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We BEG you RCA. Please, please, PLEASE let us hear Kimono Girl!

We BEG you RCA. Please, please, PLEASE let us hear Kimono Girl!

After hearing how outstanding Christina's collaboration with Ladytron turned out on a masterpiece of a track BIRDS OF PREY, literally every fan wants to hear the rest material Christina and Ladytron did together!

Since Little Dreamer is being released via iTunes, we will only lack the very last track KIMONO GIRL which has not been included in any edition of Bionic or as an exclusive/bonus track anywhere.

This is why we sincerly ask you to release KIMONO GIRL! Either as a downlodable bonus track on iTunes/Amazon, or included on some reginal Bionic CD edition, or on a listen-only bonus on Christina's YouTube/FaceBook/MySpace page, or in any other form you chose, as long as we get to hear it! We cannot accept the possibility it may never see the light of the day!

Please RCA do it for all the Christina fans!

  • phantom11 09.14.2013

    So a released track is still unreleased.

  • Chris_jc_xa 09.14.2013

    It really is so very easy. As long as there's as much as a rough recording they can just put it out there and we need it... It's been too long and its omission from Bionic is no less noticeable. The difference with extra songs from Stripped and Lotus is that those two were more "perfect records". Any extras would be just that; extras. Kimono Girl is much more important for Bionic as a collection, since that was a messier record not so balanced and well rounded.

    I have posted this before, but not in this thread. Bionic, the way I listen to it is two discs. The first one is the standard edition minus Not Myself Tonight and Desnudate. The second one is this:

    01. Keeps Getting Better
    02. Dynamite
    03. Not Myself Tonight
    04. Desnudate
    05. Monday Morning
    06. Bobblehead
    07. Kimono Girl
    08. Little Dreamer
    09. Birds Of Prey
    10. Stronger Than Ever

    This is my favorite Christina set. It's everything I wanted from her for Bionic, including the Japanese references, regardless of how accurate or substantial they are in Kimono Girl. I think it's pretty easy to see that Bobblehead leading straight into Little Dreamer is kind of awful, and that there is no other combination of the songs that actually flows well. Definitely not with such a strong narrative. Now, isn't it a pity that this set remains a bunch of bonus tracks, when it could be complete proper album with the addition of just one song? And regarding the fact that we know nothing about how it sounds, well, that means very little, since it was produced as part of the Ladytron trilogy and this is an eclectic set whatsoever, so that's even more reasons to wish for the track really. It is essential and Christina has it and she can't just bother putting it out there... I even wished she'd put out Let There Be Love on iTunes with Kimono Girl as a b-side the day she put out the video for Let There Be Love, because it was a perfect chance, and yet nothing happened...

  • AllaneZ 09.13.2013

    At least release it as Unreleased Tracks please

  • Mr. Titanic 05.25.2012

    I hope she releases it on the new album. You never know. Rumor has it that she is working with Le Tigre again on this album, and they made an unreleased song for Bionic they had hoped Xtina would release on the new album too, just like Ladytron made Kimono Girl which didn't appear on Bionic. Who knows. Now Le Tigre are rumored to be working on what may be new material even, or perhaps re-making the song originally intended for Bionic? Kimono Girl was never completed, but she may be finishing it off for the new album, who can tell? Either way, it's a nice idea, but I'll just wait patiently. There's no telling with Xtina.

  • Chris_jc_xa 04.26.2012

    All those bonus tracks, rarities and b-sides that we have listed in another thread would be an amazing album. <a href="" title=""></a>

  • candeetwo 04.26.2012
    They did entertain doing B sides at one time, it didn't work out for some reason. Most of the songs are incomplete and it costs money to complete them. This is why it's good to lend your voice to other people's songs, you aren't the one spending money, but your voice stays out there. lol
  • Chris_jc_xa 04.26.2012

    Anything that is less than a full release will create demand for the full songs anyway. And I suppose they are not released because that will take extra work on the songs anyway and artists don't like to revisit old material usually.

  • ijamseeds 04.26.2012

    or include them in live sets like fillers or something or maybe just a dash of them as a prologue per song....?

  • ijamseeds 04.26.2012

    why dont they just little by little make those unreleased songs as side b tracks in single releases? or make a mixtape of everything... i think this mixtape would sell like pancakes. or just release them thru itunes... Wink

  • Chris_jc_xa 04.26.2012

    EXCEPT if they do it so that they can include Kimono Girl. Tongue

  • phantom11 04.26.2012

    I don't like remixes either. If ain't broke don't fix it. Remix cd's always seem to me like a cheap and transparent cash-grab.

  • Chris_jc_xa 04.26.2012

    Don't know, personally I hate these kind of remix compilations. They feel kinda cheap. Of course, I don't like 99,99% of remixes in existence, so I'm not objective.
    I think that marketing-wise it doesn't make things worse, but it doesn't really help in any particular way either, especially since we are supposed to have moved on to the era of the next album.
    B's cover for the remixes album is pretty bad too, btw.

  • AllaneZ 04.26.2012

    Is good to Xtina to release Bionic: The Remix like Beyonce did with 4?

  • Chris_jc_xa 04.26.2012

    woo, really nice. yes it is always impressive how it is with the demos and all. I am happy with what made the actual album as they were the songs closest to the theme. I think that So What You Got was mentioned in the supposedly original leaked track lists of the album.
    And when I said chance wasted, I was talking about the new bargain for Bionic. But the site wouldn't give me permission to post the link... >:(

  • candeetwo 04.25.2012
    yeah, but that's how it is for every album, she can record up to 50 songs sometimes, some in totality, some not, some just have lyrics recorded, some with just a guitar or piano. She has a lot of songs down we have yet to hear.
  • ijamseeds 04.25.2012

    other songs than kimono girl that didnt make the cut

    Quote @ ASCAP

    Variations: (none found)

    Quote from: Merlito (July 6, 2007) The Day! on April 25, 2009, 07:49:34 AM

    Writers: Linda Perry, Powter Daniel
    Performers: Christina Aguilera

    Writers: Linda Perry
    Performers: Christina Aguilera


  • Chris_jc_xa 04.25.2012

    chance wasted
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Chris_jc_xa 02.26.2012

    I am amused at the prospect of a Kimono Girl situation coming up for a track recorded for the next album. Cool

  • candee2 02.24.2012

    well there are certain things that go deeper if you look at Christina and her connection to Itunes. I don't know the complete details of their business coupling, but I am certain that for a small segment of her stuff they had 'exclusive' rights to. Little Dreamer possibly being one of those 'exclusives'.

  • Chris_jc_xa 02.24.2012

    I know! But you see how it is with artists discography getting a boost in sales around the time of an up and coming release? I want to contribute to sales of Bionic by the way of getting the song during that time. That's all. And I don't think I would consider doing it if it was not for also getting the new song.
    By the way, I don't get what the purpose of having Little Dreamer only on iTunes was. It was not a pre-order only track, and it is not an album-only track. So how is that helpful, all it practically did, was that more people would've bought the song if it was not iTunes exclusive, as not everybody uses iTunes.

  • phantom11 02.23.2012

    Well you know you can just buy the song, you don't have to buy the whole cd.

  • ijamseeds 02.23.2012

    wait till you alkl hear her new single... yeah that'sright kimono who?

  • Chris_jc_xa 02.22.2012

    Yeah, I suppose having an LQ leak is just as bad, isn't it! I didn't mean the previous message on any level of seriousness, I was just saying that because i do intend to buy Bionic along with the new album at the day of its release, as I do not own Little Dreamer, so I was just playing around with that.
    Of course when new music comes that will take over all of my Christina interest for years to come! Smile
    "kimono who?" lol

  • Stripped713 02.22.2012

    It would be nice if Kimono girl is someday released or given to the public to listen to. But for now we have to realize that Christina is in charge of her music and she obviously does not want to share it at this time. This goes for many unheard tracks. Do you know how much i love "nasty"? but I have to face reality that it may never be officially released in HQ form. so the best we can do as fans is respect christina and support her decisions. we dont have to agree with or love everything she does but we can still support her. its just a song dude. dont let it eat you up lol. There are much more important things in life and much more great christina things to come. things that will make you say "kimono who?"

  • Chris_jc_xa 02.22.2012

    Have to say, I feel like buying the iTunes deluxe edition of Bionic around the time of the release of the new album, since sales would make a bigger impact around that time. Now...if Kimono Girl became available around that time, well, that would convince me for sure to do it...So what do you say, Christina, can't we come up with some kind of a deal??? Cool

  • Chris_jc_xa 02.22.2012

    That's right!... :/
    Oh, my, that image of her singing to Max, so sweet...! Smile
    I don't know why, usually I start getting back into a favorite of mine when they release news for their upcoming projects. This hasn't happened yet with Christina but here I am... It's exciting, it feels like something's coming soon! Smile

  • candee2 02.21.2012

    awww don't be, it just means you love her and wanna hear everything she has done, I wanna be in the room when she sings to Max. lol Her voice is a dream and hearing it is our dreams coming true.

  • Chris_jc_xa 02.21.2012

    I still feel like expecting this song, I seriously annoy myself.

  • candee2 02.21.2012

    I can describe it to you this way, you know about a race horse's life? A priced race horse garners just as much money and prestige when it's winning racing days has ended. RCA, if you look at their history, 'invests' in certain type of artists, for the long term. They may be the top company that does it.

    They have people that they see as 'today's taste', which are short term investments, then their are people they consider part of their structure and they make long term commitments to them. A great example of this would be The Eagles. They are in special pens, most of their race horses are up for sale or negotiation, but the ones in the special pens usually have a home for as long as they choose.

    It's like, sure RCA loves to make the quick bucks, but then there are the ones that keep it coming, the you-don't-need-to-be spoon fed artist. Just let them run around in their pens and they will come up with something. That allows RCA to give more attention to the 'today's taste' in order to make the quick buck.

    This is just my description btw. They try and keep a balance by keeping their stable full of ones that have the most potential for bringing them continued successes, for the long term.

  • ijamseeds 02.20.2012

    what's in it for them candee? why are they allowing her to crack the whip?

  • candee2 02.20.2012

    nope, all Christina, she told them what she wanted and they provided it as quickly as possible. All changes came from Christina, she gives you an idea of what was in her mind when she says that 'the heart of the album' was the personal stuff. The rest basically were collabs. She made sure that those songs were dead center of the album to represent her heart, the beginning songs represented her change, the last songs were pretty much back to the fun a way to end the regular album upbeat.

    The extras were more of a salute to her fave writers on the album, her personal faves of all they had done together.

    It only seems like it was thrown together, I guess. You guys would probably like RCA choices for Christina better, but she has her 'visions' and says, no, a lot. She will and has attested to that.

  • Chris_jc_xa 02.20.2012

    I think it is because of the fact the "changes" were not really widely welcomed. Meaning, since it was the most mainstream material that SEEMS to have been added later, we assumed it was a business move, thus one made by the company. That was the assumption I had made back then.

  • candee2 02.20.2012

    RCA didn't make any final changes to anything, I don't know where you get that idea from. Probably LDers who think RCA runs thing. They wish they did. lol Christina makes the final decisions, she sets the time, she cracks the whip, Christina cracks the whip, let me be clear, CHRISTINA CRACKS THE WHIP, and RCA works when she does.

    Picture this, and I know this because I have witnessed the workings, you have a ship(RCA/SONY) that run by man power, which means 10 men in this particular compartment, with long oars helping to keep the boat moving, the person standing behind them to make them keep moving, the one holding a long whip, is Christina.

    RCA didn't make any changes to Bionic, never. Totally her decision. The one and only record that she had no control over was the first album. Make no mistake, our little miss is the boss of her own destiny.

  • VixenRose 02.20.2012

    There has to be plenty of songs to choose from. Not only for Christina to for RCA to make thei final changes. Like whta they did to Bionic.

  • ijamseeds 02.20.2012

    including amateur records of her singing voice from any location on earth in her releases would be brilliant

  • Stripped713 02.20.2012

    No. first of all the song was never titled spotlight, thats just was fans came up with because they had no idea what the title was. and it was not a leftover from b2b. but I am sure with every album there are plenty of leftover songs that never got finished or released. Its like in take 100 pictures to get a few really good ones. just because no one sees the other pictures does not mean they did not once exist.

  • BlueRoseT2 02.19.2012

    Wasn't Spotlight a left over track from Back to Basics and was turned into Show Me How You Burlesque? I can't think of one artist that doesn't have left over songs from each of their albums.

  • phantom11 02.19.2012

    Insert your own joke about your least favorite song being composed during the bathroom sessions here.

  • candee2 02.19.2012

    all of her albums have leftover tracks, she records up to about 40 to 50 songs, some complete, some demos, some with just her voice alone, for each album. Christina has a LOT of songs you have no idea about, trust me.

    She may go back and finish them like she did with some of the songs that we got like, That's What Love Will Do and I Will Be. You never know, it just depends on how she feels about them.

    I remember one time she was so intent on trying to narrow down which songs was going to be on one of her albums, that she locked herself into her bathroom so she could focus, apparently that may be where she feels she can focus best or something. But for her, it's an intense process.

  • VixenRose 02.19.2012

    @Mr.Titanic how do you know B2B didn't have any left over tracks?

  • Mr. Titanic 02.19.2012

    Back to Basics didn't have any left over tracks though, while Bionic did. All I know is Le Tigre are hoping their song makes the next one in some way.

  • Chris_jc_xa 02.18.2012

    In the case that the sound of the album is nothing like this song, I agree with BlueRose that it would be bad for it to be included to any version of the album, as it has to have its own identity.
    But in any other case and any other release during the new era, I would love to have it as an iTunes pre-order bonus gift...It would be wonderful. Smile

  • candee2 02.17.2012

    lmao, that is not even close to the truth. So far South, BlueRose, that they are swimming with the penguins.

    Even the guy that did the music said the lyrics were Christina's, there has never been a dispute on who wrote it. Those people probably think Beyonce created the first american flag too.

  • xtina is legend 02.17.2012

    at least give us a taste of it!!

  • BlueRoseT2 02.17.2012

    @Candee: Back to the Miss Independent issue. I came across this today that talks about how some songs were passed up by some artists and became big hits for others. One of those songs they talk about is Miss Independent. You have mentioned that Christina wrote the song and someone else did the music for her and then they took it to Kelly after Christina decided not to use it...

    This article is claiming that Destiny's Child wrote the song and decided not to use it, so the producer brought it to Christina and she passed on it, so he took it to Clarkson. Of course I believe your side of the story, but just thought it was interesting how Destiny's Child was brought into the mix.

    When you click on the link and the article comes up, you have to then click on the gallery and scroll through each song until it comes to Christina. Just thought this would humor you given your opinion of Beyonce Laughing out loud

    <a href=";utm_medium=feed&amp;" title=";utm_medium=feed&amp;"></a>

  • BlueRoseT2 02.17.2012

    I feel like any bonus material on the new album will be from the new era...not Bionic. Christina has moved on from Bionic. That would be like her including Back To Basics bonus songs on the deluxe version of Bionic. It just doesn't make sense.

  • Mr. Titanic 02.17.2012

    Yes the Polow and Kelly tracks instead of the more creative material like Le Tigre and Ladytron collaborations is the only complaint I have about Bionic - I really wanted it all to be the creative material.

    What is missing from the original Bionic are the following, that we know of now: Kimono Girl, a second unnamed Le Tigre song, and tracks with Goldfrapp. I am going to ask Santigold if she did any additional tracks with Christina beyond Monday Morning (one of Christina's best songs ever), Bionic and Bobblehead (with Hill/Switch too).

    We do know we got all the Sia tracks, which is a relief.

    I think this year would be a wonderful time for a B-sides album of unreleased material from Xtina. I do not know why she does not release albums like this, since other artists do. In fact, other artists intentionally leak unreleased songs to generate hype for new albums. But Xtina is a perfectionist, so perhaps that is why. It's a shame because we love anything she does.

    I hope at least some Bionic material makes it out to the bonus track section of the new album.

  • Chris_jc_xa 02.17.2012

    You people shouldn't have mentioned there's another LeTigre track...It makes the fact we got served Tricky Stewart and Pollow Da Don tracks even more unbearable...!!!
    But anyway, do we know how many versions of Bionic there were before it got released, and why each one of them was not released?
    It was originally meant to be Linda Perry produced, right? Including gorgeous stuff like Keeps getting better, Dynamite and Lift me up. But then there was the greatest hits album, which is, I think, when fans started complaining about it not coming out sooner than they would like it to.
    How come they released the greatest hits albumback then instead of focusing on releasing the album sooner?
    What came next? The more alternative recordings, or the more mainstream ones?
    In my mind I thought it was that after the keeps getting better release, Christina chose to work with the more alternative artists. But that is not true, as at the same time she was also recording the more mainstream stuff with the two afforementioned producers.
    But then, if that mainstream material was recorded, why would she feel the need to record more (NMT and WooHoo), if similar stuff was already on the album?

  • ijamseeds 02.17.2012

    remember what happenedwith the just be free incident? she's just tyoo careful of what she releases

  • VixenRose 02.17.2012

    Christina should release an "unreleased" album with songs from each era. I know it's not gonna happen but girl can dream, right?
    Her team is doing good job at keeping her songs from NOT leaking, unlike some other artists. But as a fan, I really hate it. Having "nasty" and "casa de mi padre" was a miracle!

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