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September 2011 Articles

September 2011 Articles

Articles about Christina during September 2011.

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  • AllaneZ 09.14.2011

    NEWS : Christina Aguilera and The Voice: "She's Not Going Anywhere," Says Producer Mark Burnett
    *via E! News Online

    Forget all that rubbish about Christina Aguilera leaving The Voice.

    Despite rumors earlier this week that producers wanted the "Beautiful" songbird off the show, I have the real scoop straight from the top.

    Executive producer Mark Burnett tells me nothing could be further from the truth.

    "You're the first person I've spoken to about this," Burnett said at this morning's Emmys red carpet rollout with Jane Lynch (Burnett's producing Sunday's big awards show).

    "Christina is absolutely staying. She is not going anywhere, 100 percent. We were emailing with Christina yesterday. They're all back."

    Burnett hinted at how he thinks the rumor got started.

    "It's ridiculous," he said. "You know what it is? Nervous other shows. So you know what I say [to that]? 'Good try.' "

    NBC has also shot down the speculation, while Aguilera's rep assured E! News when the report first surfaced that it was "absolutely false."

    The new season of The Voice with Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and host Carson Daly premieres on Feb. 5 after NBC's coverage of Super Bowl XLVI.

    In fact, Cee Lo told me earlier this summer he knew of no plans to change the lineup.

    "It's not broke so why try to fix it?" he said. "Everybody's on board and everybody's enthusiastic about doing a second season."

    And that's music to our ears.

  • xtinarox1113 09.14.2011

    Ahhh, I news searched Christina and there were like 20 articles about it.

  • AllaneZ 09.14.2011

    NEWS : Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger," featuring Christina Aguilera, rebounds to the top of the Billboard Hot 100
    *via Billboard

  • AllaneZ 09.14.2011

    People were wondered that She will back on The Voice next season or not.

  • xtinarox1113 09.14.2011

    Wonder why? Not that it's bad that she's trending but usually means something happened when someone is trending.

  • ijamseeds 09.14.2011

    xtina trending in yahoo now!
    <a href="http://www.4shared.com/photo/tsqCojmi/xtina_trending_no2_right_now.html" title="http://www.4shared.com/photo/tsqCojmi/xtina_trending_no2_right_now.html">http://www.4shared.com/photo/tsqCojmi/xtina_trending_no2_right_now.html</a>

  • AllaneZ 09.12.2011

    NEWS : Isaac Mizrahi mistakes Christina Aguilera for Gwen Stefani
    *via New York Daily News

    Isaac Mizrahi loves Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. clothing line - even if he thinks Christina Aguilera is behind it. When we asked the designer his opinion of celebrity-run labels at Bergdorf Goodman's Fashion's Night Out party on Thursday, Mizrahi struggled to remember the name of the singer behind L.A.M.B.

    "Who is that - Cristina Aguilera who does my favorite clothes?" he wondered aloud. "She has a really red lipstick and white hair," Mizrahi continued. Someone finally fed Stefani's name to the flailing designer.

  • AllaneZ 09.12.2011

    PHOTO : New Candids of Christina Aguilera when she vacationed in Italy 2010
    *via Aguilera Online

    <a href="http://www.aguileraonline.com/2011/09/photos-new-candids-of-christina-while.html?spref=tw" title="http://www.aguileraonline.com/2011/09/photos-new-candids-of-christina-while.html?spref=tw">http://www.aguileraonline.com/2011/09/photos-new-candids-of-christina-wh...</a>

  • AllaneZ 09.12.2011

    NEWS : Top 5 Musical Tributes to 9/11 - "What's Going On"
    *via Hello Beautiful

    It’s been almost a decade since the September 11 terrorist attack on New York City’s World Trade Center. Over the last few years, celebrities have banded together to sing songs, both uplifting and straightforward, that pay tribute to the victims and families of the tragedy. Here, we picked our top 5 musical tributes to 9/11.

    “What’s Going On?” - Diddy, Gwen Stefani, Nona Gaye, Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Destiny’s Child, Ja Rule, Nelly Furtado, Alicia Keys, N*Sync, Mary J. Blige, Nelly, Nas, and Eve

    In October 2001, an album was released by a group of popular recording artists under the name “Artists Against AIDS Worldwide.” On it were multiple versions of Marvin Gaye’s 1971 hit “What’s Going On” intended to benefit AIDS programs in Africa. However, the song was recorded shortly before the September, 11, 2001 attacks, and it was decided that a portion of the song’s proceeds would benefit the American Red Cross’ September 11 fund, as well.

  • phantom11 09.11.2011

    <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiJ9AnNz47Y" title="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiJ9AnNz47Y">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiJ9AnNz47Y</a>

  • candee2 09.11.2011

    I think it's hilarious they talk about 'reinvigorating' radio careers when radio has shown they don't play what people are really listening to. I mean some of Adele's music don't get played until she wins awards...and she ain't the only one. If most artists careers depended on radio, all the great singers of today would never sing another note.

  • phantom11 09.11.2011

    "This wasn't even close. Britney won by a landslide, which shouldn't come as any surprise."

    Translation: Britney's management paid RS the most money to get the top spot.

  • AllaneZ 09.11.2011

    NEWS : 'Burlesque Soundtrack' also re-entered the iTunes Albums Chart at #50

    <a href="http://www.itunes.apple.com/us/album/burlesque-original-motion/id401685353" title="http://www.itunes.apple.com/us/album/burlesque-original-motion/id401685353">http://www.itunes.apple.com/us/album/burlesque-original-motion/id401685353</a>

  • AllaneZ 09.11.2011

    NEWS : 'Moves Like Jagger' back on top of US iTunes Singles Chart

  • AllaneZ 09.11.2011

    PHOTO : 'Secret Potion' Full Product Line
    *via Aguilera Online

    <a href="http://www.aguileraonline.com/2011/09/photo-secret-potion-full-product-line.html?spref=tw" title="http://www.aguileraonline.com/2011/09/photo-secret-potion-full-product-line.html?spref=tw">http://www.aguileraonline.com/2011/09/photo-secret-potion-full-product-l...</a>

  • AllaneZ 09.11.2011

    NEWS : "Moves Like Jagger" Makes Rolling Stones Top Ten in 'The Best Songs in Summer'
    *via Rolling Stone

    It may not officially be fall until September 23rd, but by our count, summer is over. It was a time of crappy blockbuster sequels, massive U2 stadium concerts, Michele Bachmann's rise (and fall) as a serious presidential candidate, and earthquakes and hurricanes that seemed to foretell a coming apocalypse. Somehow we survived it all and now can look back with instant nostalgia.

    10. Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera, 'Moves Like Jagger'
    NBC's The Voice seemed like another American Idol knock-off doomed to the same reality show dustbin where Chains of Love and Love Cruise now reside. Surprisingly enough, the show found a huge audience –and managed to reinvigorate the careers of judges Adam Levine and Christine Aguilera. They teamed up on this dance song that became a much-needed radio hit for both artists. It also joins the list of recent pop songs to reference Mick Jagger – including Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" and Kanye West's "Swagga Like Us."

    9. Adele, 'Rolling In The Deep'
    The biggest album of the year was supposed to be Lady Gaga's Born This Way. Then Adele came out of nowhere with her second album 21 and crushed everything in its path. The LP was propelled by the single "Rolling In The Deep," which has been inescapable all year. It's been on Gossip Girl, Glee and pretty much every other show on television. "I love seeing Lady Gaga's boobs and bum,"Adele told Rolling Stone in April. "I love seeing Katy Perry's boobs and bum. Love it. But that's not what my music is about. I don't make music for eyes. I make music for ears."

    8. Good Charlotte, '1979'
    No, Good Charlotte didn't release a cover of the Smashing Pumpkins' "1979" this summer. This is an original song that looks back nostalgically on a simpler time. "The Clash was on the radio," Joel Madden sings. "And Mom and Dad were still in love in 1979. It was a good good year." He also references "Heart of Glass," "Rock & Roll High School" and "Dream Police." Madden was born in March of 1979, so the dude must have a pretty good memory.

    7. Lady Gaga, 'Edge of Glory'
    Lady Gaga wrote this song about her grandfather dying, but after recruiting Clarence Clemons to play sax on the song it's become an unlikely tribute to the the Big Man. He played the track with her on the finale of American Idol and shot a video for it shortly before he died. "She's the real deal," Clemons told Rolling Stone in February. "All the craziness and stuff, there's a purpose to all of it. She has no boundaries . . . It's a day I'll never forget. I always wait for Bruce to call and say 'come do this' and it's real exciting for me. I never saw this happening, though."

    6. Red Hot Chili Peppers, 'The Adventures of Raindance Maggie'
    The Red Hot Chili Peppers had a lot to prove when they released the first single from I'm With You. It was the public's first look at new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, who has the incredibly difficult task of replacing the mighty John Frusciante. The debut single "The Adventures of Raindance Maggie" charted all over the world, and hit Number One on the American Rock Songs chart – proving the band does have life after Frusciante. For the video, they took a page out of the Beatles and U2 playbook by playing on a rooftop. Unlike those previous two rooftop shoots, nobody tried to shut them down.

    5. Panic! at the Disco, 'Ready to Go (Get Out of My Mind)'
    Panic! at the Disco have had a rough past few years. Their 2008 LP Pretty. Odd was a drastic change from their emo roots, and they even dropped the exclamation mark from their name. Fans were pissed, and they just got angrier when half the band left the group in the summer of 2009. On their newest album they brought back the exclamation mark and their old sound. What remains of their fanbase is very pleased.

    4. Coldplay, 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall'
    Coldplay are one of the last rock bands that can reliably release a big hit single in advance of every new album. Hell, even U2 can't pull that off anymore. Coldplay say that their upcoming Mylo Xyloto is inspired by 1980s American graffiti, and the video for "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall" certainly plays into that theme. It remains to be seen whether Coldplay can keep up this momentum with their next few singles from the LP.

    3. Foo Fighters, 'Walk'
    During Nirvana's heyday few people predicted that the drummer would pull a Phil Collins and become a superstar outside of the band, but that's exactly what he's done. The Foo Fighters just seem to get more and more popular. As big as they are here in America, they're even bigger in Europe. It's truly remarkable. Their new album Wasting Light was cut in Dave Grohl's garage with Nevermind producer Butch Vig. The single "Walk" was inspired by Dave Grohl's attempts to teach his daughter to walk.

    2. Foster the People, 'Pumped Up Kicks'
    "Pumped Up Kicks" sounds like a sugary pop song, but when you stop and listen to the lyrics it's clear the song is about a psychotic kid who pulls a gun on the popular kids at this school. It's sort of a "Jeremy" for a new generation. Recorded by the Los Angeles indie pop band Foster the People, "Pumped Up Kicks" is one of the surprise hits of 2011, rising to Number Three on the Billboard Hot 100.

    1. Britney Spears, 'I Wanna Go'
    This wasn't even close. Britney won by a landslide, which shouldn't come as any surprise. The woman works with the most successful pop songwriters in the industry. This track was co-written by Swedish songwriting legend Max Martin – the man behind everything from "Since U Been Gone" to "I Want It That Way" to Britney's first hit "...Baby One More Time." He's a 40-year-old Swedish guy, but he knows exactly what American teenage girls want to blast in their cars. The video for "I Wanna Go" starts with Britney giving a press conference, which is hysterical because she's one of the least media-accessible singers in the world. It's easier to get a sit-down with Bob Dylan than it is with Britney.

  • AllaneZ 09.11.2011

    NEWS : Christina's Raunchy X Factor number forces Simon Cowell to Tone Down the Show
    *via SMH

    X Factor boss Simon Cowell said the show will be toned "down a bit" after last year's finale sparked thousands of complaints.

    Pre-watershed scenes featuring Christina Aguilera and her backing dancers in a racy routine saw 2868 complaints made to media regulator Ofcom.

    The singer donned a short black dress while her female dancers, who were bent over chairs, wore suspenders, bra tops, fishnet stockings and basques in the raunchy routine.

    Cowell said he had listened to public opinion, adding: "I think based on the reaction we'd have to tone it down a bit."

    He said he was pleased with the new judging panel on the show and described Tulisa Contostavlos and Kelly Rowland as "genius" and said for it to continue being a success "you can't keep doing things the same year after year after year".

    Cowell said he does not think he has "fallen out" with Cheryl Cole but admitted he had only had a couple of texts from her since she was dropped as a judge on the US version of The X Factor.

    He said viewers will see her in the first episode which was recorded before she left the series when she was replaced with former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger only three weeks after starting the job.

    Cowell said: "I thought she would work better in England, nothing more than that, you will see her in the first episode but she doesn't look as comfortable on the American show as she does in the English show."

    He said he offered her a role on the UK version of the show and a return to the US version but she turned both down, having also turned down an earlier opportunity to appear on the panel of Britain's Got Talent.

    "She was offered BGT before X Factor and she basically had cold feet. She said yes and with two days to go she said this isn't for me," he said.

    Cowell, who said he had been "incredibly close" to the Girls Aloud star at one time, added: "I don't think we've fallen out, at least I don't think so."

  • AllaneZ 09.11.2011

    NEWS : A lyrical look at Adam and Xtina's "Moves Like Jagger" Swagger Breakdown
    *via Pop Dust

    “Moves Like Jagger” should not logically exist. Radio granted Hands All Over‘s lead single “Misery” little company, making Maroon 5′s career trajectory resemble even more the downward half of a roller coaster, a few consolation bumps the only highlight until the end of the ride. Christina Aguilera, meanwhile, was lucky to have a career trajectory after her Bionic bomb and subsequent tabloid oops. Half a year ago, a collaboration between the two would have seemed less like an event, let alone a potential No. 1 track, and more like two shipwrecked people clinging to one another in a desperate attempt to stave off the inevitable.

    Then came The Voice, NBC’s search for a star singer that so far has been more helpful to its search party. Coaches Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton were on the rise before the show and didn’t much need the boost. Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera did, and fortunately for them, becoming the show’s breakout stars provided an opening to plausibly crack the charts again. Their song’s got as much swagger as any given song this decade despite “swagger” never appearing in the lyrics, Maroon 5 are much better when they’re trying disco and not funk, and Christina can still sing, but none of those alone or combined took “Moves Like Jagger” past former No. 1 Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.),” now with a hangover of about 18 chart spots. Nor did the prospect of a coach pairing alone; Cee Lo and Xtina’s “Nasty, recorded pre-Voice anyway, didn’t have nearly the same push. Adam and Christina’s personalities bolstered the show, and they bolster the otherwise lightweight “Moves Like Jagger.” People want to hear them fight and flirt.

    The first thing to know about “Moves,” written by Levine with assists by Benjamin Levin, Ammar Malik and Shellback, is easy enough to guess: Adam has the moves like Jagger, and Christina crumples at the sight. The second thing to know is that “Moves Like Jagger” is a spiritual sequel to “Give a Little More,” the “Misery” follow-up and near-hit. Both got their frisson, if you think they’ve got frisson, by staging miniature battles of the genders. Both sound less like relationships than hostage situations, all about negotiating control and who’s doing the one-sided seducing at any given point.But “Moves” adds another layer, one that exploits the slightly sleazy sexual tension between the two that The Voice hinted at roughly twice an episode. It only takes one viewing of The Voice, one recap or just one glance at the press photos to sense the “hate-flirting” as one commenter put it. They’re both playing it up, Adam increasingly shirtless to tease the two-thirds of the world attracted to him (sample Google results: “Can I have a heterosexual man-crush on Adam Levine?” and “My Mother TOTALLY Has a Crush on Adam Levine”) and Christina, it seems, not acting herself tonight or for the rest of the decade. On “Moves Like Jagger,” they play it all the way up the charts.

    You wanted control, so we waited
    I put on a show, now I make it
    You say I’m a kid, my ego is big
    I don’t give a s***
    And it goes like this

    The first stanza of “Moves Like Jagger” is a throwaway, full of already-trashed lines like “just shoot for the stars” and “aim for my heart.” It’s semi-romantic BS to pass the time before the synth bass groans in; it’s small talk. The lyrics get going when the song does. “Christina” wanted control, so they held off on anything romantic until “Adam”‘s moves made that impossible. (Every listener will tell you about mishearing “now I make it” as “now we’re naked.” This is deliberate.) “You say I’m a kid,” Adam sings, and it doesn’t matter that he’s a year older than Christina or that the two singers have no romantic connection. Duets tend to have this subtext built into the form by default; plug these two in, and it’s barely subtext.

    I don’t need to try to control you
    Look into my eyes and I’ll own you
    With the moves like Jagger

    These lyrics look much different on paper than in song. Credit Adam Levine’s voice, loose with autotune and doing Jagger-like dances around every note. He makes come-ons like “kiss me ’til you’re drunk” seem less creepy and pickup lines like “take me by the tongue” seem like they might work. He even sells, almost, the Mick Jagger comparison–impressive, because although songs about celebrities and rockers are numerous, extended comparisons to rock stars aren’t. Jagger’s real moves weren’t dances so much as, as critic Frank Kogan put it, more like a “cold deadly stalk.” And taken literally, the chorus of “Moves Like Jagger” must be talking about mind control, as if Jagger’s moves were also hypnotist’s pendulums. Adam Levine will literally own you. His kiss will literally intoxicate you, as if his saliva is tequila. His eyes are made of spirals. All this is ridiculous, even more so when considering the decades-forged charisma gap between Levine and Jagger. But the same suspension of disbelief that made “Moves Like Jagger” a smash hit makes it seem at least kind of believable.

    Oh, so get in the car
    We can ride it wherever you want
    Get inside it
    And you want to steer
    But I’m shifting gears
    I’ll take it from here

    The second verse makes things darker; she’s “broken and scarred” to where nothing feels right, which invites biographical criticism but doesn’t beg it. He makes her think he’s got the solution. Levine could’ve ended things on “when you’re with me, I make you believe,” which sounds nice enough, until he finishes it with “I make you believe that I’ve got the key,” deceptive and a fake-out. Then there’s a metaphorical car, which she can steer and drive until she can’t, and Adam’s got the steering wheel and the gear stick and, by the way, the moves like Jagger again.

    You want to know how to make me smile
    Take control, own me just for the night
    But if I share my secret
    You gonna have to keep it
    Nobody else can see this

    Christina’s contribution to “Moves Like Jagger” consists of two interchangeable verses. Her “secret,” such as it is, is that she does in fact like the moves like Jagger. This isn’t really a secret. Neither is the fact that Christina’s own moves and melisma are toned down exponentially, or that she’s directly referencing her own “Genie in a Bottle“–almost the same song with no Adam–with the “rub me right” line. The real secret is whatever unexplained Jagger move kept Christina Aguilera from completely taking over the song. Most critics, when talking about “Moves Like Jagger,” talk about how Christina’s barely on it. Compare “Lady Marmalade,” where Mya, Pink and L’il Kim–charismatic performers all–might as well be laying down rafters for Christina to soar above. After this, she disappears except to barely echo Adam’s lines or toss a few notes into the song here and there. It’s practically a conquest, a duet less about singing together and more about fighting to see who’s sung into submission first.

    Again, none of this sounds menacing; it’s played for fun and diversion, and it only lasts as long as “Moves Like Jagger”‘s three or so minutes. Adam, headlines indicate, seems like an OK guy, free of the Casanova scandals that this song would suggest, and Christina–probably noticing how her more subdued Sia collaborations were the ones critics and fans didn’t insult–has hunkered back from her coach-to-coach lasciviousness. It helps that The Voice isn’t airing until spring, keeping the two from their Simon/Paula schtick for now. “Moves Like Jagger” is the next best thing: a small song’s worth of tension, a referendum on Adam and Christina’s careers and a lengthy ad for The Voice that gave them continued life. It’s not enough for a career revival, but it couldn’t succeed if people didn’t care.

  • AllaneZ 09.09.2011

    NEWS : Christina Aguilera - The Woman with The Biggest Voice in Music
    *via Yahoo!

    Christina Aguilera is featured on Yahoo's photo album of celebrities who were bullied as kids.

    "The Voice" judge didn't always have the power to make or break other people's music careers. For years, she just wanted to pave her own fame path. But some people in her school didn't like it.

    As an aspiring teen pop star, she was the object of ridicule among her Staten Island classmates. A few tormenters would slash her tires to prevent her from getting to gigs on time and mess with her microphone to embarrass her on the stage. "There was a lot of resentment and I think there was a bit of jealousy involved," Aguilera revealed during her 'Behind the Music'. "There were threats that were made on me and my mom. They would thrash my tires if I would win a certain competition... I just remember (thinking), 'I gotta get out of here, I gotta go make my dream out there."

  • AllaneZ 09.09.2011

    NEWS : Adam Levine: I Loved Christina Aguilera's Delivery on "Moves Like Jagger"
    *via DigitalSpy

    Adam Levine has praised his fellow Voice judge Christina Aguilera's feature on Maroon 5's hit 'Moves Like Jagger'.

    The band's frontman told Parade that he was pleased to see Aguilera take part in a track which is "very different" from her usual solo material.

    "It was awesome. She's super talented. I fully trusted her to do her thing. She's a pro. I love how restrained and held back it was. It's very different for her. I loved her delivery," he explained.

    Levine also revealed that the success of 'Moves Like Jagger' has added extra enjoyment to Maroon 5's summer tour.

    "It's been great. There's so much more buzz now surrounding the record. It's building up again. We're so happy for the success that we've had," he said.

    "We kind of had a reintroduction to the world through The Voice and the single 'Moves Like Jagger' is blowing up. Everything is just incredible right now. We're very happy and very fired-up."

  • AllaneZ 09.09.2011

    NEWS : Moves Like Jagger lands in at #2 on Hot 100 and Jumps up to 38 on Radio Songs
    *via Billboard

    Following an acclaimed performance of the song on the MTV Video Music Awards Aug. 28, Adele's stark ballad "Someone Like You" bounds to the top of the Billboard Hot 100, vaulting 19-1 with dual Digital and Airplay Gainer honors.

    "Like" leaps 11-1 on Digital Songs with 275,000 downloads sold (up 191%), according to Nielsen SoundScan. On Radio Songs, the track blasts 42-19 with 46 million all-format audience impressions (up 59%), according to Nielsen BDS.

    The honors continue to pour in for Adele, as "Like" is her second Hot 100 No. 1, after "Rolling in the Deep" spent seven weeks at the summit beginning in May.

    "Deep," which won Adele three trophies at the VMAs, and "Like" appear on the singer/songwriter's sophomore album "21," which, with 3.3 million copies sold in the U.S. since its February release, ranks as 2011's top-selling set.

    Similar to "Deep," "Like" is receiving multi-format radio support, lifting into the top 10 on the Adult Pop Songs airplay chart (12-10), while advancing 6-5 on Triple A; 18-16 on Adult Contemporary; and, 24-19 on Pop Songs.

    "Like" dethrones Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger," featuring Christina Aguilera (1-2), after the latter track ruled the Hot 100 for a week. While "Jagger" slips 1-3 on Digital Songs (207,000, down 5%), it jumps into the top 10 (11-8) on Radio Songs (86 million, up 22%).

  • AllaneZ 09.09.2011

    SCAN : V Magazine: Etta James by Christina Aguilera
    *via Aguilera Online

    <a href="http://www.aguileraonline.com/2011/09/scan-v-magazine-etta-james-by-christina.html?spref=tw" title="http://www.aguileraonline.com/2011/09/scan-v-magazine-etta-james-by-christina.html?spref=tw">http://www.aguileraonline.com/2011/09/scan-v-magazine-etta-james-by-chri...</a>

  • AllaneZ 09.07.2011

    BUY : Buy Burlesque Soundtrack on iTunes now!
    *via iTunes

    <a href="http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/burlesque-original-motion/id401685353" title="http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/burlesque-original-motion/id401685353">http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/burlesque-original-motion/id401685353</a>

  • AllaneZ 09.06.2011

    I just see this other version of Xtina's Stripped photoshoot!!
    She looks so hot Tongue <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1mUWBmns_k&amp;feature=youtu.be&amp;a" title="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1mUWBmns_k&amp;feature=youtu.be&amp;a">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1mUWBmns_k&amp;feature=youtu.be&amp;a</a>

  • AllaneZ 09.05.2011

    NEWS : "Moves Like Jagger" breaks New Record between Two "Best New Artist" Winners & Reaches Platinum Certification in the United States
    *via Yahoo!

    Though Mick Jagger hasn't topped the Hot 100 in 33 years, he remains an icon. "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera this week becomes the second #1 hit in less than two years that name-checks the rock legend. The first was Ke$ha's "TiK ToK," which spent the first nine weeks of 2010 at #1.

    Both references are highly flattering: Jagger was depicted as a hottie in Ke$ha's song and as a classic mover in the Maroon 5 smash. Even so, I suspect he'd trade the flattery for a hit of his own. Jagger hasn't topped the Hot 100 since August 1978, when the Rolling Stones scored with their dance/rock blend, "Miss You." That was the band's eighth #1 hit. They scored their first, "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," in July 1965.

    "Moves Like Jagger" is Maroon 5's second #1 hit, following 2007's "Makes Me Wonder." It's Aguilera's fifth; her first since 2002, when she scored with another collabo, "Lady Marmalade," which she sang with Lil' Kim, Mya and Pink. "Lady Marmalade" was boosted by a movie, Moulin Rouge. "Jagger" owes its popularity to a TV show, NBC's The Voice, on which both singers are judges.

    The song is #1 on Hot Digital Songs for the second time in three weeks. It sold 217,000 copies this week, according to Nielsen SoundScan, bringing its 10-week total to 1,326,000. It jumps from #15 to #11 on Top Radio Songs, with 72 million audience impressions, according to Nielsen BDS.

    Both Maroon 5 and Aguilera won Grammys for Best New Artist (for 2004 and 1999, respectively). This marks the first time that two former Best New Artist winners have collaborated on a Hot 100 hit, much less a #1. If that doesn't get them booked on the Grammy telecast in February, nothing will.

  • AllaneZ 09.05.2011

    PHOTO : Bionic iPhone and Macbook Skins
    *via Aguilera Online

    <a href="http://www.aguileraonline.com/2011/09/product-bionic-iphone-macbook-skins.html?spref=tw" title="http://www.aguileraonline.com/2011/09/product-bionic-iphone-macbook-skins.html?spref=tw">http://www.aguileraonline.com/2011/09/product-bionic-iphone-macbook-skin...</a>

  • xtinarox1113 09.04.2011

    Moves Like Jagger debuted on Vh1's Top 20 Video Countdown at 17. Help get it to number 1. Vote at:
    <a href="http://www.vh1.com/shows/series/top_20_countdown/vote.jhtml" title="http://www.vh1.com/shows/series/top_20_countdown/vote.jhtml">http://www.vh1.com/shows/series/top_20_countdown/vote.jhtml</a>

  • Beautiful93 09.03.2011

    @vitor hugo: You'd better stop posting links to porn sites on this website...!

  • phantom11 09.02.2011

    “and also people making a big fuss about "makin history of two best new artists.." doesnt make any sense at all. if jagger were released around 2001, that wouldve made sense. but people they're already more than a decade in the business! the title you're putting is very irrelevant!”

    Did Maroon5 win a best new? Maybe that’s what they’re referring too. Otherwise, yeah it doesn’t make much sense.

    “it's been quite a while since xtina was commercial or mainstream so i understand that some xtina fans are looking everywhere for bits and pieces of accomplishmentss that xtina had merited before to remind everyone how great she is/was...it's the fans tryin to compensate for the void, but at the same time it's beginning to look and sound pathetic and desperate.”

    As one person said on Twitter, let’s see if there’s as much enthusiasm when she actually comes out with an actual single.

    “I agree. It's not like her presence made much of an impact on the song.”

    Oh she had an impact alright. She unintentionally reduced the members of Maroon5 who’s name isn’t Adam Levine to session musicians.

    “But, before make the video for 'Castle Walls', Xtina have to make her shape back to normal...”

    And T.I’s has to stay out of jail. He just got released, and he’s back in jail again.

  • AllaneZ 09.02.2011

    But, before make the video for 'Castle Walls', Xtina have to make her shape back to normal...
    That's my suggest.. Tongue

  • ijamseeds 09.01.2011

    and also people making a big fuss about "makin history of two best new artists.." doesnt make any sense at all. if jagger were released around 2001, that wouldve made sense. but people they're already more than a decade in the business! the title you're putting is very irrelevant!

    it's been quite a while since xtina was commercial or mainstream so i understand that some xtina fans are looking everywhere for bits and pieces of accomplishmentss that xtina had merited before to remind everyone how great she is/was...it's the fans tryin to compensate for the void, but at the same time it's beginning to look and sound pathetic and desperate.

    what's next, calling ricky martin and xtina's team up as the hottest latino collab ever? makes me want to b**** slap this person sitting beside me!

  • Xtina4ever 09.01.2011

    @phantom11 I agree. It's not like her presence made much of an impact on the song. It didn't make it that much more catchier or something, like Eminem's, Love The Way You Lie with Rihanna or B.o.B.'s Airplanes with Hayley Williams. Those songs would be nothing without Rihanna or Hayley Williams. Oh and I forgot to mention Lady Marmalade. There's four different artists featured on that song but Christina totally owned it so she deserved the credit she got when it reached #1. If Castle Walls were to reach #1 it would be a great accomplishment for both T.I. and Christina. I see Moves Like Jagger as a great accomplishment for Maroon 5 but not really for Christina.

  • Xtina4ever 09.01.2011

    It's almost time to tweet! Laughing out loud

  • phantom11 09.01.2011

    She's barely in the song, so how in the world can it be her 5th #1? I could kind of see if she was prominent, but she's in what? 10 seconds?

    That don't make sense to me.

  • ijamseeds 09.01.2011

    come to think of it, the lyrics is very telling of t.i.'s recent experiences, so yeah it's very appropriate. and t.i.'s got no time left to waste now that he's finlly out! time to get back to work...

  • AllaneZ 09.01.2011

    TWITTER : "ReleaseCastleWalls" Worldwide Trending & Rules
    *via Aguilera Online

    Now that T.I. got out of prison, they should totally release the song as a single. It would be great for Christina to have another hit single after Moves Like Jagger to keep her on top for the next album. Also, it would be wise for T.I. to release it too now that MLJ has gone to the top of the charts bringing Christina to the top again.

    Trending Topic:

    Thursday (tomorrow), September 1st

    Sydney: 2:00 am
    Tokyo: 1:00 am
    Manila/Singapore/Beijing: 12:00 am
    Jakarta: 11:00 pm
    Moscow: 8:00 pm
    Eastern Europe/South Africa: 7:00 pm
    Central Europe: 6:00 pm
    UK: 5:00 pm
    Rio de Janeiro/Sao Paulo/Buneos Aires: 1:00 pm
    US Eastern/Santiago: 12:00 pm
    Caracas: 11:30 am
    US Central/Mexico City/Lima/Quito: 11:00 am
    US Mountain: 10:00 am
    US Pacific: 9:00 am


    1. It's not the number of tweets that count but the number of people who tweet/retweet the same thing at the same time. In other words: only tweet/retweet the topic once a minute (max); this will also prevent users from ending up in twitter jail.

    2. In order to achieve top tweets, RT from the big Xtina fan accounts such as @AguileraOnline, @CAguileraPT, @XtinaNews, @TheXtinaArmy, @XtinaTeam, @SoDamnBionic, @XtinaPride, @RatedXtina, @XtinaEcuador, @RCAPromo @CaguileraHUN, etc.

    3. Don't spam!, or the topic line followed by a number or a letter

    4. Most importantly: Only tweet/retweet ONE topic. Do NOT include a hashtag (#) anywhere in your tweet.

  • AllaneZ 09.01.2011

    NEWS : Moves Like Jagger lands at #1 on Hot 100
    *via Billboard

    Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger," featuring Christina Aguilera, struts to the top of the Billboard Hot 100, rolling 4-1 with Airplay Gainer honors for a third consecutive week. Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine makes chart headlines of his own, as well, thanks to a leap into the top 10 as a guest on Gym Class Heroes' "Stereo Hearts."

    "Jagger" returns for a second week at No. 1 on Digital Songs (2-1) with 217,000 downloads sold (up 6%), according to Nielsen SoundScan. On Radio Songs, the collaboration darts 15-11 with 72 million all-format audience impressions (up 20%), according to Nielsen BDS.

    The song marks Maroon 5's second Hot 100 No. 1. The band previously reigned for three weeks in 2007 with "Makes Me Wonder." For Aguilera, the return to the chart's apex ends an even greater hiatus. She had last ruled alongside Lil' Kim, Mya and P!nk on "Lady Marmalade" for five weeks in 2001. "Jagger" is Aguilera's fifth Hot 100 No. 1. She banked three leaders from her self-titled debut album in 1999-2000: "Genie in a Bottle," "What a Girl Wants" and "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)."

    The accolades don't end, however, for Maroon 5's frontman Adam Levine. He concurrently enters the Hot 100's top 10 (15-10) as a featured artist on Gym Class Heroes' "Stereo Hearts." The track vaults 7-3 on Digital Songs (146,000, up 28%) and 37-23 on Radio Songs (40 million, up 28%).

    The ascensions of "Jagger" and "Stereo" grant Levine an unprecedented (and certainly quirky) Hot 100 achievement: he becomes the first artist in the chart's 53-year history to reach No. 1 as part of a group and enter the top 10 as a soloist in the same week.

    "Jagger" dethrones Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" from the Hot 100 pinnacle after two weeks at No. 1. The song - the record-setting fifth No. 1 from her album "Teenage Dream" - plummets to No. 5, owed largely to a 4-14 fall on Digital Songs (85,000, down 45%). The song does, however, return (2-1) for a third week atop Radio Songs (133 million, down 4%).

    In between "Jagger" and "Friday" on the Hot 100, LMFAO's former six-week No. 1 "Party Rock Anthem," featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock, holds at No. 2; Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks" roars 7-3; and, Bad Meets Evil's "Lighters," featuring Bruno Mars, rises 6-4.

    Rounding out the rest of the Hot 100's 10 are Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" (5-6); Lil Wayne's "How to Love" (8-7); OneRepublic's "Good Life" (9-8); and, Pibull's former No. 1 "Give Me Everything," featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack and Nayer (11-9).

    On the doorstep of the Hot 100's top 10, Rihanna claims Digital Gainer honors with "Cheers (Drink to That)," which soars 17-11. The song bounds 15-5 on Digital Songs (131,000, up 68%), while lifting 19-17 on Radio Songs (52 million, up 13%).

    Two titles that make lofty leaps into the Hot 100's top 20 will likely sport further gains next week following buzz-generating appearances on Sunday night's (Aug. 28) MTV Video Music Awards. Lady Gaga's "You and I" charges 35-16, up 92% in digital sales (to 109,000) and 50% in airplay (to 32 million). Adele's "Someone Like You" similarly soars 34-19 on the Hot 100 with gains in sales (95,000 downloads, up 68%) and radio play (29 million, up 41%).

    Eight songs debut on the Hot 100, led by "Hell on Heels" (No. 55) by Miranda Lambert side project Pistol Annies. The song is the title cut from the trio's debut album, which shoots onto the Billboard 200 at No. 5.

    Game, who takes the Billboard 200's top spot with "The R.E.D. Album," enters the Hot 100 at No. 100 with a cut from the set, "Martians Vs Goblins."

    All charts, including the Hot 100, Digital Songs and Radio Songs will be refreshed tomorrow (Sept. 1) on Billboard.com.

    Christina Aguilera joins music's elite for charting at least one #1 single over the span of three consecutive decades.

    Here's the elite list:

    '90s, '00s, '10s
    Christina Aguilera
    Britney Spears

    '80s, '90s, '00s
    Janet Jackson

    '70s, '80s, '90s
    Michael Jackson
    Elton John (*Billboard includes Dionne (Warwick) & Friends' 1986 No. 1 "That's What Friends Are For" among John's solo chart history)

    '60s, '70s, '80s
    Stevie Wonder

    With Hot 100-topping titles in the '90s and '00s, Mariah Carey, Destiny's Child (currently inactive), Diddy, Enrique Iglesias, Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez and Santana (plus Rob Thomas/matchbox twenty combined) could also each run their No. 1 streaks to three consecutive decades with a No. 1 anytime before the Hot 100 to be dated Jan. 4, 2020.

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