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Christina Aguilera Performs on X Factor

Christina Aguilera brought Burlesque to the X Factor stage for a powerful performance of "Express." Christina also performed a duet with X Factor contestant Rebecca to the hit "Beautiful." Watch her amazing performances below!

Christina Aguilera - Express

Christina Aguilera - Beautiful (Duet with X Factor Contestant Rebecca Ferguson)

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  • Criss Tareyton 03.29.2012

    The performances of Rebecca Ferguson and Christina Blew me away 2 beautiful voices 2 God given song birds

  • Criss Tareyton 03.29.2012

    My Muse So Damn Sexy

  • Criss Tareyton 03.29.2012

    I Dig watching this performance Makes me want more Bring It On My Muse

  • ade 01.16.2011


  • MySelf 01.15.2011

    Christina <3

  • Gospodin Ne 01.13.2011

    Nice, but what's with weight? o.O

  • soulwisper 01.13.2011

    but really i cant understand the judge reactions especially simon cowell ( he said amazing but what he means his face was shocked)

  • AllaneZ 12.19.2010

    Vote Christia for The Bes Solo Female artist on Virgin Awards

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Kainai 12.19.2010

    made me cry.....Christina is so wonderfully supportive....awesome...

  • Stripped-tease 12.19.2010

    YOU are so gifted!!! Love the way you sing Smile

  • Jae 12.18.2010

    I am amazed Rebecca could still sing, I think I would have been soo blown away I prob. would have passed out! It is so great to be able to meet your idol...nice performance:)

  • Yazmin 12.18.2010

    it´s amazing I love this songs

  • Yazmin 12.18.2010

    it´s amazing I love this songs

  • AllaneZ 12.14.2010

    Rebecca supposed to be the winner Sad

  • TheTwaz 12.14.2010

    woooo! AMAZING!

  • texas_xtina_fan 12.14.2010

    Express: Amazing performance! She sang amazing and i love the standing ovation from the judges and crowd!

    Beautiful: "One of the most iconic voices of this generation" as one of the judges said! Its amazing to see Christina inspiring people! Rebecca has a great voice!

  • Sandra Venezuela 12.13.2010

    AMAZING.............!!!!!!!!!!!! love u christina, come to Venezuela please POR FAVOR Laughing out loud

  • therealme 12.13.2010

    I have no words to say how amazing u are ,this performances were just awesome.

  • AllaneZ 12.13.2010

    Love your performances!!!

  • pedrojose2009 12.13.2010

    EXPRESS is fantastic

  • omerr 12.13.2010

    I was very very nice and sexy Christina Express performance also seemed very sweet

  • TIN 12.13.2010

    E.X.P.R.E.S.S was "undeniably sexy" and Beautiful, a very special and sweet perfomarce. Keep doing your thing Christina! I can´t wait to see you live on stage. Hope you will promote the movie in my country, we LOVEEEE you in here!



  • Claudus 12.13.2010

    Express fantastic song !!! Love you Christina !!

  • PatiiSofia 12.13.2010

    Christina Aguilera is so perfect!

  • DaguskaXxXtina 12.13.2010

    your voice is makin me crazy Laughing out loud

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