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Christina Catches Up With Jimmy Kimmel

Christina dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about the new hit series NBC's "The Voice", her secret love for gaming and more. To hear what Christina had to say, watch the two part interview from Jimmy Kimmel Live below!

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  • AllaneZ 06.02.2011

    Can't wait to see her live on The Voice!!

  • Xtina'sTopFan 06.01.2011

    Christina, you are the best and I absolutely love you! You always make me laugh and you look amazing! Please come to KY (or somewhere nearby)...I need to hear your voice in person!!

  • tirinaj 06.01.2011

    Yo she looks sexy really sexy I know shes gained weigh but its good real nice.

  • jheorge1989 06.01.2011


  • Amurita 06.01.2011

    ¡¡¡¡ CHRISTINA, I LOVE YOU !!!! ... You Are Fabulous, Baby ... God Bless You Always ... ♥♥ ...

  • Bki 05.29.2011

    Here is me Smile singing alicia keys...
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Bki 05.29.2011

    Chris...Come to Argentina Sad
    just one more time there are too many people that loves you....

    im a singer and you are my first and only teacher ever...


  • diegodude1922 05.29.2011

    Christina I freaking love you! you better come to Charlotte, NC on tour. or i will dieeee.! Laughing out loud <3

  • alexdoubleyou 05.29.2011

    you are a very cute size, look adorable, but if you trim up a bit you will once again be the sexiest woman on earth. diet and exercise is never easy, but always well worth it. please forgive my being so blunt. it's all love, beautiful.

  • xtinarox1113 05.28.2011

    I agree with you @AllaneZ, so thrilled she mentioned tour and she was so funny.

  • AllaneZ 05.28.2011

    She is so funny, and she talked about tour!!
    Can't wait..

  • George61 05.27.2011

    Hi CHRISTINA, i see you last night and for one more time my heart beating so strong.You're so beautifull and so sweet.You have the most sweet lips, and smile on the world.I see you every Tuesday on the Voice,you're amazing, i wish you the best on the show. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH,KISSES.Bye from Greece.Sory if have mistakes but i dont know English so good.

  • omerr 05.27.2011

    Move to a warm smile, because he never so sweet I Love You Christina <3

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