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Christina Aguilera gave fans a glimpse of the new album BIONIC when she performed "Lift Me Up" during the "Hope For Haiti Now" event. Now Christina talks about the inspirational song in our fourth video, describing it as a "Light at the end of the tunnel." Check it out below.

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  • Amurita 06.02.2010


  • JoeMusic1 05.30.2010

    Love this song and Linda Perry's work with Christina. Can't wait to hear the studio version.

  • I'm so glad she teamed with Linda again. Smile

  • LEFOU IBIZA 05.29.2010


  • LEFOU IBIZA 05.29.2010

    ♥♥♥♫llılı|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılı♫♥♥♥ love christina aguilera

  • alex_0308011 05.29.2010

    Xtina believe me,M.I.A did a really great job and really put a lot into this single "Elastic Love"! u should attach importance to this song!

  • alex_0308011 05.29.2010

    love your live for Haiti but trust me this song will definitely not be a hit if u make it into chart...but you know what,i think Elastic Love have the most possibility to win the Grammy Award(Electronic/Dance Part),even if it's not my favorite!seriously!

  • aintnootherfan 05.27.2010

    Lift Me Up is one of my faves on the album Smile

  • dalila.175 05.27.2010

    the performe fro Hope for Haiti now is this best performe i think to If u lift me up,this is song is so amazing simple e confortable I luv u Xtina

  • texas_xtina_fan 05.27.2010

    "Lift Me Up" is the best song you have done since "Beautiful"!!! Linda Perry is the Pop Ballad Queen!!!! LOVE it when you perform it on the "Hope For Haiti"!!!

  • ItalianBoy 05.27.2010

    i love the sound of this song...
    is so cute *_*

  • marcextina 05.27.2010

    amo esa cancion la a amoooo!!!

  • Xtina_1994 05.27.2010

    I love this song. It's beautiful!! Ly CIX

  • Kike 05.27.2010

    Wow... One of the best songs in the album. I'm glad she gave the song for a good cause!!

  • faby_lovextina 05.27.2010

    that song is simply amazing!!

  • Prima Donna 05.27.2010

    I remember being so excited to hear it once I realized Christina was singing a new song on "Hope for Haiti". I fell in love with it then. "Lift Me Up" is one of her best ballads ever. Her vocals were better than ever in that performance. Smile

  • SoulOfPopRock 05.27.2010

    "Lift Me Up" is so great!
    Linda Perry and Christina. The biggest team ever.

  • laurizzio 05.27.2010

    Christina, queremos que vengas a MEXICO, queremos disfrutar tu concierto, y porfa saca un disco en español ya te extrañamos en este idioma.. I LOVE U XTINA

  • thisme 05.27.2010


  • thisme 05.27.2010

    Only you have the best ballads.

  • SunDee_SunDae 05.27.2010

    Love all the ballads Xtina! U're awesome! Wink

  • jjony mube 05.27.2010

    I realize that we all need someone ... and I need YOU, CHRISTINA cause i love You

  • latinqueen86 05.27.2010

    Re: christinaguila
    If you are a real fan you will buy the album. Getting it for free online is STEALING from Xtina! She works hard and you have no right.

  • dirttrix_c0ol 05.27.2010

    oh my! this is it! I've waited for so long for your new album.. I've been always trying to hear news about you.

  • Claudus 05.27.2010

    Beautiful song !!! Which emotion !!!!

  • Madame_X 05.27.2010

    to christianaguila: do NOT promote downloads of leaked music. BANNED.

  • christianaguila 05.27.2010

    banned member

  • tommye87 05.27.2010

    amazing lift me up, I am, You lost me, are some of my favs

  • i am kerri 05.27.2010

    love it, and the stripped down version xox

  • lia1825 05.27.2010

    Such an amazing song! =D

  • Zokarrc 05.27.2010

    Ame lift me up desde el momento en que te escuche cantarla en Hope4haiti, ESO FUE INCREIBLE, gracias por darnos toda esta musica Xtina, i lov ya

  • Abi 05.27.2010

    i agree with @Gan Yuri, lift me up and you lost me are such powerful songs, i am glad you performed you lost me even tho i wasnt expecting a ballad, you still throw your heart in that performance, i love you christina Laughing out loud so much!

  • Gan Yuri 05.27.2010

    Lift Me Up and You Lost Me are two powerful ballads that can make Bionic - Bionic!

  • enzoseb 05.26.2010

    Great, i love Lift Me Up Smile I did't know Linda wrote the song all by herself. Magic song, Christina + Linda = AMAZING!!!!

  • douglemay 05.26.2010

    Luv ya christiana i think your so much better than some of those fake singers who i wont mention but something about a cell phone always ringing? You go christiana!!!!!!!!!

  • Antonio Aerendil 05.26.2010

    This song touched my skin when you sang it in the haiti thing*.

    i just enjoy to hear your grand voice singing as you know girl!!! nobady can make my skin feels the way you make it feel with your voice!!! I love you Christina!!! Come to México soon!!! Smile <3

  • luquitete 05.26.2010

    Xtina Aguilera + Linda Perry = Great Song

  • MISS HANNAH 05.26.2010

    I LOVE U CHRISTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • King_Lee 05.26.2010

    i LOVE this song christina...can't wait for the album release!!!

  • cathyga 05.26.2010

    A beautiful song! I love it! Smile

  • anaxtina 05.26.2010

    I love Christina Aguilera
    I love "Lift Me Up".
    Is a great song.

  • Ivan 05.26.2010

    The studio version is even better! I love it Laughing out loud

  • fahmi 05.26.2010

    elastic love::
    the single is goin' to be huge!!

  • LEFOU IBIZA 05.26.2010

    PARFAIT super continué une voix de folie love

  • mlvcrlive 05.26.2010

    I love this song. Its beautiful

  • dulcemnm 05.26.2010

    I absolutely LOVE this song! I can't see any other artist interpurret this song the way she does with such deep and beautiful emotion. It's a beautiful track and it just makes me think of God and the peace He brings me when I hear it. Smile

  • BionicHoney 05.26.2010

    watching idol, good luck

  • My friend Milosh wants to marry or just to kiss u....I hope you will send him signed cd Smile))
    Nice song Smile

  • Sander 05.26.2010

    Wonderful production, Christina! It's a gem! Can't wait for your performance on American Idol within the next few hours either! Lots of love from the Netherlands!

  • wmajid 05.26.2010

    Totally in love with song, Brilliant production and Xtina sounds magical. well done Xtina.

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