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Post Your CA Collection

Post Your CA Collection

What do you have?
Cd/dvd/maxi/magazines and everything else!
Photos and videos please! I LOVE to look at them!

Here is mine: <a href="" title=""></a>

My second video (added_2010 09 28): <a href=";feature=youtube_gdata" title=";feature=youtube_gdata">;feature=youtube_gdata</a>

  • BionicFred 08.08.2012

    Latest items:
    Genio Atrapado CD single
    The Voice DVD

    and just bought a sealed Back To Basics album. :]

  • Christina Aguilera - (CD)
    My Kind Of Christmas (CD)
    Stripped (CD)
    Back To Basics (2 CD Set)
    Bionic (DELUXE)
    Mp3.'s Of Bionic Songs and Keeps Gettin Better.
    Poster Of Xtina From Blender Photoshoot 2002 -Got some damage Sad
    Thousands of magazine clippings and some magazine posters.
    Official Christina Sticker Set

    I can't think of anything else. I think that is it. If I think of something I missed
    I will add it or if I get something new.

  • BionicFred 02.29.2012

    Xtina fans, post pics or vids of your Christina collection here!

  • Rosane_Xtina 02.26.2012

    I loved it!! Congratulations, I always wanted these kind of things, but here in Brazil is very difficult to find it. I always wanted to have her fragrances, but it wasn't exported to Brazil (Very Sad!!) Sad
    So, my CA collection is very small, but I'll try to expand it for more...

    Christina Aguilera: Special Edition
    Mi Reflejo
    My Kind of Christmas (Imported from USA)
    Back To Basics
    Keeps Gettin' Better: A Decade of Hits

    Genie Gets Her Wish (Official)
    Out of The Bottle (Unofficial)
    My Reflection
    Stripped Live in The UK
    Back To Basics - Live and Down Under


    Shark Tale (Car Wash)

    Marie Claire (2012)

    Photo Album (Since her birth until now, I also have a video and I'm going to remake it, so I can put here)

  • TheRealJulie 02.26.2012
    All my collection is packed away in a box, which is now underneath a load of other boxes, whilst my house has some serious DIY done to it. I need to dig it all out again at some point soon and I'll make a list of items.
  • VixenRose 02.26.2012

    I counted yesterday that I have 62 cd/singles. i don't even wanna know how much money I've spend on those.

  • jb1986 02.21.2012

    I have a pretty small collection, so I'lljust list it here:

    Christina Aguilera
    Mi Reflejo
    Back To Basics
    Keeps Gettin' Better Deleuxe Edition W/DVD
    Bionic Deluxe Edition
    Burlesque Soundtrack

    Vinyl Record:
    Back To Basics

    I also downloaded Just Be Free and My Kind Of Christmas.

    Stripped Live In The UK DVD
    Back To Basics Live DVD
    Burlesque Blu-Ray

    Marie Claire Magazine 2012
    Rolling Stone with Cee-Lo, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine promoting "The Voice."
    I think I also have a Rolling Stone from 2006 when Back To Basics was released. I hope I can find it.

  • BionicFred 02.21.2012

    Hello guys, how are your CA collection? Latest stuff I got was The Voice Within mini-disc single, and Marie Claire Feb. 2012 issue.

    -BionicFred, Philippines

  • Gryffindor713 10.05.2010

    and @Mr. Titanic - You're Welcome and I love your collection .

  • Gryffindor713 10.05.2010

    @BionicFred - You use the fan mail address listed , from azzoff music . And a SASE Manila is a Self Addressed Stamped Manila Envelope . Smile Hope that helps .

  • BionicFred 10.05.2010

    @dollyite925 - What's that SASE Manila?
    And if I'll send Xtina a fan mail, what address do I use? the fan mail address or the address information?
    <a href="" title=""></a>

    Give me guidelines please. Smile

  • Mr. Titanic 10.05.2010

    Thank you Dollyite for your responses!

    This isn't my whole collection (I only have this and her CDs, so far though!) But I received my Fan Edition today and decided to upload a video of the contents!

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Dollyite925 10.05.2010

    @BionicFred , I live in Atlanta, GA Smile

  • BionicFred 10.05.2010

    @dollyite925 - Where do you live?

  • Dollyite925 10.05.2010

    @ Mr. Titanic, yep, all I did was write her a nice letter, and sent it, along with a folded up SASE (Manila), inside a Manila Envelope and received the signed photos Smile I about fainted when I realized she sent TWO .

  • AllaneZ 10.02.2010

    nothing can I add on this, but I only have Christina's Discography on itunes in my laptop...... also Bionic Deluxe Edition in physical cd...

    i don't have bionic fan edition, mi reflejo, just be free, and some xtina's remix cd...

  • NastyNaughtyBoy 10.02.2010

    I just got a Christina laptop skin, and am going to take a pic for all you peeps. Right now, I'm typing on my laptop, lol.

  • Mr. Titanic 10.01.2010

    Was all you sent a SASE and the letter? And she returned your SASE with her own images autographed? Wow, she is so kind and generous (as expected, of course!) Christina is such a sweetie! You've inspired me to follow suit and try to ask for the same thing! I just love her and Bionic! This is so enthralling! Most artists require that one purchase the images they want autographed rather than providing their own!

  • milano 10.01.2010

    hi im new, and i just wanted to know if it was possible to send christina fan mail via email

  • Dollyite925 10.01.2010

    @Mr. Titanic, I sent a letter to her back in June, to her fanmail address , and asked her for an autographed photo, either an 8x10 or a 5x7 if she had the time to do so in her very busy career Smile I had completely forgotten I had sent her a letter, and yesterday I received my SASE back, from her management, and instead of 1 Autograph, she gave me TWO (the 5x7 B2B and the 8x10 BIONIC), and she also kept the letter I had sent her . And strangely enough, B2B and BIONIC are my two favorite Xtina Albums , so I was overjoyed.

    The address can be found here

    <a href="" title=""></a>

    I used the 1st one , for AZOFFMUSIC Wink

  • Mr. Titanic 09.30.2010

    Where did you get the Bionic photo from? And how did you have it autographed? I'm hoping I can get a Christina autograph on a Bionic image.

  • Dollyite925 09.30.2010

    Here are my two most prized XTINA items

    1. Autographed 5x7 B2B Photo

    <a href="" title=""></a>

    2. Autographed 8x10 BIONIC Photo

    <a href="" title=""></a>

    I also LOVE my BIONIC Fan Edition and Limited Edition Poster which has My Initials & Word on it Smile

  • mynix 09.28.2010

    Come on more pictures! I love to see them!
    Here is a picture about my: <a href="" title=""></a>
    And I did another video if anyone is interested in it:
    <a href=";feature=youtube_gdata" title=";feature=youtube_gdata">;feature=youtube_gdata</a>

  • Johnnyboi 08.10.2010

    In my wardrobe at my dads. Theres still quite a few things to get, but thats the only thing I like about her taking long breaks between catchup! lol

  • BionicFred 08.09.2010

    @johnnyboi - Where do you keep all of your Xtina items? They are too many! Smile

  • Johnnyboi 08.09.2010

    I have the Stripped and Back to Basics ones. Not the one for her first tour.

  • BionicFred 08.08.2010

    @johnnyboi - Hey! Your collection is very nice!!! Do you have all of Xtina's tour books?

  • BionicFred 08.08.2010

    Hey mynix! Do you have a Xtina collection website?

  • mynix 08.05.2010

    Great stuffs, small picture.
    I could choose myself some things what I would love to have.

  • Johnnyboi 07.26.2010

    Heres mine:

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • mynix 07.24.2010

    My Bionic stuffs so far:
    4 cd: Eu; Korea; Taiwan; Thailand
    3 NMT maxi: Eu; Korea; Taiwan
    3D mouse pad: Taiwan
    Two sided poster
    6 magazines

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • mynix 05.30.2010

    I'm waiting for you photos impatiently XtinaAddict.

  • mlvcrlive 05.28.2010


  • XtinaAddict 05.28.2010

    Im gonna take some photos of mine and post them on my facebook fanpage. I will leave the link here once I upload them. Laughing out loud

  • Prima Donna 05.26.2010

    Oh! AND the fragrances!! Now that'ssomething I want every part of. You're amazing for that! Smile

  • Prima Donna 05.26.2010

    WOW! I've never been the type to buy all the singles (unless it has b-sides or something), but I love that you have cassettes! I LOVE tapes! Laughing out loud

    Your collection rocks!

  • Skywriter 05.26.2010

    Hey cool collection you got there. Apparently there was a B2B fan box as well? Does anyone have a picture? Can you tell me what was in it?

  • candee2 05.25.2010

    wow that's amazing. Smile

  • weroniuka 05.25.2010

    Fantastic collection! I only have 5 CDs. Tongue

  • mynix 05.25.2010

    babykane, hurry up doing your website again as I love watching collections. [Not as much as buying new thing but you know ;-)]

  • babykane 05.25.2010

    Hey amazing collection!!!

    I used to have a website 'TheChristinaCollection' But it has been taken down as I lost my webspace but might remake it some day!!!

    I also Subscribed to your channel, I'm ThisIsBabyKane

    Baby Kane xXx

  • bronteblair 05.24.2010

    amazing !! very jealous

  • vals 05.24.2010

    amazing collection!!!!


  • Lukin Aguilera 05.24.2010

    So jealousy! Amaxing! Congratz

  • dustinzero 05.23.2010

    WOW!!!! thats awsome!!

  • Lickyum 05.23.2010

    Wow, your collection is amazing!! Laughing out loud

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