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Official Castle Wall's Hustle Thread! Please come in!!!

Official Castle Wall's Hustle Thread! Please come in!!!

Hey guys, I'm from another Xtina fan forum and I thought I would come in here to spread the world on what we are hoping to do to help the song out a bit as it is has recently been sent out to radios as a single! With all of Xtina Fans united help we can make this song known and a hit! so here is basically what we are planning on doing and I hope you guys can join in Laughing out loud I will basically copy paste what I have said in the other forums and you can reply with what you think and such:

[quote]This song has been send out to radios and we can start requesting next week! We damn well know that the next Christina Aguilera official Single is a far shot away and so this is a true chance for her at the moment to have a respectably charting song! We AgHags have an opportunity here we can not just sleep on! This song has tremendous potential to do well on radio and on the charts, if they give it a chance on the radio that is! Christina, let us not even play games, needs this right now! And with our help it can actually happen! So lets join together and hustle to try and make this happen, it is really possible!

this song is pure radio food!

We need to have a very good battle plan. One that is more than just making one thread about requests and another about charts and stickying them at the top of the board and ignoring them until the song disappears off of any and all charts and the only mention of the song is of how much potential it had or whatever!

We need to make download days,

We can have something like an hour where everyone on the board requests the song like, I don't know, 12 times within that hour *considering the hundreds of people on this board and those that lurk that would have a great effect*

We can reach out to fans of T.I. and fans of Christina from other boards to get them in on the plan and to get them to join us.

We can make a list of websites that are popular where we can comment and post telling people to go buy Castle Walls on iTunes and Amazon and such and to request it.

We can plan a time where we try and make #behindthesecastlewalls a trending tweet (maybe by I don't know making it like a trend something like ''#behindthesecastlewalls no one knows I secretly love you ''

We can go on Youtube leave comments telling people to check out the song!

We can make pictures and small posters to put on siggys and such!

We can work and hustle this time! Esp since this song is probably not going to get promotion from the artists, Christina is going to Brazil soon and T.I. is busy trying to not drop the soap. It is literaly up to us, You call yourself the Bionic Army, ORGANIZE YOURSELF!

We did before and we will do it again! If Keeps Getting Better can make it to number 7 Castle Walls sure as hell can make it beyond that! Come on!

I know some of you here are going to ignore this, and others are going to probably think why should we do the work when she doesn't seem to even care. But at the end of the day we are all on this board in support of this girl, so lets put the pettiness aside and maybe do something that is beneficial instead of sitting around waiting for the next person to diss her on twitter so that we can attack them.

Please guys come on! What do you think?[/quote]

I hope you guys can help out.

The first thing we have planned is a date for the twitter plan. On Tuesday night we tweet #behindthesecastlewalls followed by some kind of ''confession'' and also tweet #castlewalls. We can make it a trending topic! we made #happybirthdayXtina one and we can make this one as well!

  • ijamseeds 01.23.2011

    how do you really make it chart to number 1 in billboard? u see britney's single even without an official promoion yet, rocketed to no.1 seamlessly in the charts...

    so let's just focus on the billboard hot 100... it can earn her an AMA

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