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Watch Christina on Conan/Chelsea Lately Tonight

Christina Aguilera will be on both Chelsea Lately and Conan O'Brien tonight. Be sure to catch both of her appearances - she'll even be performing!

Chelsea Lately airs at 10:00pm EST on E!

Conan airs at 11:00pm EST on TBS

Be sure to tune in!

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  • AllaneZ 11.24.2010

    How about Bionic Tour ???

  • Epiclera 11.23.2010

    I'm happy to know Christina might go back in the studio very soon.

    I cannot have enough Christina music or albums!! Smile

  • Epiclera 11.23.2010

    Christina sounded great on Conan (though I prefer the "Something's Got A Hold On Me" from Ellen's show)!

    The interview with Conan was funny. lol The dance they did together was tooooo cute! I laughed! lol

  • xtinarox13 11.23.2010

    i'm so mad that i missed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jbdrrty 11.23.2010

    she said she will be in the studio again in January, so does this mean no tour??!! I can't wait for another CD to come out before she tours again!!

  • AllaneZ 11.23.2010

    Christina said on Chelsea that She will be back on studio on January !!!
    Exciting Sexy

  • Jeva 11.23.2010

    i'm so sad i cant watch it in germany Sad

  • i am kerri 11.23.2010

    more and more and more...its never enough xtina!

  • cruzieboi 11.23.2010

    awesome love you christina

  • AllaneZ 11.23.2010

    Watch Smile

  • M121809 11.23.2010

    *moderator's note, you are a constant abuser of our rule on the misuse of capital letters, stop.*

  • Xtina4ever 11.23.2010

    I just saw Xtina and Conan and she was so funny and she straight out called out Conan for talking crap about her during the Stripped era. lol

  • ol1457 11.23.2010

    super xxx

  • stripped_dirrty 11.22.2010

    i can't wait Honey!

  • Lexilee 11.22.2010

    already have them set to record!!!

  • candee2 11.22.2010

    More Christina yaaaayyyyy

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