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Critics Raving About Burlesque Soundtrack!

Critics are raving about the Burlesque Soundtrack! If you haven't heard it yet, you're missing out! Christina and Cher have truly outdone themselves this time. Check out all of the amazing reviews below.

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  • AllaneZ 12.11.2010

    Suppose to get Grammys Smile

  • phxroyalty 12.09.2010

    i loved the movie and soundtrack is ways on!

  • omerr 12.08.2010

    waaooww..! Wink

  • Fan_of_You 12.08.2010

    I want to buy the soundtrack but I'm a little bit confused. what its the difference between the original soundtrack and the other one that just says soundtrack. does it come with the same songs? I don't get that. please help

  • ol1457 12.07.2010

    Best Film ever as well great soundtrack

  • alisatriefendi 12.07.2010

    The soundtrack hasn't in Indonesia yet. I hope soon. btw, i really love 'Bionic'. Grammy will be regret that they didn't nominate this album.

  • ol1457 12.07.2010

    A great Soundtrack plus CASTLE WALLS & Christina Aguilera and T.I super super song xxx

  • love4xtina 12.06.2010

    Hell yeah that soundtrack is fire!

  • chulobrit 12.06.2010

    Love the soundtrack...I can NOT stop listening to Bound to You...the song is sooooo beautiful and she looks soooo beautiful when she sings it on the movie...heck she's beautiful you're the BEST

  • ol1457 12.05.2010

    is a must !!!!! BURLESQUE is perfect , is so great , deffo the best ever film< musical, soundtrack ever GREAT GREAT

  • Fabiomota 12.05.2010

    I cannot wait to see the film.
    I cannot wait to se the new video clips I hope at least 5 more videos clips.
    And I cannot wait to see the Bionic DVD.
    See ya,

    Fabio Mota

  • xdrigo 12.05.2010

    the soundtrack is amazing the movie is amazing christina aguilera is u girl cant wait for new music

  • RajibDavid 12.05.2010

    The USA Today review is a bad one, why would they post it here?

  • ol1457 12.05.2010

    Love the movie and Perfect Soundtrack xxxx

  • cruzieboi 12.05.2010

    i haven't seen it yet damn it , Sad but i will promise you go girl love you and the soundtrack like everything you do is amazing Smile

  • juanca 12.04.2010

    Congratulations Christina
    its such a great movie and soundtrack album

  • texas_xtina_fan 12.04.2010

    I LOVE the soundtrack as well! About time critics give Christina the recognition thta she deserves! There's not one bad song on the soundtrack!

  • AllaneZ 12.04.2010

    The best soundtrack ever!
    Love Christina's voice. . .

  • Claudus 12.04.2010

    Greats songs!!! Congratulations Christina and Cher ! Love you Christina !!!!

  • MYGIRLXTINA 12.04.2010

    I love the soundtrack, it's very upbeat and beautifully written. Love the movie even though it's not doing that well. Keep up the great work Christina , i will always be your fan!

  • mynix 12.04.2010

    I went to the shop yesterday but they are not selling here yet, but I'll def going to buy it as it's amazing!
    Great job Christina.

  • miss clusmy 12.04.2010

    congrats xtina forever xtina fan

  • Taurus50 12.03.2010

    Album of the Year, for sure! Both Cher songs and Christina on: Etta James/Mae West numbers + But I'm A Good Girl, Express & The Beautiful People. She's rediscovered her niche. Award material here for both women!

  • Will 12.03.2010

    album of the year

  • P.A.M.E 12.03.2010

    Noooooo:-O lo e encontrado :'-C bueno pero lo e escuchado y najado algunas canciones,y son fabulosassssss:-*

  • TIN 12.03.2010

    I already have my copy and I LOOOOOOVE it!

    Congratulations Christina and Cher!



  • pedrojose2009 12.03.2010

    Awesome songs!!!!!

  • KamFun 12.03.2010

    Awesome songs Wink good job as always Xtina !

  • 91029967 12.03.2010


  • ol1457 12.03.2010

    Great FILM , Love the Soundtrack and fabulous performance. GREAT GREAT so good Show Me How You Burlesque !!!!! soooooo GooD E X P R E S S as well al soundtrack amazing

  • alexlove92 12.03.2010

    The Burlesque soundtrack is definitely amazing!
    love you Christina!

  • DOHNI 12.03.2010

    Adelante Xtina, te amamos!

  • DimrymaN 12.03.2010

    Go Legendtina!!!

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