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Christina Aguilera Performs LIVE on Today

Christina Aguilera kicked off the release of her new album BIONIC with a mini-concert on The Today Show! Check out her amazing performances of "Fighter", "Bionic"/"Not Myself Tonight" and "Beautiful" below!


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Bionic/Not Myself Tonight

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  • leo h 06.11.2010

    what a great show, now this is pricless

  • vinella 06.11.2010

    x tina is the best all always be Smile

  • Vero 06.10.2010

    god i love her.

  • dustinzero 06.10.2010

    LOVE!! more xtina @ <a href="" title=""></a>

  • labelle999 06.10.2010

    Love you CHRISTINA!!!!!!!!!

  • coco425 06.10.2010

    love u so much and wishin badly if i could be in there too!!

  • xtina_spain 06.10.2010

    click on "I like it"

    <a href="" title=""></a>

    <a href="" title=""></a>

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • ramireag 06.10.2010

    What I meant to say is that as usual she delivered a phenomenal performance. She is dedicated to reach out and have a connection with her fans. She is so beautiful, Her songs come from the heart. Luv ya Christina

  • ramireag 06.10.2010

    I wish your concert was not canceled. I would loved to have wished to see you perform again. Your stage presence is outstanding, You are the number one Diva in my book.

  • Mickyyy 06.10.2010

    she's the best Smile

  • JJC 06.09.2010

    i was surprised when Christina told that she will have her movie on November

    the burlesque one, am i right?
    can't wait to see that...

    anyway, i her performance
    she still have the power to grab people intention...
    and her dancer
    GUYS you're still the best
    and Gilbert
    no thing more to say
    you're very cute Guy

    keep it up GUYS
    and GOdbless

  • katharinelvr54 06.09.2010

    i actually think she was sick that day because when i was watching her on fuse live she was sick and that was only a fiew days ago so she still might of been sick!!! she still killed it!!!

  • katharinelvr54 06.09.2010

    she blew me away with these performances!!! well she always does... cant wait to see her on letterman tonight!!!

  • gclyde89 06.09.2010

    I was there, she did really well and was signing autographs and taking pictures with a lot of fans. She was really great

  • Camles4 06.09.2010

    haha!1 i know right! move aside gaga this is xtina's year (mainly talking to the annoying monsters who just can't get enough of her) Anyway, bionic will be the best album!! I already told so many of my frinds to buy it!! Can't wait for bionic to finally blow up!!! It's a darn not album!

  • irisbionicsoul 06.09.2010

    <a href=";scrollTo=poll451" title=";scrollTo=poll451">;scrollTo=poll451</a>
    Who do you support Christina or Lady Gaga?
    Christina fans; please vote for our girl!

  • FeFelicia 06.09.2010

    loove you ;x and you hava a great voice Sexy
    keep it up

  • KikiKarnivore 06.09.2010

    how lame they made her not say "kissing all the boys AND ALL OF THE GIRLS" lame >_> guuuurl your album is hot!!! I got everything the itunes song which is beautiful!! and I got the deluxe edition "when you talk all I ehar is WAH WAH WAH WAH" thats my jam!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  • damianxtina 06.09.2010

    Something happened to her voice that day, but it was good anyway!

  • Yoghurt 06.09.2010

    Always Awesome All the times..!!Muah!!

  • Set1981 06.09.2010

    OMG she is incredible.... I LOV U Christina.... I want you to come to Central America.... please Sad

  • Sandra Venezuela 06.09.2010

    Fantastic xtina.... your voice is a little different but is good i like your look:)

  • Charly 06.09.2010

    Super great performance like always, i just cant wait for the tour. even she lost voice in a little part she make it up with some other nice high notes, she is an excellent singer

  • romyromanza 06.09.2010

    Why didn't they upload You Lost Me?
    I wanna see that!

  • ygorod 06.09.2010

    something with her voice

  • straternity 06.09.2010

    Way to serve it! Beautiful is the best performance of the day!! I love that she changes the arrangement each time she is doing promotions for new ablums

  • straternity 06.09.2010

    What the hell was with Fighter? As a loyal fan I expect better from her.

  • realfever 06.09.2010

    she's a Babe

  • madonnajohn1 06.09.2010

    what a great awesome voice love u xtina

  • SxxN 06.09.2010

    A little flaws in Fighter and NMT but BEAUTIFUL is still SOOOOOOO Beautiful!!!

    Take care ToT...Love u!

  • adelin 06.09.2010

    loveeee it Oups

  • xtnafnatic 06.09.2010


  • Miguel Urcadiz 06.09.2010

    Beautiful <3 mii canción--- TE AMO AGUILERA---

  • ol1456 06.09.2010

    she is the best ever, love her, hope to see BIONIC video soon hon , u re the best wish you allllll the best

  • cai15 06.08.2010

    wew. !!!!

  • dreamgurl 06.08.2010

    the best christina idol|!!!

  • dreamgurl 06.08.2010

    the best christina idol|!!!

  • SGCharmed85 06.08.2010

    was great! many song!

  • gabrielcgo 06.08.2010


  • uvlovesu 06.08.2010

    Awesome Christina!

  • karla 06.08.2010

    i love xtina she is the best singer ever and ever

  • karla 06.08.2010


  • anis 06.08.2010


  • Xtina4eva 06.08.2010


  • cesitaraldito 06.08.2010

    I LOVE CHRISTINA, DE AQUI QUIERO comunicarme con todos los fans de christina en peru, para que apoyemos a nuestro diva en los mtvla y que votemos por ella mtvla. CHRISTINA TE AMO eres la numero en mtv en el mes de mayo y junio vuelves con todo en el ranking. apoyemos a christina en latinoamerica

  • CHRISTINA AGUILERA - U Did awesome & amazing I have your deluxe edition of bionic today I love it and u are awesome forever

  • Marina 06.08.2010

    Love you!!! you are amaizing and Soooooooo beautiful!

  • Tom 06.08.2010

    her voice is weak in this performance, but it doesn't matter she's still great! LOVE YOU CHRISTINA!!

  • smartiz 06.08.2010

    Her voice was tired this morning, it happens to every signer..but she recovered brillantly. I hope she will be able to rest her voice for the next few days. I love Christina, she is the best!! <3

  • joaobraga 06.08.2010

    ok, she failed a high note on fighter, so what? SHE STILL AMAZING!

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