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Change the Look of Your

Now you can personalize with the first of 4 new background themes based on each of Christina's hit albums. Simply mouse over the CHRISTINA AGUILERA logo at the top of the site to change its Bionic-inspired background skin for the newly launched Keeps Gettin' Better theme. Then check back at the start of upcoming weeks for a new look for each of Christina's previous albums.

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  • Dr_Jr 07.15.2010

    Can´t do it....where i need to go???

  • dustinzero 07.13.2010

    such a cool idea!

    XtinaNation: <a href="" title=""></a>

  • breannas 07.11.2010

    I love it so cool and fun! Keeps Gettin Better! XoXo

  • MrBubulino 07.06.2010

    it's amazing!!! This looks so cool, I'll be changing from style to style, they're all great!

  • lourdes 07.06.2010

    new theme "back to basics".. it look great..... Smile

  • sunflower 07.06.2010

    There's already a Back to Basics theme as well - check it out!
    Bionic is still my favourite though Smile

  • mynix 07.05.2010

    Really great idea, but Bionic looking the best for me. The colors and whole style is just so bi...o...nic right now.

  • visionofbl4ck 06.30.2010

    Whatever she does successful or not, i always cherish her in the most hopeful way...

  • durka-dur 06.30.2010

    Very cool!!

  • SEKZIIBOSANAC 06.30.2010


  • Bionic3986 06.30.2010

    Love it. Smile

  • DSummerfan69 06.30.2010

    Bionic just Rocks.... The next single to be release should be "Vanity" or "Monday Morning" any of those songs are just perfect for the Summer 2010 !

  • jersey03 06.29.2010

    wow thats is so fabulous

  • Lukin Aguilera 06.29.2010

    Its great!

  • romyromanza 06.29.2010

    Vote Xtina! <a href="" title=""></a>

  • romyromanza 06.29.2010


  • REC 06.29.2010

    ahh i love this idea,i will definitive want STRIPPED,love the art cover of the album...

  • orikalkos18 06.29.2010


  • Hinata222 06.29.2010

    What a great idea. I like all these new changes going on. I might switch back and forth with each layout every week.

  • Prima Donna 06.29.2010

    @MySelf that's what they JUST SAID... Shock

    "check back at the start of upcoming weeks for a new look for each of Christina's previous albums."

    I love this! Good thinking webmasters! Laughing out loud

  • MySelf 06.29.2010

    WOW! Great idea. I <3 it. I hope you will put stripped and BACK TO BASICS theme. Wink

  • BiOO 06.29.2010

    <a href="" title=""></a>

    Vote vote vote

  • dannyakalucky 06.29.2010


  • bionic_f 06.29.2010

    thats cool! thanks!

  • littledreamer♥ 06.29.2010

    AWESOME! Laughing out loud

  • rhysxx 06.29.2010

    cannot wait for the 'stripped' one Smile

  • Oxcarlima 06.29.2010

    VANITY and MY GIRLS next singles please!!!!!

  • backtalkk 06.28.2010

    I love you christina Smile

  • chico bionico 06.28.2010

    Love you b****! ♥

  • FabriPelaez 06.28.2010


  • Ricky 06.28.2010

    That was sooo cool! I have the "Keeps Gettin Better" fan wall. Hopefully they put fan walls of her other albums. I want one of "Stripped". =)

  • 91029967 06.28.2010


  • thyrocha 06.28.2010

    Tá pensando que Xtina é bagunça?! hahahah
    Love ya, girl!

  • Kruegerite 06.28.2010

    I Love it Smile

  • Xtinasboy 06.28.2010

    Great idea, Cool

  • Alosjs 06.28.2010


    Laughing out loud

    I want to congratulate Xtina's team for an amazing website, they're doing it great & fun, it's like visiting a web page where you can do a lot of stuff & have fun for quite a while.

    I only would like to see more Xtina messages to her fans, like what she's thinking about releasing for "Bionic" in the future & her creative ideas & of course I hope she stays strong with this era & releases at least 5 music videos & singlers or 6.

    This album is amazing & it deserves a lot of art & creativity, & with this amazing site they're giving it to us. Just give us those singles & music videos & we will be here being inspired by Xtina's looks, crativity & music. I LOVE this site! Laughing out loud <3

    Also I LOVE that the updates are almost daily & not only one every week, many artists do that & it's boring, but this site ROCKS! WOOHOO!


  • Alezxz 06.28.2010


  • KekiFace 06.28.2010


  • omerr 06.28.2010


  • texas_xtina_fan 06.28.2010

    LOVE it!! Can't wait to see the others! Especially the Back To Basics one!

  • Ricky 06.28.2010

    That's sooo cool! I have the Keep's Gettin Better one!

  • izrey90 06.28.2010

    this is awesome!!!!

  • beny_boy 06.28.2010

    Wow! that's Cool!!!!

  • yo 06.28.2010

    COOL cool cool....

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