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Christina In The UK

Christina Aguilera's BIONIC is getting fantastic reviews in the UK. Check out these great pieces from Cosmo, Glamour and The Observer!

Christina also graces the cover of Company Magazine - take a look at the feature below!

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  • DYGY 07.05.2010

    jjjejejejje she is beatiful and sexy! is so great after had a son! looking great! i love you XTINA!

  • orion_damn14 06.30.2010

    i love the magazines!!!!!!!!!! perez hilton the old ugly idiot gay ever created!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha i feel so sorry for him,,, his always make some issues to caught attention,, lol,, tsk tsk tsk....

  • orion_damn14 06.30.2010

    i love you xtina,, yeah vote for her,,,

  • Splendid 06.21.2010

    As per "POLL: What's The Hottest Song Of The Summer?" on MTV Buzzworthy Blog, Christina has 50% of votes (Not Myself Tonight),next comes Alejandro by Lady Gaga 47% of votes,California Gurls - Katy Perry 3%,Hey Soul Sister- Train <1%,OMG -Usher <1% of votes .
    Thank You all for voting.
    The results will be featured in this week's issue of Life & Style Weekly.

  • XTinaSuggestions 06.20.2010

    VOTE XTINA FOR BEST SUMMER SONG OF 2010!!! SIGN IN TO MTV TO VOTE!!!! NOT MYSELF TONIGHT!!!!! LINK: <a href="" title=""></a>...
    VOTE NOW!!!!

  • Phoenix27 06.17.2010

    I had no doubt of it as I like the new genre of music from her. I've heard some negative reviews before but if you check the charts it preforms really well

  • Gift_zaa 06.17.2010

    I Love you X-tina

  • lia1825 06.17.2010

    Please Xtina!!
    We need a new single!!! Sad

  • M121809 06.17.2010

    I'm glad the UK loves you... people are dope on crack in the U.S.

  • scotty323 06.17.2010

    *mods edit, i love your enthusiasm, but that is not allowed
    our beautiful talented vocal diva xtina...!!!!

  • katharinelvr54 06.16.2010

    um.... wtf is wrong with america!! why arent we stepping up to the plate for christina! christina has an amzing new album BIONIC! its amazing! best album of the year by a mile! wtf!!!!!! please go buy it!!!!!

  • dulcemnm 06.16.2010

    If the music industry or people in general are being influenced on how Perez Hilton feels about Christina... Then those people have gone eff'n retarted! PH is a joke. He's just another hater who doesn't see the hard s*** an artist works for to produce gold at the end.

    La Hobbita ~ I agree with you to a certain extent.

    Like Christina said... Radios now-a-days are more about playing what's safe and all the sing-a-longs and one hit wonders that they forget about the emotional side of some music. It ticks the s*** out of me how I can seat through the a whole day listening to a Houston radio and only hear Christina's song ONES while other songs get played every other hour over and over!! Oh and believe me, I've called and requested her music several times but they dont play it till hours afters. :/

    The music industry is hursh. They don't care about who sings what or how musically talented an artist is. If people like your music and you're making them money, there as happy as can be. But ones you fail to produce magic on the billboards or on the radio they drop them like flies. :/

    RCA needs to do better for her, I think, as far as promoting her album. She's an amazing artist and I think US needs to give her a chance. I've stuck with her since 1998 when she came out with the Reflections song for Mulan. I was blown away by her voice! Not only that but just mesmerized at how a Latina could sing such a song like that but have such a soulful taste to it. That's what won me over from the start. And she hasn't disappointed me yet. She's helped me through some tough times with her music. Especially her personal home life ones. It's something I had also in my house hold. Not like her, nothing like hers, but just emotional damage by my father. But through each song "there's a light at the end of the tunnel."

    I'm a huge fan, Christina. I'll stick by you till the end. You're a huge inspiration too ALL your fans who have followed you through many years. You're one of our generations best!

    Love you always!
    Dulce Mara

  • RayRay87 06.16.2010

    I want that magazine

  • rosper37 06.16.2010

    I don't understand why Xtina is even compared to anyone. She is a unique talent. Music Industry please! She does not sound like anyone on the radio, she is always giving you something new and different unlike some performers out there that should stay of the scene and say no once in a while so that we can rest from seeing them. Xtina is the voice of her generation period!

  • chpchipichp 06.16.2010

    u are to in nucamendi´s magazine!!!!

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • chpchipichp 06.16.2010

    u are so talented!!!

  • REC 06.16.2010

    congrats xtina love this article it was about you and not others, no matter what they said you are a risk taker and i love that,bionic is very fun-driven album. lucky us that has experience the amazing work you did on bionic cuz is definitive the album of the year...

  • leonardoccll 06.16.2010

    I am so proud of her.
    Being edgy is not a copying-others-thing she's done it before, Is like way back then when MAriah did Glitter people needed a target and so Xtina is become that sort of target, she's strong and smart so we are we'll get through this laughing out loud in the end.
    Keep Singing Your Song Girl we're eager to hear.

  • Xtinafan 06.16.2010

    She's amazing!!! Really glad she's BACK!

  • js 06.16.2010

    Ilove you im always with you i know all your songs(L)

  • cathyga 06.16.2010

    U R so awesome Xtina! Sexy

  • Nikol4 06.16.2010

    woohoo.. she is real music dive...LOVE HER!!!!

  • JoeMusic1 06.16.2010

    I wish CA all the success in the world with Bionic. Can't listen to the album enough. haha Smile

  • katara 06.16.2010

    so proud of her renewed expressions! i hope she can open those eyes who's belive that she's just copied others... she grabs a mirror to them... watch and listen: what way do you think about your life and who you really are?!
    otherwise: on the company's cover she really looks herself as her career began Smile great photo Wink

  • Prima Donna 06.16.2010

    Thanks to the web operators for posting these scans! That says a lot. It's ice to see positive reviews. They've been slightly mixed in the US. The Company magazine interview is excellent!

  • iñigo 06.16.2010

    I really hope she gets to number 1 in the U.S. charts as well.

  • dreamgurl 06.16.2010

    the best xtina!!!!

  • 06.16.2010

    I Waaaant!!!

  • Adham 06.16.2010

    She's On Top...Very Exciting !

  • Adham 06.16.2010

    She's On Top...Very Exciting !

  • latinqueen86 06.16.2010

    She needs to go to the UK to stay on top 10!

  • Splendid 06.16.2010

    I wanna read/watch all media reviews on her National Anthem performance on NBA Finals.Any one has any links?

  • SxxN 06.16.2010

    Thanks the UK for making her no.1

  • MissAleksandra 06.16.2010

    UK LOVE Christina! We made you #1 please come to UK promote your album! We need you <3

  • straternity 06.16.2010

    You are amazing! Your music is sexy, playful, and wildly entertaining. I have converted people into fans of yours with this album, keep up the good work! Hold your chin high, and keep pushing through

  • xtinas fighter 06.16.2010

    @La Hobbita,you're sooo right...I want them to leave Christina alone and let her continue to do her fantastic music. we, the lucky ones, are aware of this beauty and let other people be devoid of this.

  • lourdes 06.16.2010

    @Lauren_lennie579 : who said that she is #3.. I saw in and bionic isn't in any chart.. maybe tomorrow....

  • i am kerri 06.16.2010

    great interviews, xtina you sound so smart and down to earth and most importantly you have common sense

  • parcos80 06.16.2010

    Don't let the bad reviews bring you guys down, No matter what people say we all know Christina is the best and we will support her no matter what, Go buy her album and tell ur friends to buy it too just to shut this people's mouths, Bionic is a great album, people need to listen to it, promote it, tell friends, play it around people, everyone will love it once they hear it!!!

  • lorenzo 06.16.2010

    lo que no entiendo es porque demonios en todas las entrevitas tienen que mencionar a gaga y que la competencia y que no se que, me cansan todas esas entrevistas, chales, los criticos deberian de fijarse en otras artistas que hasta tienen ritmos iguales que la gaga y que ellas si estan creadas para solo venderles a los adolecentes y ya. christina es una artista verdadera y eso ninguna critica lo puede cambiar, digan lo que digan, cristina siempre encuentra la manera de dejarlos callados jajajja

  • La Hobbita 06.16.2010

    I can't help but feel that Perez Hilton has somehow weaseled his way into the minds of the somewhat-intelligent music critics of America, pitting them against Christina's album before it had even come out. The music industry is an even more dangerous place than it was during the time of her debut album, and the collective "music ADD" of the younger audiences is largely to blame. Somehow, people don't snap back into focus when they hear Christina's bewildering vocal talent. Instead, they see her as familiar, give her an "eh" of approval for her talent, and then continue looking for new artists who are 15-23 years old. While it does feel a bit lonely to have so long of a period between Christina's albums, she certainly does pour her heart and soul into her albums. Bionic, Back to Basics, and Stripped will forever remain in my list of favorite albums that I will revisit over and over again. Christina's music always touches me and liberates me. No other pop star is able to do that. I'm sad that Bionic is #3 here in America, but I'm proud of Christina for fighting so valiantly for a #1 position. No other vocalist could withstand this past week she has had (both in terms of her succession of vocally-taxing performances and the largely-negative press from the media) and still sing their heart out on the National Anthem for a major NBA game! Christina is a REAL fighter.

  • AndreZole 06.16.2010

    Xtina te mereces lo mejor de este mundo te amo =)

  • jocelynlim 06.16.2010

    Christina when will u come S'pore for a concert? I have been waiting since I was 13.

  • Vyktor_lg 06.15.2010

    cOoL I HoPe.. SHE stILl outTing In The rEviEWS

  • xtnafnatic 06.15.2010


  • ge8194 06.15.2010


  • Dale_Gregoire 06.15.2010

    THANK YOU FOR BIONIC CHRISTINA!! I love it from top to finish! i also wanna thank you for taking a risk! this album is my fav by far!!! you just keep doing things you wanna do! i support you 110%

  • jlcc_koky 06.15.2010

    I'm so glad!!! Congratulations Xtina! Loves 4 U!!! Salu2!!! desde Lima-Perú. Waitin' for you Wink

  • tinkwoods 06.15.2010

    Me encanta! You rock!

  • Kichigai 06.15.2010

    Thanks for posting. Also, where is the second single?

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