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"You Lost Me" Video Premiere

It's finally here! Watch the amazing video below!!

For everyone outside the U.S. - you can watch the video in the player below!!

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  • Bi-0n-Ic_B0Y 11.01.2010

    Thanks Chris for being our strength when we are weak! You are such an amazing person and an even more vocalist! Its such a shame about your marriage but your fans are here to support you all the way! BIG-UP to you and little Max!

  • Rosse 10.31.2010


  • ZUZTRA 10.30.2010

    LA ROLA ME LLEGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marekw123 10.30.2010

    Christina is the easly the best singer in this and past century!!!!! no one comes close

  • ha311 10.29.2010

    This song and video were done very well. I can relate to the song because I am going through a breakup that ended badly and very hurtful after 7 years. Your music keeps me strong and motivated, while dealing with this situation and being stressed out from my last year of college and work on top of it all. I love all your music and always have and I am not one to usually comment on things like this but I want to thank you because your songs have helped me get through things especially what I am going through now. I know your having a hard time and I wish you nothing but the best and I hope your own music helps you just like it does me.

    Thanks Again.

  • suce 10.29.2010

    Love it

  • jotoav 10.28.2010

    increible... i love christina.... you are the best single of the world...

  • Celinalove 10.27.2010


  • DiRRtyGurl11 10.27.2010

    WOW BABE YOU ARE AMAZING!! i just love everything about you!! good LUCK with your new SINGLE LIFE GIRL! xoxo Love your CANADIAN FAN Crystal

  • Amber Butler 10.26.2010

    I love your new song, but I'm sad for you at the same time. I cannot imagine what your going through, but I pray you find healing. I love your music, I feel like it speaks to my your music has heard every prayer I've cried over the years. I suppose we have shared some pain. You are a great role model to me, we are the same age but I admire you standing up for your self and your child. I hope you do what is best for you, and who cares what others think. I promise to not buy a single magazine with your personal issues on the cover. I pray blessings for you and comfort during this storm in your life.

  • serkan 10.25.2010

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  • serkan 10.25.2010

    Hi Criss. I admire your simple. I want to be a romantic lead role in a clip. Waiting for you the contact with me. Thank you in advance. adrsim <a href=""></a> e-mail. Up on the use of this address. Thanks again.

  • FeArLeS 10.21.2010

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  • Hiliam 10.21.2010

    Chris, Im so sorry ur marriage is over, I really do. Yo no soy fan de hace mucho, primer vez q' trato de dejar un commet y no se como or where, but i hope u get to read this one, acuerdate, procura hoy por ti y tu hijo, rodearte de personas q' te amen y apoyen, remember, oh, mother..."we always pull through" Yo te estare mandando buenos pensamientos, y sentimientos, para que pronto logreas sanar y salir adelante de esta perdida.. u lost some one and all the dreams u had shared, but you have a new dream que esta floreciendo, es tu hijo, adelante muchacha! Tu estas en mi pensamiento, te mando constantemente un buen sentimiento. Hiliam

  • sasta87 10.20.2010


  • FeArLeS 10.19.2010

    ░░▒▓███►C♥R♥I♥S♥T♥I♥N♥A ◄███▓▒░░
    ░░▒▓███►C♥R♥I♥S♥T♥I♥N♥A ◄███▓▒░░I
    ░░▒▓███►C♥R♥I♥S♥T♥I♥N♥A ◄███▓▒░░
    ░░▒▓███►C♥R♥I♥S♥T♥I♥N♥A ◄███▓▒░░L
    ░░▒▓███►C♥R♥I♥S♥T♥I♥N♥A ◄███▓▒░░O
    ░░▒▓███►C♥R♥I♥S♥T♥I♥N♥A ◄███▓▒░░V
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  • KINGA 10.19.2010

    I love Christinas Voice.... the magic of her voice and music... powerful msg in all her work. Great song... as all of them with a very deep meaning.

  • sasta87 10.19.2010

    Very nice song. I've always loved Christinas' voice. I can really hear SIAs influence in this song. She is my favorite. Good choice to have her input. She is the best!

  • juancito 10.19.2010

    grandioso, increible, fenomenal, alcansan las palabras. muchas gracias por darnos este gusto.cristina, eres una de las cosas buenas de la vida que nos ayuda a olvidar las cosas malas.gracias.

  • amo esta Es la mejor
    sigue adelante eres la mejor
    baby you lost me

  • luz edith 10.18.2010

    exelente cancion <3

  • FeArLeS 10.17.2010

    my love crs ! Sad ı love you

  • j 10.17.2010

    your fans will always love you

  • luckyleipzig 10.15.2010


  • sophie1234 10.15.2010

    hi I wont to be like you. and I like your weddind dreess you wear stiring. meet up whith sumtime.

  • mariavelena 10.15.2010

    Mi cantante preferida fue, es y será.

  • bUlladictO 10.14.2010

    why i love u so much? :'( you are the best xtina :')

  • kbella 10.13.2010

    I wish I knew how to describe the feeling that comes over me when you sing, Christina. I can't find the words...
    Your voice is simply...IMMACULATE! WithOUT question, I AM a huge fan of yours.

  • aJade 10.13.2010

    Tissue anyone?

  • sarkahin 10.13.2010

    Im singer as well. And the only person Im really jealous about is you. I promised my self I wont listen to you anymore, but of course I do listen Smile Well... I wish I know how it feels sing between so many people and be so admired. Once in my life I wish to experience that. Anyway, I wish you all the best - and "you lost me" is amazing....

  • JotieS 10.12.2010

    your hair is beautiful Bionic is the best album ever
    you lost me is for me the second beautiful

  • ArmAndrs 10.08.2010

    I like this video! you look so beautyfull!

  • Alixtina 10.08.2010

    I love you Christina,you are the best.Bellissima,incantadora,penso che la tua voce sia una cosa unica mi fa venire i brividi mamma mia!

  • ivancc 10.07.2010

    ahhh!!!! y aparte este nuevo loock te hace ver guapisima TE AMOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • ivancc 10.07.2010

    i love you you are the best xtina

  • Pepe 10.06.2010

    I love this video and I really do love the CD Bionic; It is incredible. It has an incredible quality. I bought the song Bionic as soon as it was available on ITunes and later I bought the Christina is incredible and I think she's on the best singers along with Barbra Streisand. I do recommend this CD.

  • Hasan9 10.05.2010

    This is the best video to date, though I think the song is rather emotive and expresses disillusion.

  • Polly95thebest 10.03.2010

    semplicemente fantastica!!!

  • Islander2c 10.03.2010

    So Powerful! Love Love Love it!

  • Vladi 09.28.2010

    Bellissima!!!!!!!!!!complimenti from Italy!

  • auntieeiram 09.27.2010

    Yes, you can definitely hear the collaboration with Sia. Nice touch walking out of frame at the end of the first verse.

  • lollypopxxx 09.26.2010

    i luv diz songg and xtina iz amazing :]

  • olverajulio1987 09.24.2010

    ohh my god i just love this song i can relate to it so much i love christina

  • Marisca 09.22.2010

    Oh my gosh, i can not help but want to cry when i listen to ,you lost me, and when i watch it, oh my word it's beautifull!! well done Christina well done!!

  • luchito75 09.21.2010

    Sinceramente Christina me gustaría saber si alguna vez vendrás al Perú, ansío escucharte en vivo. No se definir lo que tu voz y tu música mueven en mí!

  • Tinad 09.20.2010

    Superb absolutely amazing Wow!!!

  • Crisi19 09.20.2010

    Amazing as always!!!!!!!!

  • Geministar 09.17.2010

    Love, Love, Love it! I always get shivers from the emotion you portray in voice and lyrics! Absolutely amazing vocals in this song!

  • GENIS 09.16.2010


  • tabathaflores 09.15.2010

    You made a great album Chris. I hope it eventually gets the credit it deserves. Awesome sounds! It comes alive when you crank it loud xoxo

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