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Christina Aguilera at the AMAs

Christina Aguilera took to the stage to give fans a preview of what to expect from her major motion picture debut in Burlesque. Check out some amazing photos from her performance of "Express" from last night's show. Did you see Christina work the AMA stage?

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  • pedrojose2009 11.23.2010


  • Quintoia 11.23.2010

    I don't care what any of the haters have to say because Christina ROCKED it at the AMA's!
    She performed my favorite song on the soundtrack.
    The AMA's had a girl power theme (to me) and Christina was the queen (who reigned supreme)! Wink

  • texas_xtina_fan 11.23.2010

    LOVE that performance! Best one of the night!

  • PatiiSofia 11.23.2010

    Perfect =D I love it

  • xtinarox13 11.23.2010

    i saw the preformence and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!
    keep singing christina

  • Dirrtyboy89 11.23.2010

    xtina i love youuuu, i love your performance
    p.s. i want your hair black back...!

  • i am kerri 11.23.2010

    I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yimmimegue 11.23.2010

    i loved it!

  • AllaneZ 11.23.2010

    Legendtina Sexy

  • Fredstina 11.23.2010

    *moderator's note: deleted, misuse of capital letters, stop*

  • ol1457 11.23.2010

    was perfect xxx

  • bioniclex 11.22.2010

    She´s a brave woman, of corse she knows all the things the people will say!! But look at her!! a true artist is on the stage, performing, and as she said: we´re are beautiful no matter what they say!!! and remember most of the women are not size 0, there´s no to be ashamed, now she´s a regular woman maybe like you, so before start to talk, think... Thats the greatest of XTINA she´s a fighter, shes here to stay and she´s still dirrty!!!! who owns the throne!!

  • Hunter415 11.22.2010

    LOVED IT! But honestly, she could wear a garbage bag and sing the phonebook and I would still watch. Love you Christina, and always will. You rock.

  • ghea gartina 11.22.2010

    cool..!!! love it so much

  • smokyray 11.22.2010

    she put on some weights...but still love her performance though...

  • candee2 11.22.2010

    Beautiful pics and I love her so much. Keep rocking it for us, Christina! Smile

  • Christina's Fan 11.22.2010

    a love it! i see you from paraguay Laughing out loud

  • LEFOU IBIZA 11.22.2010

    LOVE DIVA the voice love burlesque bionic and carriere beautiful voice love christina !!!!

  • kkalinowski 11.22.2010

    Very hot performance love it can't wait for her tour back to Toronto Canada!

  • M121809 11.22.2010


  • Jeva 11.22.2010

    she's gorgeous! has always been and will always be! love you not matter what christina <3

  • omerr 11.22.2010

    in a word, wonderful <3 l love you Christina

  • Sognare22 11.22.2010

    I loved it! She's amazing to be going through what she is going through and still giving her all!

  • javilarod 11.22.2010

    beautiful, sexy...!! great performance!!

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