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"BURLESQUE" Movie - General Discussion Thread

"BURLESQUE" Movie - General Discussion Thread

I had the chance to see an early screening of "Burlesque" last night, all i can say is EPIC!! It was amazing, and Christina blew me away! There is no denying her talent and star power. I cant wait to see it again opening night.




If you haven't yet seen the movie, you may not want to read this thread due to possible spoilers.
You have been warned! Tongue

  • mynix 04.28.2011

    I FINALLY saw it last night and in a movie!
    It's such a huge thing for me because in my country no movie showed it, but yesterday was the dvd and blu-ray first day of selling so our Hungarian CA fan site (not official) runner somehow make it happen that there was ONE movie watching and I was there!
    I's so happy that I waited, it was worth it.
    Great, great experience.
    I loved Cher too.

  • lIG 02.23.2011


  • ijamseeds 02.19.2011

    mtv movie awards 2011?

  • PugsGirl 02.19.2011

    I finally got to watch the movie! Yay!
    Really enjoyed it. Love

  • CabaretKitten 02.12.2011

    I've seen Burlesque like, 5 times now. I love it so much. Im slightly obsessed. AND I sing and dance in the movie theatre.

  • lIG 02.09.2011

    81 + million so far and more than 15 countries have not seen it yet. SO I THINK IT IS DOING FANTASTIC.

  • mynix 02.08.2011

    It's good, shame it was such a huge 55$ million budget. But it is a sucsess.

  • lIG 02.07.2011


  • lIG 02.07.2011


  • iambobblehead 02.07.2011

    i love the movie but has anyone heard the cd? i heard a track on utube not sure if thats how it will be on the cd cus i havent bought it yet but the Im a good girl song it sounds so much out there in the movie and the one i heard on utube its so slow and the band in the background i didnt like Can anyone tell me if its the utube vid or thats how it is on the cd ?????

  • ijamseeds 02.06.2011

    i think it will settle at 80 million. including the dvd sales

  • MrBubulino 02.05.2011

    It must be over $80 M now! I think it will get close to $ 100M world-wide =)

  • ijamseeds 02.04.2011

    just watched it... i wore a trilby and a coat that i cut into a vest an hour prior to the show... i just really wanna dress up for the special occasion... i forgot the eyeliner though...

  • Flewing 02.03.2011

    THIS MOVIE... OMG. It's soooo f***ing good I just cannot.

  • ijamseeds 01.28.2011

    Here's how Filipinos are such LOVING, SUPPORTIVE AND NON-COMPLACENT Christina fans:
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • lIG 01.22.2011

    correction, actually a whole one to two continents have just started watching it...

  • candee2 01.20.2011

    act5ually it does make them happy, especially since it shows a profit before it even gets to DVD's. In the movie industry, investors are like gamblers, they invest at a risk.

    A large percentage of movies usually don't make a profit before DVD's, so this is great, especially for Christina, it means she has drawing power.

  • ijamseeds 01.20.2011

    It should at least make a 100 million... investing 50 and getting 13 for it is not gonna make the investors happy

  • lIG 01.19.2011

    BURLESQUE has made 63.3 million so far, more than 13 million in profit. And their is a whole continent that has just started to watch it..... congratulations Christina...

  • AllaneZ 01.19.2011

    Just watched Burlesque yesterday, and it is so much great!!
    Christina have to play a movie again...

  • candee2 01.13.2011

    Awesome, enjoy.

  • frankyd 01.12.2011

    burlesque is finally released in australia today wooooo going to see it tonight i can't wait

  • Beautiful93 01.10.2011

    I finally saw Burlesque last night. I absolutely LOVED it!!

  • mynix 01.09.2011

    @ijamseeds The risk what take to translate, promote and all of that, they are afraid that the movie can't take back of their money.
    But yes I'm def going to buy the dvd! I just need a big srcreen tv or a beamer.

  • Epiclera 01.07.2011

    Well I'm a girl, but I don't ever watch cheesy, girly movies. LOL They just make me cringe with all their ridiculousness. It's NOT for me. I prefer action and fighting and explosions! Laughing out loud

    Burlesque however, is EPIC!! Smile
    Christina and Cher's voices murder everybody.

    I hope we get the DVD soon.

  • phantom11 01.07.2011

    "It'll be a funny addition to my DVD collection which mostly consists of action movies."

    Same here, my collection is going to go Rambo, Dirty Harry, Predator, Burlesque? Boy it was awkward going to see it in the theatres. I was one of only 2 guys there and the guy and his girlfriend both did a double-take when I walked in. Not my usual affair when it comes to movies.

    So is Christina in general when comes to music, if you saw my cd collection you'd be shocked to see I'm a fan.

  • Epiclera 01.06.2011

    I'll buy the Burlesque DVD when it'll get released.

    It'll be a funny addition to my DVD collection which mostly consists of action movies.
    But it will be a nice souvenir of my favorite singer's first movie! Chertina Epicmovielera! lol

    I have to remember to put some OPI "The Show Must Go On" on my nails, when I go to the store LOL.. one of the colors that I bought from OPI's Burlesque collection.

  • Mr. Titanic 01.06.2011

    Well the good news is that you may purchase the DVD on March 1st!

  • ijamseeds 01.06.2011

    mynix, what risk are you talking about?

  • candee2 01.06.2011

    awwww, I am so sorry to hear that. That sux so bad.

  • mynix 01.06.2011

    I'm in total shock right now, they are not going to show in my country at all the movie.
    It was supposed to shown on february 3 and yet they are not going to - they can't take risk it to show it in a cinema.
    I'm so sorry, I would loved to see her and that is my birthday. Sad

  • candee2 12.08.2010

    awesome, thanks for that information, Regina, about your Aunt. I acually remember that movie, I was always interested in Burlesque because of Gypsy Rose. Loved the story.

  • Regina-AuntBlaze 12.07.2010

    Saw the movie yesterday. My aunt is “Blaze Starr” she was burlesque star of her time. They made a movie about her several years ago called “Blaze” where her character starred with one of her real life fans, Paul Newman. It is because of her I recognized what I believe to be a very significant part of the movie, only the producers, writers, and directors can say what they were thinking. Nevertheless, it seemed important early on in the movie to make the clear distention between burlesque dancing and stripping. THANK YOU FOR THAT MOVIE MAKERS! My aunt and I are grateful. Stripping and burlesque dancing are not the same at all. As the movie states, ‘No bump and grind on that stage’ additionally, they rarely showed their significant parts and put a great deal of work into their elaborate outfits. The burlesque of Aunt Blaze’s day was about mystery, allure, sensuality, not raw empty sexuality.

    Cher sang great as usual.

    Never really knew much about Christina before this movie...really viewed her as just one of those child singers grown up...I have a great deal more respect for her now. She can dance, and if that was her voice in that movie, she can definitely sing and sing wonderfully. It seems she might have modeled herself after some great women who went before her, Cher, Madonna,..

  • CDUB254 12.07.2010

    I still have not seen the movie.....S/N Burlesque came in one spot up to TOP3 for the BOX Office from this past weekend...taking in 6mil...with word of mouth this movie can stay top ten for a min.

  • Mr. Titanic 12.01.2010

    I think one of them was called "Diamonds" by Christina. She sings a short segment of it in the movie, but it never made the soundtrack. I wish it had! It is amusing because I was so careful about purchasing the soundtrack just in case there was a Deluxe Version I might miss somehow on the release date, like I did with Bionic, and have to drive back and return the original for the Deluxe!

  • candee2 12.01.2010

    lmao @ phantom nice

  • jbenn 12.01.2010

    Saw it last night with my 3 Chicas. I was one of maybe 6 guys in the whole Theater but truly enjoyed the performance. A movie star is born.

  • RandyE352 11.30.2010

    No I don't think Candee and I will ever do a mandy, not that I don't love her in a platonic kind of way, anyhow, Titanic no worries I think Christina has always been struggling and she's good at it.

  • phantom11 11.30.2010

    Yeah there are other songs that aren't on the soundtrack. I can't remember at the moment what they were but there was.

  • mynix 11.30.2010

    Is there other songs in it or only the ones what is in the soundtrack? Every song is in the movie in full lenght? Does anyone singing?

  • PugsGirl 11.29.2010

    I'm trying my best to skip any comments about the movie content, lol. Haven't seen it yet, so don't want to read any spoilers. Can't wait to see it though.

  • phantom11 11.29.2010

    Yes the posts by candee and randy are both quite dandy and their points might come in handy and maybe they'll get together and cover Mandy.

  • Mr. Titanic 11.29.2010

    Thank you Candee and Randy. I just got quite emotional during the movie as Christina stood silently on stage just before singing her heart out, while reflecting on the movie's undertones regarding the current state of music. I still cannot adequately explain it, but I just got a sorrowful feeling that despite all her talent and beauty, Christina is struggling to survive. It felt like such a surreal moment to me. As if she were the earth's final human in a sea of technology, about to draw her last breath. She represents the golden age of music as perhaps their last incarnate, but the tragic industry of music has left her to the wind.

    To me, Christina represents that one fragment of honesty. But there is justice. Burlesque hit #1 on iTunes earlier today (well, yesterday now)! Legendary Christina Aguilera!

    Aww and they did both look adorable.

  • phantom11 11.28.2010

    No it's not Citizen Kane of the Godfather. It's not gritty or filled with social commentary. It's just a fun flick. Even with the underlying commentary on conemporary music you aren't constantly hit over the head with it.

  • lIG 11.28.2010

    Watch it now, It was fun, and I will watch it again... CHRISTINA AND CAM LOOKED TOO CUTE TOGETHER....

  • mlvcrlive 11.28.2010

    It was the best!!!!!!!!

  • RandyE352 11.28.2010

    Titanic, you almost brought tears to my eyes with that dissertation on the state of the art.

    I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Christina up on the big screen. The movie was campy and vampy and dorky and soap-operaish, and it was fun. The filmaking was interesting too.

    I can't rate this movie honestly as any kind of masterpiece, but it was entertaining and I remained conscious until the film stopped rolling (I have actually slept in movie theatres).

    All Christina fans should see this movie in the theatre, don't wait for the DVD. The big screen is required here, and the popcorn too.

  • phantom11 11.28.2010

    Yeah that's exactly what I thought during the part about why they lip-sync. In the sea of eye-candy someone emerges who is deffinately eye-candy too, but has substance to backup the style. And people want to hear her sing, as well as dressup as a dominatrix.

    Right or wrong people want eye-candy.

    But they can still appreciate talent.

  • candee2 11.28.2010

    Great post! @ Mr. Titantic

  • Mr. Titanic 11.28.2010

    I can't begin to express my admiration for the movie after seeing it with my friends today, who also adored it. No adequate words come to mind.

    Yes Phantom, I perceived a strong vibe that the underlying metaphor is indeed a reflection of the current state of music, where performance, theatrics and the smoke and mirrors of a good show are more significant to people than true talent, which Christina most definitely has. How many times has Christina been unjustly compared or overlooked despite those powerhouse pipes simply because someone else can dance better while lipsynching or because they wear absurd and insensible clothing, or because they're prettier? I respected the film so much for making it a point to address that the truth is struggling desperately to survive in this tragic industry.

    It was just as Vince stated in the beginning; it is all about people who come to see them do a routine lipsynching to the greats, that the legends are of a bygone era, and although their spirit is very much alive in artists like Christina, if we don't appreciate and cherish the fragile essence of their presence among us, they will disappear with the shifting tide, and fade away all too soon with time. We need to preserve people like Christina, not pit them against other females that are NOT in their class, or to report scandals about them and harsh untruths, or cast a deaf ear to their music because it is meant for a creative mind and good taste rather than a club. The true divas are fading away. But their presence will always be known, like that one pure white shell against a beach of sandy brown grains.

    And the world will know they lived and breathed that legacy. My unconditional respect for Christina Aguilera, who demonstrates to me with each song and each role that she is indeed legendary, and deserves to carry the respect and fortune her talent warrants, before she is nothing more than a fond memory of the last true musician. The last elegant human voice, lost in a chorus of auto-tune.

Color Christina! Choose a new style!