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Christina's Fan Video

Christina's Russian fans made an incredibly inspirational video for her. Check it out below to see what Russia had to say about Christina!

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  • Vicky_007 08.18.2011

    We love you Chris! And I thank God for giving me the opportunity to make a little thing for you! Pero me acuerdo de ti, Xtina!!! Love Ya! And thanks for everything that you've done for us through your songs, lyrycs and music! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!!

  • locoporti 11.10.2010

    Te Amo Christina you are a beautiful gift from God

  • legentina 11.09.2010

    yes!!! thank god there are STILL people out there that respect bionic and not hate over the type of music it is!! The album has ballads anyway!! At least there are still positive people out there!! Xtina own throne..period!! Burlesque will be huge!!

  • Rémona Aguilera 11.09.2010

    ♥♥ love you madam X ♥♥

  • Rémona Aguilera 11.09.2010

    we would all be there for you

  • miss clusmy 11.08.2010

    that was awesome!!! russia is not the only ones that luv u miss x every1 around the world does!!!!!!! but not as much as me!!!!!!!!!! haha I LUV U XTINA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

  • klaudiusz506 11.08.2010

    "Little Dreamer" It was only available on iTunes

  • klaudiusz506 11.08.2010

    @kate poland
    ya, we can't wait for the concert in Poland.
    We Love you Xtina!!! ♥

    @Alerich23 last song is "Little Dreamer"

  • jesus1974 11.07.2010

    love love this video!

  • atunaguilera 11.07.2010

    te amo christina eres la mejor <3

  • Nastyaღ 11.07.2010

    Xtina the best!!!
    we love you ♥

  • stripped_dirrty 11.07.2010

    WE LOVE XTINA I LOVE YOU From Mongolia

  • Xtinafan09 11.07.2010

    Aww this video is amazing... WE LOVE YOU XTINA

  • kate_poland 11.07.2010

    not only Russia (btw i love this country, one day i'll go there:) is waiting for you. polish fans also can't wait to see you live!

  • parcos80 11.07.2010

    the name of the last song in the video is "little dreamer" from the Deluxe edition of Bionic.

  • parcos80 11.07.2010

    Wow, Christina is loved all over the world, she will always be the best!!! Keep giving us your great talent cuz we live for it!!! Love you Christina!!!

  • Alerich23 11.07.2010

    what's the name of the last song in the video???

  • robz_23 11.06.2010

    omg that was really sweet!

  • FernandoOsuna 11.06.2010

    Great idea, awesome video!

  • Silver 11.06.2010

    Yesssss, we did it!!!

  • mynix 11.06.2010

    It was a sweet idea. Great that it was in original language.

  • Quintoia 11.06.2010

    The fan video was incredible!

  • texas_xtina_fan 11.05.2010

    I have a new love and respect for Russia now!! Great tribute and i know xtina loves it!

  • 91029967 11.05.2010

    love it!!

  • REC 11.05.2010

    guys u should check after the video the song vanity xtina vs gaga haha so cool and true...

  • REC 11.05.2010

    this is great it shows that the world love xtina, we love u xtina muahhhh 4 you...

  • AllaneZ 11.05.2010

    Great vid Smile

  • paulosimas 11.05.2010

    Brazil loves XTINA <3

  • IxHeartXtina 11.05.2010

    i like it Smile love u Christina <3

  • P.A.M.E 11.05.2010

    Nice video:-y

  • haroldo 11.05.2010

    oh beautiful....
    we have to do one. brazilian fãs.

    vamos mostrar o pode do BRASIL,Christina nós te amamos.
    por favorrrrr venha fazer shows aqui.

  • LaMusiQue 11.05.2010

    It's a real cool video, and I was glad that I could understand it in it's original language Smile
    p.s. Fans from Latvia (Baltic states, East-Europe) are with you too Christina. We love you and wish You all the best!!! You are a fighter and You have taught us all that there is a little fighter in evryone of us Wink Thank You for that... kisses and hugs

  • Veaky 11.05.2010

    WooHoo!! Yeah, we love Xtina ^^

  • love4xtina 11.05.2010

    Awww! I agree!

  • RajibDavid 11.05.2010


  • candee2 11.05.2010

    it's awesome!! I love it.

  • lilcmj6006 11.05.2010

    aww =) America agrees

  • Mayler 11.05.2010

    im from Rissia!

  • artem-vek 11.05.2010

    This video is wonderful!

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