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Christina Aguilera Gets Second #1 On Dance Charts

Not once but twice! Our girl Christina Aguilera has secured a second #1 on the Billboard Dance charts from her new album BIONIC. That's right, Christina's second single "You Lost Me" has reached the top spot on the US chart. Get out and get your boogie on to "You Lost Me."

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  • AllaneZ 10.26.2010


  • AllaneZ 10.26.2010

    Laughing out loud

  • AllaneZ 10.25.2010

    still #12 on Dance/Club Play Song on since last week..

  • MiaBellaCFA 10.15.2010

    All we can say is this girl is hot!!!! This woman is hot!!!
    We love you Christina!!!!

  • JotieS 10.14.2010

    WOW; fantastic really Love this song
    Thank you Xtina

  • aJade 10.13.2010

    Awesome addition to the remix stock! Keep it coming xtina!

  • truextinafan 10.13.2010

    Love this song and this remix is amazingggg christina's voice is WOW congrats christina on ur #1 dance hit!!!!

  • Chrs.forever 10.11.2010

    She's the best

  • iamtk 10.11.2010

    She's the number one in my heart
    Love u X-tina

  • Cookieee_ 10.10.2010

    I'm so proud of Christina <3

  • GregErik12 10.08.2010

    Congrats XTINA! I LOVED your album! It was the funnest and most creative and outgoing album you have done yet! Congrats and i am proud of what Burlesque has to offer. Another HIT in another field.

  • klaudiusz506 10.08.2010

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  • legentina 10.08.2010

    THIS GOES OUT TO ALLLLL HATER!!! Sales do not define an album (besides..the msuci industry is to blame) Xtina is STILL getting #1 on all kinds of charts!! Can't wait for your next single xtina...keep owning that throne!

  • ramireag 10.08.2010

    Will always be a Fan of yours!! You are phenomenal! Voice, body, talent and everything all an artist represents. Hugs!

  • Miss_X-tina 10.08.2010

    Congrats Christina!Keep on doing the great work!I love you!

  • Beautiful93 10.07.2010

    That's great to hear! Smile

  • BionicHoney 10.07.2010

    boogie on? ok..

    love the song though

  • ol1457 10.07.2010

    LOVE this song, the remix and the video!!!
    Congrats for the #1 Dance song!!!!

  • ol1457 10.07.2010

    <a href=";from=self" title=";from=self"></a>

    VOTE FOR YLM....

  • ol1457 10.07.2010

    Im so glad for this >>>>>>> Christina say yes to David Guetta.... its gonna be huge as our voice

  • M121809 10.07.2010


  • AllaneZ 10.07.2010

    next single !!!
    can't wait Stare

  • ol1457 10.06.2010

    I am so happy for this but more happy i will be when u make ur new cd with David Guetta . Please christina do it ... you are the best cant wait to see you (burlesque) love ya

  • MagidXtin 10.06.2010

    Oh almost forgot, in Venezuela want's be your next single: V and this V is 4 VANITY!!!! yeahhhhhhhh

  • MagidXtin 10.06.2010

    OMG i knew it!!! congratolations Christina I'm soooo happy 4 ya! this cd BIONIC keeps gettin' better, thank's 4 givin' us another BEST productions. We waitin' for more... WE WANT'S BIONIC TOUR!!! GOD BLESS YOU EVERY DAY! XOXO I love you Christina Thank's for makes me belive one more time!

  • parcos80 10.06.2010

    Yay!!! I knew it, Christina is always gonna have #1 hits no matter what haters say!!! Please release a new single from Bionic soon!!!

  • jesus1974 10.06.2010

    i am so happy for this and i think you can do so many more singles from bionic... please! i do not know if you read this, but do not do any glee or colaborate with david i have seen some of his work and i think you are so much better than that.... i know this things are selling right now but you are a true artist i have never seen anyone like you before. i love art and everything that relates to art. from fashion music photograph you name it and for the most part yo have it all... you can be help a bit in the fashion department but other than that you are perfect!

  • Yazmin 10.05.2010

    I love you this song!
    l love you BiONic!!
    I love you Christina!!!!!!!!!
    you are the best.

  • HotNicks 10.05.2010

    Epic is right! This is absolutely a-maz-ing ba-nan-as!!!

  • aguileraxlove64 10.05.2010

    wow this is epic, i LOVE it <3

  • AJR 10.05.2010

    Xtina, if u read this, pls listen to us. Ur album is amazing. U deserves to be on TOP! You can blow all the others artists today! Don't lose hope on Bionic! Continue promoting it while promoting Burlesque too! Bionic has so many amazing songs! Release d following as SINGLES w/ AMAZING MUSIC VIDEOS: I HATE BOYS, DESNUDATE, PRIMA DONNA, & WOOHOO!! U CAN RELEASE MY GIRLS TOO.... Pls do it for us! WE LOVE YOU CHRISTINA!

  • gdirrty 10.05.2010

    Happy for u babe... Luv u!!!

  • al3xxx99 10.04.2010

    can't wait 4 the next single!!!!! luv u xtina!!!!

  • Ikah 10.04.2010

    Awesome! Love this song!

  • ol1457 10.04.2010

    great She is the best and always will be love ya Xti xxxx Venezuela Love ya

  • Blu 10.04.2010

    She deserves it. Much props to all the DJs who made great official remixes.

  • zeuzftt 10.04.2010

    I like it!"!!!!!!!
    esperamos con ansias tu 2do single, y ojala un milagro y vengas de gira por PERU

  • X - jl 10.04.2010

    so good...!!!!
    es lo maximo mi diva bella
    felicitaciones Ecuador te ama X-tina......
    pensamos q su proximo single deberia ser: WooHoo o Desnudate.....

  • phoenixchi 10.04.2010

    congratulations Xtina, your my favourite artist so far, Bionic is still the best in my opinion! Luv ya! Smile

  • KenAguilera 10.03.2010

    Segun me he enterado el próximo single de Xtina va a ser "I HATE BOYS"

  • straternity 10.03.2010

    So glad that Christina is getting the recognition she deserves! Lets hope I Hate Boys is her next single! It has been released in Australia, are we next in the U.S.?

  • alexs3105 10.03.2010

    Congrats Xtina!!!

  • Karlochesco 10.03.2010

    yeah this song is one of my fav

    I'm waiting 4 the next single BIONIC ALBUM IT'S AMAZING

  • KenAguilera 10.03.2010

    Me encanto el REMIX..!..Me encanta Christina una DIOSA...!!....I LOVE HER..!..POR FAVOR Xtina QUE SALGA RAPIDO EL VIDEO DE "I HATE BOYS.."

  • Brian_aguilera 10.02.2010

    Xtina pls let out more singles from bionic

  • Ghislaine 10.02.2010

    thank you, but there is no need to be sorry.
    And yes, I have seen a New Orleans funeral - even if only in a James Bond movie ["Live and Let Die"], and it was remarkable how suddenly they were able to switch from morose Desaster to hilarious Dixieland musically...Smile .
    I do also know that e. g. the Mexicans do have a 'dia de los muertos' (day of the dead), where they celebrate with the spirits of their ancestors.
    It must be my "nordic" genes... genes that maybe could be related to those of, e. g., Edvard Grieg who - among other things - composed the Peer Gynt Suites No. 1 and 2 (Dawning Mood, Hall of the Mountain King, Solveig's Song...).
    Of course, it might be psychologically much healthier and easier to be able to close an obviously and for all sound reasoning finished chapter of one's past....
    ... but I cannot and could not, will not and would not.
    Among other things, I am a true German I guess, hence (I think I already confessed to the following) presumably hereditarily prone to succumb to exaggerations... when I love, I do want to love, and should I be sad, I do want to be... to me it would seem like cheating all I believed in and loved, were I to rush through a zone of sadness incurred by having felt love.
    However, I am also a mystic, believing that there is something real beyond what is generally deemed to be reality. Therefore, even if I should be inundated by grief, I do still know that the Sun is bound to come up again.
    This is why - at present at least - I prefer the original version of 'You lost me', with the music matching Christina's incredible voice.
    I do also acknowledge that others may be much happier with what I called the "bpm-version".
    To each their own... especially if it makes Christina 'Numero Uno' Smile) !!!

  • varelacr 10.02.2010

    la mejor cantante del mundo. apoyo 100%

  • lucas 10.02.2010

    Rocking version!!!! No doubt why Xtina is back at #1!!!

  • candee2 10.02.2010

    sorry Ghis, some of us americans are like that, we dance at funerals too sometimes. ever seen a new orleans funeral? they actually dance and parade to the grave site.

    texas fan you are only 14 and have that much sense? I love you.

  • Claudus 10.02.2010

    Congratulations !!!!!! Christina you are the best !!

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