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VIDEO: Christina Aguilera on Conan

Christina Aguilera was a guest on Conan last night to talk about her upcoming movie Burlesque. Check out her chat with Conan O'Brien, then watch her amazing performance of "Something's Got A Hold On Me" from the Burlesque Soundtrack.

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  • xtinarox13 12.15.2010

    that was hilariuos!!!!!!!!!!
    love the dancing!!!!!

  • AllaneZ 11.24.2010

    Christina is so funny Sexy

  • TheTwaz 11.24.2010

    I love this interview. she's so cute. and Conan is hilarious! Best interview!

  • Quintoia 11.23.2010

    One of the most hilarious interview for Christina to date! Conan is so crazy.

  • texas_xtina_fan 11.23.2010

    It was hilarious! LOVED it!

  • Romi 11.23.2010

    ♪♫♪I believe, I really do believe that... Something’s got a hold on me
    (Oh, it must be Xtina!!!)
    she's amazing!

  • therealme 11.23.2010

    amazing Christina that was WOW " Legendtina Divalera"

  • candee2 11.23.2010

    lmao that was an excellent show, I loved it! Christina is the sweetest and the song was awesome!

  • Hunter415 11.23.2010

    LOVED IT! She's so adorable!

  • TIN 11.23.2010

    jajaja! This interview was sooo funny! And Christina´s perfomance, excellent as always! Laughing out loud



  • Music10 11.23.2010

    that was sooo funny! <3 u Christina!

  • pirouse 11.23.2010

    Xtina irresistably elongates her tongue when she mentions the film's title!

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