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The Cast Of Burlesque Discuss Bullying

Over the past few weeks, many notable figures and celebrities have taken time to talk about bullying and its impact on teens and youth. The cast of Burlesque have come together to lend their voice to the millions of people who believe bullying is unacceptable. Watch the video below to hear what they had to say!

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  • xtinarox13 12.05.2010

    it's great to see people with such big influence using that to help get word out that bullying is absoulutly unexceptable.

  • texas_xtina_fan 12.04.2010

    Bullying really is unacceptable! Being a teenager i know exactly how bullying has gotten worst throughout the years by going to school and middle school is the worst.

    Luckily i'm one of those teens who has been a little bullied but has gotten stronger from it. I am not for it and i make sure to tell friends when they are going to far with jokes about others!

    Thanks for the talented cast of Burlesque for speaking out!

  • candee2 12.04.2010

    everybody should step up, not just celebrities. human beings are human beings, period, noone has a right to force their idealism onto another indivildual, no matter what the prediliction.

    we're all different, so what, it's something to be celebrated, not hated. God made no mistakes, which means we are all made differently for a reason, that reason is not hate.

    You don't have to agree with anything, just treat each other with respect, damn.

  • mynix 12.04.2010

    It's a sad thing, and it's so helpful that they are talking about this.

  • Julito 12.03.2010

    Keeps Getting Better...

  • P.A.M.E 12.03.2010

    Me refiero a q es 1 buena idea

  • P.A.M.E 12.03.2010

    Eso es muy bueno yo estoy en el colegio y eso pasa mucho especialmente entre chicas:-{

  • AlannaGoddess 12.03.2010

    I'm transgender and I get bullied often at school. I think there needs to be more celebrities stepping up against it. Good job, Miss Christina Wink

  • AllaneZ 12.03.2010

    Against bullying. . .
    Love you Christina Aguilera. . Sexy

  • iamtk 12.02.2010

    I don't think bullying is cool at all

  • 91029967 12.02.2010

    so true christina. I LOVE U CHRISTINA!

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