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Burlesque Hits #1 on iTunes

Congratulations to Christina Aguilera as the official soundtrack to Burlesque hit #1 on iTunes over the holiday weekend. After this amazing announcement today, Burlesque still sits atop the charts at iTunes. Which is your favorite song from Burlesque???

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  • AllaneZ 12.11.2010

    Make it number 1 again!!!
    Buy it on iTUNES now!!!
    <a href=";ign-mpt=uo%3D2" title=";ign-mpt=uo%3D2"></a>

  • AllaneZ 12.11.2010

    Burlesque soundtrack is an amazing album Smile
    Pick yours Guys!!!

  • dreamsburning 12.10.2010

    I am totally in love with this album!! I have been blasting it non-stop!!! My favorite is probably Tough Lover!!!! Just love her voice

  • lickylickyyumyum 12.06.2010


  • NizaDaPrincess 12.01.2010

    It Was Outstandinqq !

  • JessicaBentall 12.01.2010

    Christina graces the cover of this months LA Confidential where she spills about her idol Cher and where she got the strength to play the character in Burlesque. Check it out:

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • mynix 12.01.2010

    Congratulation! It's really great!

  • CandyGirl 12.01.2010

    It's very difficult to choose a song: they all are FANTASTIC!!! ..but I think Express is the best and the next are certainly Show me how you Burlesque and Bound to you. CHRISTINA, YOU ARE AMAZING!

  • parcos80 12.01.2010

    I love how fun "I am a good girl" is, I love this song!!!

  • Control 11.30.2010

    my favorite songs are Bound To You, Something's Got A Hold On Me, Tough Lover.. and my favorites that would make great singles are Show Me How You Burlesque and The Beautiful People Smile

  • My favorite song is "Bound to You" I think it would be an amazing single. Congrats to Christina! Glad to see her back on top!!!

  • Quintoia 11.30.2010

    Congratulations Christina! My favorite song on the soundtrack is Express and my next favorite is Bound To You.

  • Prima Donna 11.30.2010

    "The Beautiful People"! Laughing out loud

  • abbella 11.30.2010

    I am a good girl, A guy what takes his time... Tough lover... BOund to you .. do I really have to pick one. and I still have the habbit of calling SHOW ME HOW YOU BURLESQUE... " SPOTLIGHT " oh well not a single skipable song on the disc.
    Abbella DiNoto apple vally , minnesota , USA
    and so far Ive seen the movie 3 times .. so freaking awesome

  • omerr 11.30.2010

    If the rise in the number 1 album I congratulate Christina makes perfect

  • Kaari97 11.30.2010

    CONGRATULATIONS CHRISTINAAAA!!! you deserve ittt really love all your songsss, you are amazing!

  • xtina15 11.30.2010

    For all Xtina Fans in the Usa !
    Why we are not make Xtina a VERY BIG Xmas present ?
    When we all Buy the Burlesque Soundtrack & Make Fangroups in Facebook & other Networks,that we bring the Soundtrack at Number 1! When Everybody Buy it than its possible !
    Come On Everybody Help Our Girl.

  • PatiiSofia 11.30.2010

    congratulation =D

  • ol1457 11.30.2010

    super super super , Congratulation Christina alll the best

  • naldo 11.30.2010

    Yay! *-*

    'Tough Lover' & 'Show Me How You Burlesque' are AMAZING!

  • cazeeeh 11.30.2010

    Please release 'Show Me How You Burlesque' as a singleeeeeee!!!!!!!

  • chpchipichp 11.30.2010


  • AllaneZ 11.30.2010

    Get your copy guys!!!

  • chung 11.30.2010

    congratulations xtina love u !!!! i love all tha songs , if i had to pick a favorite it would be the beautiful people xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Miss_X-tina 11.30.2010

    yeeessssssssssssssss!!!!congratulations Christina!!Im so happy!!I love every song ,but my favourite is Bound to you!!

  • titolovesxtina 11.30.2010

    Congratulations... it's an amazing soundtrack.
    My favorite song is: Bound to you...

  • Claudus 11.30.2010

    Congratulations Christina !!! I love you !!! Favourites songs : "Show Me On You Burlesque", "Express", "But I Am A Good Girl"

  • cruzieboi 11.30.2010

    hell ya goooooo girl love Ya!!!!!! i've listen too it soo much my two most fav songs are Bound To You and Tough Lover christina cant wait to see you on Tour Baby love you sooo much!!!

  • AllaneZ 11.30.2010

    2 days on #1!!!
    Congrats Christina!!

  • Eduardin 11.30.2010

    Christina es simplemente lo mejor!!! Ya tengo mi copia por supuesto y todas las canciones están súper buenas, aunque si debo escoger me gusta A guy what takes his time, te amo Chris!!!!

  • ol1457 11.30.2010

    Hit it Up get It up .... You are the best Christina xxxx

  • ol1457 11.30.2010

    its hard to choose just one cause all the soundtrack is perfect , E X P R E S S and Show Me how You Burlesque and Bound To You ..... more and more congratulation xxx

  • LEFOU IBIZA 11.30.2010

    yesssssssssss perfect Diva love Christina legendtina perfect Girl love beautiful lovvvvvve Smile

  • patrick 11.30.2010

    Great sign that fans wanted to hear you sing. "Bionic" is not a bad album however it is not as bionic as you may have thought. Your creativity is way beyond that. I think some of the producers you had on that album need to be dropped. Of course Linda Perry is always exceptional. Cher, nice return to form.

  • TIN 11.30.2010

    How can I peak only one song? I love the entire album. Anyway Bound to you, Express and The beautiful people are my favorites tracks.




  • lIG 11.29.2010

    Love EXPRESS and the movie did awesome too, it came in at #4, hey competition was serious,CONGRATULATIONS CHRISTINA!!!!!

  • xsunshinex 11.29.2010

    OMG !!! i love bound to you !! and welcome to burlesque !!! <3 love you xtina

  • Richardpop95 11.29.2010

    I Love The Beautifull People And All The Songs

  • lucas 11.29.2010

    mmm difficult question..........."Bound to you" is breathless but "Tough Lover"´s beat just make speakers pump! Go on Xtina!!!

  • DOHNI 11.29.2010

    Luv u Xtina. Congratulation From Honduras!!!

  • Thiago 11.29.2010

    Amazing news!

    My favorite song from Burlesque is "A Guy What Takes His Time". It's brilliant.

  • texas_xtina_fan 11.29.2010

    Wow, Congrats to Christina and Cher! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the soundtrack! Not one bad song on it! Its hard to pick a fave but "Express" always makes me want to dance, you sing the living crap out of "Tough Lover", and "Bound To You" gives me goosebumps everytime!

    My fave from Cher: "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me"!

  • RajibDavid 11.29.2010

    Congratulations! And send more physical copies to stores!
    My favorite song: EXPRESS!

  • Romi 11.29.2010

    congrats Xtina, you deserve it!!! My favourite song is "The Beautiful People" and the cover of "Something's got a hold on me" is fantastic!! You rule!!

  • Rasha 11.29.2010

    I absolutely love the soundtrack! I feel like this is the music Christina should be singing all of the time. It gives me goosebumps and I just love it. It's nice to finally see Christina get the recognition she so rightfully deserves. Congrats!

  • eckawidia 11.29.2010

    the soundtrack was amazing,my fav song is show me how you burlesque Wink

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