin to make a living but i do blame people like akon and perez becuz they are instigators and i dont like that mess. gaga did not invent blonde hair and leather clothing. christina is absolutely talented and i hope that people dont realize and appreciate it when its too late.

  • Cristine87 07.19.2010

    Christina was getting backlash before the album even came out. The blogs were tearing her to shreds. Gaga supporters like Perez Hilton and Akon were making their snide comments about her as well. Nobody gave the album a chance. They just went in to it with a biased view. Now I have to address something: somebody said that they should've released an uptempo second single but Christina already released "Not Myself Tonight" and people complained that she wasn't using her vocals to their full extent. Now that she's releasing YLM, maybe this will shut people the hell up and let them give this album a chance. It's not a bad album and she doesn't deserve this. She's just too talented and all too often, like we saw recently with MJ, it seems like it takes something happening to a great talent for people to wake up and appreciate them!

  • I hate critics b/c they try to make Xtina seem brand new and downplay her creativity. She's always been amazing and unique. She isn't copying GaGa or Britney. Christina is Christina. "And if you don't like it then F u!" LOL

  • xtinas fighter 07.19.2010

    Bionic is such a great album and yes, Cristina doesn't deserve this career eclipse. She's great as always, it seems like there's no reason for that. But actually, there is one; horrible marketing strategies. Yes, NMT was a great song but couldn't get what it deserved, because of its video. Than woohoo could be a real summer anthem, it was a great song, but they didn't make any promotion for it. There sould be a video for woohoo but they decided to jump on YLM to create a new "beautiful effect". (We all remember how the smash hit "beautiful" saved the stripped record's sales)But there was one mistake, it's summer guys, come on!! YLM is my favorite song on the album, but it is not an appropriate single for summer, oh come on, it's june, everybody's having fun, it was time for an up tempo song, not a ballad! Anyway, Christina's my favorite singer of all time, and I'm sure that I'll see her rise again. But we've been waiting for soooo long for this comeback and that's because I'm so sad about that situation...

  • Cristine87 07.19.2010

    I agree, Ricco! I really don't see the reason for all this backlash. She hasn't had a britney-style breakdown, she doesn't have a substance abuse problem, she hasn't really done anything for people to be hating on her like this. Christina was wearing crazy outfits years before Gaga and she's always been sexually-explicit since 2001. I may be confused, but do people have amnesia? I have nothing but respect for Christina. I have no reason not to, cause it seems like criticism doesn't affect her or bring her down and that's admirable. How are people gonna throw in her face that she's a wife and mother and she shouldn't be sexual as result? Didn't britney, who has two kids, show up naked in a sauna in her Womanizer video and people had no problem with it? I'm tired of that double standard. Other pop singers get naked and crazy in their videos and they become hits, but Christina gets labeled as desperate and attention-seeking.

  • Splendid 07.19.2010

    I truly believe that music video for YLM will boost up Bionic sales.Sometimes it happens in music business when a catchy song with a nice music video brings a new wave of attention to certain album. YLM music video needs a good promotion.This time people will see Xtina that they used to know,vulnerable,feminine and emotional.
    Whenever video comes out,please post it on your social networks (fbook,myspace,dlist,twitter...etc.)

  • Latinmodel81 07.19.2010

    So her tour was cancelled??

  • ryelgalera 07.19.2010

    Im really soo much excited for that video.. please when it will be release?

  • ricco 07.19.2010

    i really hope that people take the time to listen to how great this song is. it really makes me sad that for whatever reason people act like christina just jumped on the scene. its a shame that somebody who has talent constantly gets criticized and just knocked down daily. seriously. if u guys haven't read those articles about how rca is upset about bionics sales please dont. for some reason the media hates her and they definitely dont try to hide it. and its kind of scary becuz its like some of them are happy that she isn't doin well. its crazy. no matter what she does nobody is ever happy. bionic is great and its definitely gettin bashed hard for absolutely no reason. im always gonna be a fan. i cant wait for the video and i hope that this doesnt make christina lose faith in the music business becuz it needs her.

  • lourdes 07.19.2010

    guys... did you see today article about her (about bionic selling)...
    please tell your mom, dad, bro - sis, friends, and everyone, tell them that bionic is a great album and must to buy it... we have to support Christina.... Sad

  • lourdes 07.19.2010

    love you xtina

  • iamtk 07.19.2010

    I can't wait for this new VDO

    love you X-tina

  • MYGIRLXTINA 07.18.2010

    Love, love, love this song and ofcourse she blows another one out of the water with her superb voice!!!


  • BiOO__1995 07.18.2010

    <a href="http://www.vh1.com/shows/events/do_something_awards/2010/music-artist/" title="http://www.vh1.com/shows/events/do_something_awards/2010/music-artist/">http://www.vh1.com/shows/events/do_something_awards/2010/music-artist/</a>


  • breannas 07.18.2010

    So beautiful this is definetly the HEART of the album. What an amazing track!!! Love you Christina I can not wait to see this video. Smile

  • Juankrlos 07.18.2010

    Sin duda alguna la mejor canción de el disco, no sólo por el contenido lírico tan hermoso sino también por la melodía del sencillo. Sé que será uno de los éxitos más grandes de Christina... Te amo Xtina!

  • The heart of the album *-----------------------------------------------------------*

  • The best song of the album *-------------------*

  • iann 07.18.2010

    este video sera toda una obra de arte... la cancion lo es... el video tambien lo sera!!

  • OMG!!!!!!! i am so excited:D
    i cannot wait until the music video comes out!!!!

  • lourdes 07.18.2010

    realllyyy????? can't waiitt.....
    love you madam x....

  • candee2 07.18.2010

    it's scheduled for next thursday

  • nan0 07.17.2010

    Does anyone know when this video is going to be released?

  • Splendid 07.17.2010

    When the official video will come out?in July?August? Some people say that is will come out on July 20...i doubt.

  • hugorfuentes 07.17.2010

    christina you are amazing!!! you lost me will be a hit

  • santiva 07.17.2010

    I want it nowww!!! Laughing out loud

  • Jossip 07.17.2010

    can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  • x0_a2 07.17.2010

    Eres la mejor Mujer!! T AMO!!

  • SoDirrty 07.17.2010


  • xtinasman 07.17.2010

    shhhhhhhhhh i cant wait!!!!! love you chrisss

  • omerr 07.17.2010

    Christina came to the concert, please look to Turkey as we have video and also


    Our pruning group link


  • lickylickyyumyum 07.17.2010

    So excited to see it! 3 days! Hopefully it has some crazy effects!

  • Dayy 07.17.2010


  • lourdes 07.17.2010

    @Xtina1512 Are you sure the video is due on July 22nd .... Cmon guys, make it number 1.....
    i hope the album selling performance can helped with this single or video... Wink

  • Ghislaine 07.17.2010

    A work of art
    that thrills your heart;
    to mend the bridge, fill any hole,
    for you to reacquaint your soul... Smile

  • karim 07.17.2010

    oh my love

  • xx_Boi_xx 07.17.2010

    Btw, I can't wait to see this video - it's gonna be awesome... Laughing out loud

  • musiclover 07.17.2010

    hi christina!i am one of ur huge fans! i can't wait 4 ur BIONIC and DESDUNATE music video! i am so excited to see it!

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