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Christina Aguilera To Sing The National Anthem At Super Bowl Xlv On Fox

Five-time Grammy award winning singer-songwriter CHRISTINA AGUILERA will sing the National Anthem as part of Super Bowl XLV pregame festivities at Cowboys Stadium in North Texas on Sunday, February 6, the NFL and FOX announced today. The performance will be televised live on FOX prior to kickoff.

More than 153 million viewers in the U.S. watched last year’s Super Bowl, the most-watched television program in history. The pregame show and Super Bowl XLV will be broadcast worldwide.

“I have been performing the Anthem since I was seven years old and I must say the Super Bowl is a dream come true,” said Christina. “I am really excited to be part of such an iconic event.”

Christina returns to the Super Bowl having performed during halftime of Super Bowl XXXIV in Atlanta. She is among many great performers who have been honored with singing the Super Bowl National Anthem including: Billy Joel, Diana Ross, Neil Diamond, Whitney Houston, Harry Connick, Jr., Garth Brooks, Natalie Cole, Vanessa Williams, Luther Vandross, Jewel, Cher, Faith Hill, the Backstreet Boys, Mariah Carey, Dixie Chicks, Beyoncé Knowles and many more. (See below for a complete list of National Anthem performers from past Super Bowls.)

The NFL previously announced that THE BLACK EYED PEAS will perform in the Bridgestone Super Bowl XLV Halftime Show.

The pregame and halftime shows are an NFL NETWORK PRODUCTION and will be executive produced by RICKY KIRSHNER.


Super Bowl I Universities of Arizona & Michigan Bands
Super Bowl II Grambling University Band
Super Bowl III Anita Bryant (Pledge of Allegiance by Apollo Astronauts)
Super Bowl IV Al Hirt
Super Bowl V Tommy Loy
Super Bowl VI U.S. Air Force Academy Chorale
Super Bowl VII Andy Williams & Little Angels of Holy Angels Church (Chicago)
Super Bowl VIII Charlie Pride
Super Bowl IX Grambling University Band with Mardi Gras Chorus
Super Bowl X Tom Sullivan
Super Bowl XI Vicki Carr
Super Bowl XII Phyllis Kelly of NE Louisiana State University
Super Bowl XIII Colgate University Thirteen
Super Bowl XIV Cheryl Ladd
Super Bowl XV Helen O’Connell
Super Bowl XVI Diana Ross
Super Bowl XVII Leslie Easterbrook
Super Bowl XVIII Barry Manilow
Super Bowl XIX Children’s Choir of San Francisco
Super Bowl XX Wynton Marsalis
Super Bowl XXI Neil Diamond
Super Bowl XXII Herb Alpert
Super Bowl XXIII Billy Joel
Super Bowl XXIV Aaron Neville
Super Bowl XXV Whitney Houston
Super Bowl XXVI Harry Connick, Jr.
Super Bowl XXVII Garth Brooks
Super Bowl XXVIII Natalie Cole with Atlanta University Center Chorus
Super Bowl XXIX Kathie Lee Gifford
Super Bowl XXX Vanessa Williams
Super Bowl XXXI Luther Vandross
Super Bowl XXXII Jewel
Super Bowl XXXIII Cher
Super Bowl XXXIV Faith Hill
Super Bowl XXXV Backstreet Boys
Super Bowl XXXVI Mariah Carey Anthony
Super Bowl XXXVII Dixie Chicks
Super Bowl XXXVIII Beyoncé Knowles
Super Bowl XXXIX More than 100 representatives from the four branches of the military
Super Bowl XL Aaron Neville and Dr. John with Aretha Franklin & Detroit based 150-member choir
Super Bowl XLI Billy Joel
Super Bowl XLII Jordin Sparks
Super Bowl XLIII Jennifer Hudson
Super Bowl XLIV Carrie Underwood
Super Bowl XLV Christina Aguilera

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  • Gibson Stacy 02.19.2013

    Very first album 'Some Hearts' was a proof breaking triumph.<a href="">Maroon 5 Facebook Page</a> Besides being the best singles hit in the country song segment it also recorded the greatest selling country album to the times past of Sound Scan.

  • AllaneZ 02.24.2011


  • karahershey 02.16.2011

    i took up for u when a guy in my class was makeing fun of u i said so want if she messed up 1 line and he said something dum back and i said is that right well xtina must be doing somethingright shes got 5 grammys in other word there r peoplee who cant even sing one single note on key doging u and there losers so dont lesson to then u rock xtina

  • mynix 02.15.2011

    Why is this super bowl such a big thing? I doesn't even know what it is really - and noone in my country, it's like english cricket they play it, the world don't really care about it. - Not if it's wrong or anything, but the world is not interested in it.

  • FabioJackson 02.09.2011

    <a href="" title=""></a> =)

  • candee2 02.08.2011

    actually there is censorship in here. AND? What part of reading the terms and conditioning of the forums when you signed in and agreed to gave you the impression that it wouldn't be?

    Anybody, no matter the subject, that comes in here to lie, talk smack, disparage, or speak disrespectfully, will be not allowed to post their comments.

    So either you can speak like an adult or at least maturely and with common sense on the matter, whether you hate it or not, or chances are you will be deleted. Or at the least, edited.

    Call it whatever you like, you signed up here on your own free will subjecting yourself to the rules HERE. What you do out there, shout it from your window, free to do that, in here, you have boundaries that YOU agreed to.

  • iambobblehead 02.08.2011

    @thatsucked nobody is going to delete your stuff ...go and be negative at some other place if you want to talka bout Autotune talk about gaga,katy,ke$ha,rihanna, those are all autotuned

  • jeana 02.07.2011

    Thank you Laochri, could not have said it better myself.

  • Laochri 02.07.2011

    Our national anthem is about the hard battles we as nation have been in and overcome. Showed our opposer's "we will not go down without a fight. It should be sung as mellow as possible, NO Mariah Carey-ing the notes.

  • cruzieboi 02.07.2011

    man Christina you are flawless i know how it feels to be criticized and girl i love you no matter what we have both had a bad year and it can only get better i am behind you 100% love you.

  • rhonda.holmes 02.07.2011

    Girl don't let that stuff get you down. No one is perfect. Its on'y a song and its only a game. Head high girl. Its just words. Atleast you did not grab your crotch and spit like Roseanne Barr and you top did not fall off like Janets.

  • melissag98 02.07.2011

    You are beautiful no mater what they say ..words cant bring you down .but what they are saying is true and you did kill the national anthem you.Talk about having a blond moment

  • jessisonline 02.07.2011

    Christina you did AMAZING last night. No matter what anyone says. No one is perfect and everyone messes up sometimes. I thought you sounded GREAT girl.. Keep doing your thing... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your music. Smile

  • Lysssa 02.07.2011

    Christina, you were amazing. The people writing horrible things are jealous. P.S do not go on your facebook or twitter, there is a war.

  • xtinarox13 02.07.2011

    Christina sang the anthem amazingly accept for the slip. All those haters need to get over them selves and forget abput it. She worked to fix the mistake as soon as she made it and kept going. Most people probably would've quit right then and there. She's not the first to mess up the anthem and she definetly won't be the last. Just remember Christina, your fans will always stand by you and you're a fighter and this will only make you stronger.
    Keep singing your song!!!!!!!!!!!

  • born2sing1982 02.07.2011

    Ok seriously you jealous haters leave her alone! Iam a singer myself so i understand! She is only human and will make one is perfect! She is one of the best singers in this world! She might have messed up her words but she still sang the hell out of it...and kept going like nothing happened. That is what real professionals do! Why aren't people talking about Fergie how horrible she was....she was terrible live, she sang just about every note out of tune!!! Christina is amazing and there will never be another! Love you Christina and look forward to your future concerts you rock girl!!! Don't let people get you down you are beautiful inside and out <3

  • oldoc 02.07.2011

    First time that I have heard the national anthem yodeled. I think I prefer the original version.

  • xtinarox13 02.07.2011

    I don't agree with the statements saying she over sang some of the notes and give her a break for messing up like 3 words! She's got a lot going on right now in her life and its not like she's never sang the anthem before. In fact, she's sang the anthem flawlessly all the other times she's sang it!!!!!!!!
    Other than the slip, it was a great preformance. I wanna know how many of you out there critizing her could get up and sing the national anthem live in front of millions of people and do it perfectly. Keep singing Christina!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hannahgrloh 02.07.2011

    Seruiously, Give Christina a break! She still knocked it outta the ball park with her abilities. She said she was sorry, move on! And I would love to know how many of you judging her actually know the anthem in word for word.

  • tagricola 02.07.2011

    She issued an apology and everything. People need to calm down. I don't understand how so many people can hate on her for it... she knows the words, she has sang it in the past. She was nervous. Cut her a break. She sounded great and her real fans will still love her! Love you Christina!

  • GlamourMomma 02.07.2011

    I think she did wonderful! She was probably a little nervous, i mean, it is the SuperBowl! And it is her first time singing the National Anthem for the SuperBowl...poor thinkg. She does not deserve all the trash talk! She did so well, all things considered!!!!
    Love you Christina! Your true fans are SO PROUD OF YOU!! Sexy

  • keribug 02.07.2011

    HEY LADYLOWRIDER: Go trash talk somewhere else. Why are you even on here if you are not a fan? Get a life....go talk to the toilet because alot of s*** is coming out of your mouth! WE LOVE XTINA!

  • Beautiful93 02.07.2011

    Why so much commotion about a few wrong words? I mean, she was under SO MUCH pressure and, like she said, "got caught up in the moment of the song". Come on guys, get over it!

  • ciufix 02.07.2011

    Everybody,please go to twitter and support Xtina! Let's do this together and tweet #WeSupportXtina

  • ol1457 02.07.2011

    Christina Aguiera no matter what , you did GREAT, like always I love you so much till the end of my life . You are the best

  • Claudus 02.07.2011

    Christina the best forever. We love you !!!!

  • Annette55 02.07.2011

    My Facebook Post - well done... Wow - I just heard Christina Aguilera sing at the Super Bowl - wow - she might have messed up the words, but then again she is only human and maybe she too got a wee bit nervous, but really all the fuss! How voice was amazing and heart felt so I for one think she did an amazing job under that kind of pressure and went on like a true professional that I think she is. Good job Christina Aguilera ....

  • PDale 02.07.2011

    “Success is never final, failure is never fatal. It's courage that counts.” All this negativity in the world when a pop star gets nervous and forgets the words, when the Steelers lose the super bowl. Everyone fails at some time. My questions is why do we as Gods children cast stones when we fail every day in our own lives? It's courage that really counts. To be the one who steps up knowing they might fail but having the courge to try when other sit on thier couch and complain. Kudos to Christina and to the Steelers thanks for having the courage to try!!

  • bizzysim3 02.07.2011

    People are making a mountain out of a mole hill. Christina was amazing. Anyone saying she flubbed can go flub themselves. Christina 4 Life ninja.

  • keribug 02.07.2011

    LEAVE Christina alone! She may have messsed up the words but she sounded great like always! This to shall pass Christina! Dust it off! Everyone makes mistakes. I still love you!

  • Donald 02.07.2011

    You are still a great singer. So you will take a little heat over the National Anthem! It will pass! LOL

  • CalvertMota 02.07.2011

    I just wrote a long blog and deleted it by mistake, urgh.

    Chistina is a better singer than you or I - A superstar and legend of our generation.

    Even NASA doesn't always get it right. I actually did not find anything faulty about her performace. She blew that GLEE girl out-of-the-water. But again, all artist give their best and both were amazing.

    I think people just want to criticize what they can't dare to try. C.A is and will always be one of the several Artists I admire.

  • Epiclera 02.07.2011

    LOL at people taking about pride and countries and going nuts over 1 little National Anthem that was not 100% lyrically perfect.

    If you didn't like this one National Anthem, go sing it yourself somewhere outside, maybe with some friends and the birds. I don't know, but just get over it quickly.

    This is too ridiculous.

    Sometimes, people forget things! Human memory is not always 100% perfect at all times 24/7. Can people not understand this concept? lol Unbelievable.

  • emory 02.07.2011

    screw up? so now you are very happy about that? huh? realworld of britney and gaga? you sound like a loser . you truly are.
    go to bed and dream about you one day being on that stage,and screw it up really badly. i would be glad to see that day!!

  • Epiclera 02.07.2011

    I don't feel sorry for Christina, she'll get over this. She's messed up her lyrics many times before. It's not a problem, she keeps singing amazingly. AND LIIIVVEE most of the time.

    Christina remains great, the best.

    I prefer listening to wrong lyrics.. than having to listen to ugly auto-tuned lypsinking. It's much cooler and better. Christina wins even when she forgets words!

  • marinewife1127 02.07.2011

    I have always loved Christina but messing up the National Anthem is bad and playing it off as oh she got nervous...she has done how many tours singing in front of how many people?!! It's not like she is a rookie singer or even a rookie singing the anthem, she has done it many times before. Not hating, just stating a fact.

  • candee2 02.07.2011

    ” I got so caught up in the moment of the song that I lost my place,” Christina shared in a statement to “I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through.”

    Read more: <a href="" title=""></a>

  • jinopoon 02.07.2011

    You are perfect, even if there is a small mistake, Do not mind about what happened today,Because today you complete your dream, This is worth to very happy!Do not unhappy, We love you,because you are Christina Aguilera!

  • Beautiful93 02.07.2011

    I LOVED it till 0.50. It seems like she started oversinging from the moment she made the mistake. I know it's her style and normally I like that, but now it was too much...

    BTW, could all the haters go away? This is a FANSITE, not a HATERSITE. Everyone is allowed to share their opinion, but there's a difference between sharing your opinion and being rude. Thank you.

  • klsdnaguilera 02.07.2011

    We are with you 4ever!!!

  • DarkYume 02.07.2011

    your performance is perfect!!

  • ciufix 02.07.2011

    It's so funny that so many people joined JUST to hate on Christina.
    Get a life people.

  • iambobblehead 02.07.2011

    roundball xtina is not mexican get it right

    I lover her and I really didnt pay attention to the mishap.Until people started pointing it out I was like oh!and for all of you talking mad S#!t you guys must know the lyrics pretty damn good i must say IM IMPRESSED BRAVO...BRAVO....she apologized already get over it.Though i wish and not just her but any artist to tone it down they say whitney did a great job one day, i must see that video ....

  • Citizen 02.07.2011

    GREAT JOB! You sang beautifully! I loved your performance!

    You got one line wrong. Who cares. Anybody who hates someone because they got one line wrong does not deserve to call themselves American! It is that kind of attitude which is why America has been SO UNPOPULAR internationally over the past ten years! You guys need to GET OVER YOURSELVES before your over-inflated sense of importance returns and the world starts to hate America again!

    Christina we love you!

  • love4xtina 02.07.2011

    Oh my god! You people are suppose to be Xtina fans, how quickly u turn on her over a little mistake. You can be critical without being cruel. I love hearing Christinas voice no matter what words she's singing! Just give the word my Queen, I'll kill ALL these haters for you! lol

  • IvorySOS 02.07.2011

    She still did a good job! Even though she stumbled through a few words. Shes still the Queen!

  • LLKISSFAN 02.07.2011

    Perhaps it's just the natural evolution of the song, just as the country itself evolves. I was, as always, so immpressed with her singing, that I didn't even notice the mishap.

  • LLKISSFAN 02.07.2011

    The lyrics she messed up aren't even the original lyrics anyway people...Check out the original lyrics at this link. <a href=";rct=j&amp;q=original+lyrics+to+star+spangled+banner&amp;usg=AFQjCNHCQD-H9GsSsvFFLL7LlG_0YpNVwA&amp;sa=X&amp;ei=l-9PTfq8CIvegQeSwYAo&amp;ved=0CB8QygQ" title=";rct=j&amp;q=original+lyrics+to+star+spangled+banner&amp;usg=AFQjCNHCQD-H9GsSsvFFLL7LlG_0YpNVwA&amp;sa=X&amp;ei=l-9PTfq8CIvegQeSwYAo&amp;ved=0CB8QygQ"></a>

  • AllaneZ 02.07.2011

    Just Amazing CHRISTINA!!!
    You did a Great Job..
    No matter people say, I still love You Sexy

    Hear that haters!!

  • barnaclebutt 02.07.2011

    people just love to b****. you rocked christina the only thing of the super bowl worth watching was you.

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