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Feeling blessed to have such wonderful & passionate fans...

Feeling blessed to have such wonderful & passionate fans. Look at this amazing book @xtinapride made. Thx Nate!

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  • ariel 10.29.2012

    hhahhahhaha we love yu xtina!!! I am on that book! yeeeiiii

  • darkstalkers 04.27.2011

    Hi christina i hope you'll be fine im adore youre music so much ... And i just wanna say you that i want to be your friend in facebook this is my e-mail <a href=""></a> thank you and i'll be waiting for your invitation i hope that you accept me please thank so much christina !!!

  • chara 04.24.2011

    I love you. You are the best.Please come to Greece.You are like an angel<3.It's so bad that I can't see you... :'(

  • kirstyfarrugia 04.23.2011

    Petition @TheRealXtina to ''We want @TheRealXtina to tour again soon!'' <a href="" title=""></a> RT to Sign!

    All Christina Aguilera Fans: Please sign this petition if you want to attend to another Tour by @TheRealXtina! It’s been quite long since Back To Basics, and even though we understand how busy she is because of ‘The Voice’, we are craving for a MASSIVE concert!

  • I can't wait to have your name tattooed on me and if I was in LA I would go to LA Ink and have your portrait tattooed on me also, that's how much I love you......see guys never to old.............

  • Christina I can't get enough of you and your music I am so dedicated to everything you do I love you so much..........x

  • AllaneZ 04.11.2011

    Vote : Pink vs Christina here :
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • XXXTinaLover5 04.09.2011

    Ur welcome, u deserve it, thank u for folling ur heart and never changing

  • crachat_ordure 04.06.2011

    wiiiii wre the best fans ever!!!! and we'll support our queen forever too jeje

  • Athenas 04.05.2011

    I just loved to see my flag, my stars, my colors over all that last photo... it is... amazing
    I love u christina! girl u ROCK! u are stronger than ever =)

  • Nadiyah Marie 04.05.2011

    That's a true fan. I help that gives you the drive you need to keep moving ahead and makeing amazing music.

  • AndreZole 04.03.2011

    @TheRealXtina from Venezuela .... I love you so much beautiful goddess @AndreZole

  • texas_xtina_fan 04.03.2011

    That's very sweet for Nate to do that...

    We all LOVE you and your music! God Bless Christina!!

  • Sandra Venezuela 04.03.2011

    XXXtttiiiinnaaaa...... i love to see my flag at the pics (VENEZUELA) my country really love u, i hope come back soon.... i love u christina!

  • Claudus 04.03.2011

    Christina you have received my letter and my card. I'm verry happy !! I love you !!

  • Fantástico 04.01.2011

    Christina make a rock album please it will be Fantastic!
    Yo Te Amo Christina.
    watch my Christina's site at:
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • moicptigas 04.01.2011

    je suis français, et je suit X-tina depuis que j'ai 13ans ce qui fait maintenant 7ans. Je suis un très grand fan, j'attend avec impatience les dates de sa tourné en espérant un passage en France, pour que je puisse pour la première fois l'admirer sur scène. Merci pour tout le bonheur que tu donne à tes fans.

  • GlamourMomma 04.01.2011


  • Natalie_CA 04.01.2011

    so cute:) love it!

  • luilui09 04.01.2011

    I still can't believe that my design is in her pics!! Laughing out loud VIVA VENEZUELA! Xtina we want your in concert here!

  • mjay 04.01.2011

    So beautiful Smile

  • iamtkder 03.31.2011

    Love you Christina Aguilera Smile

  • nAuGhTy bOy 03.31.2011

    I'm waiting for new videos of BIONIC!!xD love this album!!!!

  • felicita 03.31.2011

    it´s are the best singer Xtina, i believe in you:))) love you:)))

  • Andreina 03.31.2011

    VENEZUELA loves you Christina!!! PLEASEEE come back!!!

  • berryspears 03.31.2011

    Whoop! This is so looking Gorgeous!!! Dear Christina We Love You Babe!

  • ol1457 03.31.2011

    Christina no one like you , and we always gonna love you

  • this is awesooome! Laughing out loud

  • disneyland1955 03.31.2011

    You are great Xtina

  • aguileraP.R. 03.30.2011

    ~cool Wink

  • xtinarox1113 03.30.2011

    i think that is a very awesome book nate. you did a great job on it. so cool.
    i know that for me, Christina has saved me at times. when ever i get really pissed off, i take out one of her wonderful CD's and listen to it to calm myself down and relax. and whenever something really bad happens and i feel like the world is gonna fall apart, Christina's voice and music is one of the few things that can pull me out of that. and like AintNoOtherGirl said, "I just hope Christina has helped you like she has helped me."
    Love you so much Christina!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are my insperation!!!! Keep on singing Christina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AintNoOtherGirl 03.30.2011

    I know we all claim to be @TheRealXtina 's no1 fan but in my opinion we're all number 1 ! Her music has brought people across the world together with her music. Speaking for myself i can say that she 'saved me from myself' cause she taught me that I am 'beautiful' and right now i know i need to learn to just 'walk away' from all my pain and just 'keep singing my song' cause no matter what happened 'i'm okay' and i'm a 'fighter', I just hope Christina has helped you like she has helped me, Love you Xtina with all my heart Xx

  • Marion France 03.30.2011

    I love your golden armchair, Xtina !

  • xtinasexy 03.30.2011

    diossssss!!que chulo. que suerte que te haya contestado en twitter yo tambien tengo un libro hecho hace muchos años. pero se lo puedes enviar por correo? TE LO HAS CURRADO UN MONTON ME GUSTA MUCHO!!

  • elisomar 03.30.2011

    LOve Love....Bionic

  • JotieS 03.30.2011

    Woohoo amazing
    Love Bionic
    i'm still hoping for a next single
    like prima donna or Lift me up
    but for me the second Hurt of course
    STRONGER THEN EVER please Xtina !!!haha

  • Beautiful93 03.30.2011

    OMG Christina will read my poem!! *Happy* Laughing out loud

  • Holly McCabe 03.30.2011

    Christina,i LOVE you with all my heart!
    I am a very passionate fan and i always will be.
    Love you forever and always. XXX

  • Alter 03.30.2011

    This is only a little gift!!!! For your song and your life!!!!! Thank you Xtina!!!!!!

  • Hurt 03.30.2011

    wooow))) beautiful!

  • AllaneZ 03.30.2011


  • Dirrtyboy89 03.30.2011

    Wowww, its cool!

  • Danielapolo 03.30.2011

    The best of all the times one day ire to his house will touch his door and will speak with her it is a goal that me eh proposed to expiring is almost like my idol his voice is excellent and the only and like that they all want to darken the genia in the bottle it is not left to monopolize dirty and bold Latin-American tape-worms that to be or to have roots since is is better sincerely the best voice of the world and not myself tonight I love damned song I am charmed with it you are sensual and feminine and none to copy of lady gaga this is at all mas the appeared one. Your path is a better ojala they all were assimilating it of that aerie is the best of all

  • SiBeeCee 03.30.2011

    It's cool, pretty awesome Smile

  • yaku_sam 03.30.2011

    You are special Momma X.. xoxo

  • BionicDeborah 03.30.2011

    OMG!! Xtina is actually going to read my letter!! *faints*

  • xtiinkerock 03.30.2011


  • BellaBionic 03.30.2011

    Omg, Nate you made it <3 Can't believe that she will read my letter :')

  • ol1457 03.30.2011

    @ VINNGS’S hey wanna say something this is amazing mate congrats , whats your account on twitter plss ???

  • ol1457 03.30.2011

    you deserve a lot and we all are doing our best , we love you Christina you are amazing God Bless You, Plss tell me i f u got my cards ??? I send it from florida plss

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