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Get Ready To "Express" Your Burlesque Love

Starting in November you'll have the opportunity to show the world what you've got by lip syncing the song "Express" from the Major Motion Picture BURLESQUE using the "Express Yourself" feature on the Sony Pictures BURLESQUE movie website.

Listen to "Express" and start practicing!

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  • stripped_dirrty 10.30.2010

    Hello Christina Please Visit New Fan Club in Mongolia

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Carlitous 10.19.2010

    where can I listend to the complete song?

  • xtinaslvr 10.18.2010

    no fair phxroyalty?! I signed up for the prescreening but didnt make it was a good movie? I cant wait to see it next month?!Smile!

  • phxroyalty 10.18.2010


  • missbenzy 10.16.2010

    I loveee this song!! I hope they play it on the radio too Smile

  • alroro90 10.16.2010


  • Christina 10.16.2010

    ITS A PASSION AN EMOTION ITS BURLESQUE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • locoporti 10.15.2010

    te amo con todo mi corazon

  • AngelIanne 10.14.2010

    Christina you best! We're waiting on your best!

  • IvorySOS 10.14.2010

    Hot! I am definitely entering into this contest. I have so many ideas of what im gonna do can't wait to show the world my moves.

  • I have heard of this song but not complete, it sounds good and amazing..
    By the way I have a full song of her "Spotlight" and I put it on my facebook account...

  • wiill aguilera 10.14.2010

    christina todos tus fans te apoyamos en todas tus decisiones i siempre estaremos ai para respaldarte! =) te amo christina! i me muero x tener la pelicula i el cd de burlesque!

  • alexs3105 10.13.2010

    We love you Christina, and we'll always be here for you! You're a fighter and stronger than ever, so keep on singin' your song Smile

  • aJade 10.13.2010

    ooh! FUN!!!

  • miss clusmy 10.13.2010

    xtina my name is ana and im one of ur biggest fans and i just heard the news and i want 2 let u know im here 4 u and i will forever be a fan much love ur hardcore fan ana villalobos

  • LEFOU IBIZA 10.13.2010

    love christina love voice love diva aguilera respect love youuu

  • LEFOU IBIZA 10.13.2010

    love song no no separated jordan Sad

  • truextinafan 10.13.2010

    OMG i love this song christina ur voice is amazing i cant wait for burlesque im so excited and im so sorry to hear about you and jordan but christina i know whatever u and jordan are going through you's will get through it and work things out you and jordan are a strong couple and will get through this and i wish you both nothing but the best!We love you christina!

  • pedrojose2009 10.13.2010

    love xtina !!!

  • KenAguilera 10.13.2010

    You're the passion and emotion ....! I love Xtina Aguilera...!You're the Best..!You are my Goddess...!Ken - Perú

  • ol1457 10.13.2010

    christina you are the best , we love ya xxxx

  • tinkwoods 10.13.2010

    I hope the love that brought the two of you together can be found again. Its hard work making time for a career and being a great parent and trying to find time for a spouse... I pray you find each other again, if not now then down the road, its never too late even if there's a small spark of love left. All my best, a great love is always worth the fight and if the good fight has been fought, still love each other because you've given the other a great gift of such a wonderful adorable son.

  • ezr 10.13.2010

    we love you so much christina, always remember that!

  • tinkwoods 10.13.2010

    i cant wait for this movie to come out, it looks fantastic! Hang in there X, your fans love and support you! You're a fighter with a kind and loving soul, keep your head held high CANT HOLD US DOWN!

  • X - jl 10.13.2010

    es hermosa express yourself....
    necesito ya the burlesque in my mind
    love you x-tina....

  • willpuertas Vzla 10.13.2010

    C'mon Xtina u are the best...Force because you are a strong woman do not decline all your fans we are with you! .. I am sad for the news but we will go out of this one

  • Claudus 10.13.2010

    I love the song !!!!

  • gdirrty 10.13.2010

    Nice song... Yeah...

  • AllaneZ 10.13.2010

    very very love this song... it sounds like the theme of the movie self...

  • KittyPayne 10.13.2010

    I can't wait, I'd love to sing (not lipsynch) that song! It's awsome

  • FernandoOsuna 10.13.2010

    I can't wait to hear the full song.

  • iamtk 10.12.2010

    I just know your news about Jordan
    whatever happens i will always love you and I know that you can fight this

    Love you x-tina

  • Bolun 10.12.2010

    im sure its the right choice. whatever happens, happens. better than u sticking in a relationship where ur not happy.
    ur fans love u. Muah!
    p.s. its more fun when ur single anyways. haha <3

  • Breanna 10.12.2010

    I love the song! I was so sad when I heard the news but I will always be one of your fans and will continue to support you no matter what! Everthing happens for a reason just have faith and everything will work out for the best! Love ya girl XoXo

  • 91029967 10.12.2010

    OH MY GODDDDDDDDDD i just heard what happened with you and jordan.But your fans are always gonna be there for you. love u christina!XOXOX

  • omerr 10.12.2010

    Christina is very easy for a happy marriage you finish your grieve me very sad because I hope it happens in the future you deserve a life like you want to

  • texas_xtina_fan 10.12.2010

    Christina no matter what you are going through personally or career-wise right now remember that your hard core fans will love you forever and send love to your son from us!!!! LOVE this song and Can't wait for the movie!!!

    age 14

  • ol1457 10.12.2010

    Add a commentI hate boys ?????? realllly wkd, Xti you are the best

  • ol1457 10.12.2010

    <a href="" title=""></a> vote 4 xti she is the best

  • Zokarrc 10.12.2010

    AMAZING, Xtina i lov u GURL, NEVER STOP..

  • jsansevere 10.12.2010

    this is exciting - i can't wait to do this!

  • straternity 10.12.2010

    So excited that I Hate Boys is slated to be your next single in north america! I can't wait to hear it on the radio and in the clubs. Your well on your way to having a third #1 from Bionic!

  • Beautiful93 10.12.2010

    Nice song! Laughing out loud

  • Terka 10.12.2010

    i love this song i love burlesque i cant wait for the movie and soundtrack x-tina you are the best good luck for your movie and new fragrance the royal desire woooww Smile)

  • REC 10.12.2010

    this is great cant wait for the soundtrack, and love the tittle express,love u xtina...first.

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